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Job Roles In Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving. New roles are emerging as companies adapt to new customer habits and strive to stay ahead of the competition. As a result of this fluidity, some roles are more coveted than others, and some can be...

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What is Digital Marketing ?

Digital marketing is the promotion of brands or products through one or more forms of digital media. The rise of smartphones, apps, and other forms of ‘new media’ has meant that digital marketers need to be able to connect with consumers through various devices and...

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Web 2.0 Sites for Backlinking

  S No Website Alexa PR 1 26 9 2 220 8 3 248 8 4 38 8 5 153 8 6 728 8 7 286 8 8

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Top Classifieds Posting Website in India

S No Website Domain A Page A PR 1 65 55 4 2 63 45 5 3 59 53 5 4 58 54 5 5 58 1 5 6 54 54 4 7

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Improving your SEO results with Google+

Since the advent of Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms, many people will have love/hate relationship with Google+. On one hand, you may not be a huge fan of Google+ platform because it’s just another social network to manage. On the other hand, Google...

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Digital Marketing Jobs In Chennai For Freshers

According to a recent report published within the leading daily, The Times of India, digital marketing can produce 1.50 Lakh jobs in India. Now, this is really a large figure and one which will undoubtedly bring joy to those trying to create a fruitful career during...

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How to Define Your Target Market

To build a solid foundation for your business, you must first identify your typical customer and tailor your marketing pitch accordingly. Given the current state of the economy, having a well-defined target market is more important than ever. No one can afford to...

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Digital Marketing Career Prospects

Online marketing is critical to be successful on the web. Internet marketing for online business gives you the ability to secure more leads therefore increasing your probability of success.  If your digital advertising strategies do not include mobiles, you're passing...

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Best digital marketing academy which enriches skill and knowledge in website development and SEO. One to one session helps in learning new things every day with different innovative ideas. Presentation notes are awesome with simple and understandable language. Worth of it…Excellent and Perfect place to learn DM to become a Specialist in Digital marketing .Thank u sir.



The training provided by this institute is exceptional. The instructor provides in depth know-how of digital marketing including strategies, SEO tactics & tools, Social Media, Web Analytics. He is an expert in this field and I would certainly recommend this course.

Geetha Nayak

Hi all, Skartec academy is the best institute for learning digital marketing course. I have completed digital marketing course on July’17. Actually, i’m a graphic designer but i’m very interested in digital marketing industry. Before joining this course i know nothing about digital marketing, but it’s helped me to learn more, and i have done everything by hands on experiment. If you want to learn more about DM, i strongly recommend to do the DMC at this academy. Thanks to the mentor. 

Vivek Kumar