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A 360° Approach To Marketing

Our digital marketing course in Chennai will boost your career. Thirty days of expert-led immersive, hands-on training. SKARTEC provides the “Most Powerful Launchpad” for your digital marketing career. The only Zero to Hero course in Chennai. ** We are providing online training only due to the Covid19 pandemic.

We help to design your future with our advanced digital marketing course. Learn SEO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing, Sales Funnels, ORM and Web Analytics. The skills and strategies learned will work for any business or enterprise. 

This digital marketing course seeks to close that gap by equipping you with the information and skills necessary to succeed in this rapidly growing global sector.

World-class Digital Marketing Course in Chennai from “Zero” to “Hero”


What exactly is digital marketing? Digital marketing is the promotion of products or services using multiple digital channels to reach customers. The objective is to promote your brands through various forms of digital media. It extends beyond online mediums to include Mobile App, Smartphones (SMS/MMS), Digital Display Boards, Out-Of-Home Advertising (OOH), Digital Signage Boards, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT) etc.

Experts believe that “Internet” is not yet another channel for promotion, it merely needs a fresh approach to marketing and an understanding of consumer behavior. Internet marketing can increase your reach tremendously compared to traditional advertising. It can be accessed across a multitude of platforms and at any given time.

The demand for internet marketing professionals in India is far more than the distribution in the industry. By pursuing our best-in-class digital marketing course in Chennai, you increase the chances of getting the best-paid job with substantial growth opportunities in the industry.

With the skills acquired through our digital and online marketing training, you can start working as a freelancer. Housewives can work from home without any investment. You can become an entrepreneur or also start your own digital or SEO agency or even work in best internet marketing companies.

If you like the idea of building a career in internet marketing, why not begin your studies today? Our bespoke internet marketing training program is designed to cover all of today’s core industry skills in internet marketing.


For a rewarding career in digital marketing, you need to master the following:

Push & Pull Marketing Strategies. Have a solid understanding of SEO. Use Search Engine Marketing platforms such as Google Ads & Bing Ads. Video marketing. Change what is not working to move you towards your marketing goals. Strong organizational skills to many many online campaigns at the same time, Hands-on Sales & Marketing knowledge. Creating an effective brand strategy. Craft great landing pages. Manage a content management system. Create viral posts to increase brand awareness using social networks. In-depth understanding of how web analysis tools work. Recognize under-performing content for better content marketing. Make actionable recommendations using web analytics.

Our digital marketing course in Chennai will build confidence in marketing through live hands-on training. Get a complete grinding of real-life case studies. We will assess basis self-reflection, team feedback, and completion of online missions. Our course will give you complete exposure to succeed in any interview. The system is full of insights and strategies.

SKARTEC is a Digital Marketing Mastermind

Learn From The Expert. Get Pure, Real-World Future-focused Training. We Provide You a No Fluff – No B.S. Digital Marketing Course.

Gain vital insights into the core principles, concepts, and practical applications in digital marketing with our comprehensive entry-level introduction to the fastest-growing marketing channel. This course aims to help fill that gap by providing you with the knowledge and expertise you will need to make an impact in this rapidly expanding global industry. digital marketing course in Chennai

Search Engine Optimization

We provide comprehensive Search Engine Optimization training. Learn to handle SEO projects of all types and sizes. Become a SPECIALIST in scaling up any website in the search engine result pages.

Search Engine Marketing

Learn to manage outstanding Search Engine Marketing campaigns using Google Ads. The course includes Keyword Research, Ad Copy, Bidding Strategies, PPC Economics, and Customer Psychology. 

Sales Funnels

Get a thorough grinding of the Four L’s of the Lead Generation Process. Learn to harness the power of Sales Funnels. The module includes Lead Capture, Lead Magnets, Landing Page Conversion, and Lead Scoring. (4 Layered Approach)

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing involves the use of social networking sites to promote websites. Thus, increasing traffic towards them and learning from users’ direct reactions. Learn the significance of Social Media Marketing for business. 

Mobile Marketing

This mobile marketing module looks at the major trends driving marketing growth. Our digital marketing training looks at the key challenges and how to integrate them with other channels. Understand the role of mobile devices throughout the customer journey.

Content Marketing

The module will provide you with all the necessary knowledge and skills to develop and implement a content marketing strategy. It will be user-oriented. You will find out what your user is interested in, write about, and present it.

Web Analytics

The Analytics module allows you to fully evaluate, monitor, and optimize your online marketing activities. You’ll learn how to create an online reporting framework for your business and learn a number of unique tools to help you understand how to measure and control Internet marketing.

Website Development

You will learn how to create an optimized website or improve an existing one. Implement critical components of web design and development, and choose the most appropriate hosting service based on your company’s budget and goals.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Creating a winning digital marketing strategy is vital for an unreachable audience. Learn to develop a framework for planning a digital marketing campaign. You will learn all the essential digital marketing tools and how to put them into action.


Join our digital marketing course and get a complete blueprint for career success. SKARTEC has created many leading digital marketing professionals in the past few years. 

Our internet marketing training is based on real-life examples & case studies. Learning from a digital marketing expert is a vital ingredient. With the needs and demands of the changing market, keeping pace with the current trends is essential.

Offer help in many areas of marketing and business. Ensure the company can reach the customers on the right platforms. Understand the Internet to market a brand. Get complete internet marketing business ideas. Use email marketing, social media, display, and search advertising. Enhance brand awareness. Drive website traffic and generate leads. Use the best internet marketing tools and optimize campaigns. Identify and evaluate new digital technologies. Use analytics tools to measure site traffic.

Our Students Love Us. 99% Of Them Gave Us A ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rating.

I’m a MBA graduate. After completing my studies I was looking for a career in digital marketing. So I was planning to do study digital marketing course in chennai. I found SKARTEC Academy in Google Page No.1. And also, I have seen the testimonials given by other trainees. I contacted SKARTEC and enquired about the courses. I have come from Tuticorin only for this training program. The trainer explained to me crystal clear about their teaching methods and given short description about all the modules. So I promptly decided to join SKARTEC. The trainer has comprehensive knowledge in digital marketing.

The class wasn’t boring, instead the training has given me the ability to think and listen. In between classes the trainer shares valuable information and market updates. After completing each module I did the assignments and the trainer rectified the errors and gave suggestion what are the things to be improved. They also gave case study analysis. I built my own website in a couple of days with a help of trainer. The trainer taught all the modules with more patience and effectively. Overall SKARTEC gives hands on training and best digital marketing certification program. I get 100% learning from SKARTEC. I would highly recommend this place to those who want to learn digital marketing from expert. SKARTEC is the best and right place for learn digital marketing!

Jeya Balan

Digital Marketing Specialist


Develop your marketing skills with these online digital marketing courses covering analytics, customer behavior, and branding. You’ll explore the differences between e-consumer behavior and traditional marketing consumer behavior, as well as how to build online customer relationships. digital marketing course in Chennai, digital marketing course Chennai,

Understand the online marketing landscape. Identify the appropriate online media to achieve objectives. Get complete know-how of digital marketing. Understand SEO, how to manage it, and harness the power of organic search. Discover how to integrate both traditional and digital marketing into a business. Learn why internet marketing is cost-effective and how it can help reach a broad audience. Understand the value of web analytics. Learn to interpret a Google Analytics report to create insights. Incorporate social media and content as distinct parts of a marketing strategy. Craft and manage email marketing that is spam compliant. Understand online reputation management. Buy Facebook media and understand the targeting options available. Understand mobile and its impact on the digital landscape. Create, manage and optimize online marketing strategies.


A beginner can earn around 2-3 Lakhs**. The salary raise and promotion are faster as there is a scarcity of digital marketers. Compared to other professionals, the salary raise is almost meteoric. **Salaries may differ in various locations.

Contrary to perception, internet marketing is not limited to businesses. Today every company has a budget for digital marketing. Doctors, lawyers, and other professionals use it to build their online reputation. A beautician uses it to get reviews of her service. Mobile Apps like Mopinion are an example of this. Politicians use web marketing and social media platforms to build their follower base.

Key marketing titles after completion of the course:

Internet Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing Manager, Inbound Marketing Manager, SEO Specialist, Digital Marketing Analyst, Conversion Rate Optimizer, Sales Funnel Specialist

Choose the best institute. We provide you a blueprint for digital marketeing career/business success. 


Internet marketing is very mysterious, and many are not confident. Our digital marketing course in Chennai will provide complete practical steps to help get started. Learn marketing techniques that lead to a more successful business. We share our breadth of knowledge of everything digital. Get exclusive tips and ideas for all businesses. digital marketing course in Chennai

Survive a shifting technological landscape using data-driven decision-making. It will help improve the ability to identify business goals and marketing objectives. Reach people where they spend their time & money. Learn to establish a brand voice. Craft a multi-platform communication strategy for products or services. Determine Key Performance Indicators. It gives the ability to scale and adapt as the business grows. Learn best practices. digital marketing course in Chennai

Our online digital marketing courses will keep you ahead of the learning curve. Read our student reviews on Google and judge yourself. 


The complete digital marketing program is worth an investment. Our digital marketing training will pave the road to your success. We teach you to use the best digital marketing tools and resources to not only become successful but to stay on top of current marketing trends.

Unlike other digital marketing courses, which close the doors to people once classes end, we offer comprehensive ongoing support ** and continuing education to our trainees. **Terms & Conditions apply.

We want our trainees to have access to the latest marketing strategies to experience continued growth and success in a very fluid and dynamic industry. When there are new changes and guidelines in the digital marketing world, you can rest assured that we will showcase them and help you implement the latest information for the best results.

With our comprehensive digital marketing training and support program, you will have the resources to grow your business and flourish in the digital marketing industry. Join the best digital marketing training institute and kickstart your career/business. 99% of our participants cannot be wrong about our digital marketing course in Chennai.


Expert Trainer – Passionate trainer who is up to date with the latest trends in their field. Quality Delivery – Bespoke training method with excellent course materials. A Mix of Theory and Practical Sessions – based training to take back to the office. A Wide Breadth of Topics – Marketers should understand marketing as a whole, not just digital.

We provide fantastic mentoring. We will give you all the necessary tools to succeed online. Our course deliverables in brief –

Internet Marketing in Perspective – Challenges, Trends, and Changes. Advanced Channel Techniques – SEO, Social Media, E-mail, Display.In-depth Web Analytics – Analysis, Funnels, Reporting, and ROI. Digital Marketing Strategy – Situational Analysis, Objectives, and KPIs. In-depth understanding – Make Actionable Recommendations.

Let us help you transform into a digital marketing specialist and succeed in your mission. No doubt, SKARTEC provides the best digital marketing course in Chennai.

Best Digital Marketing Course in Chennai

Expert at providing top quality training

Digital marketing is now the requirement for every business and marketing professional. If you ignore digital marketing today, your competitors are going to take full advantage of it and can easily take you out.

Learning digital marketing means an increase in your sales, profits, traffic, and brand awareness. And we know that entrepreneurs are busy, SKARTEC Digital Marketing Academy brings the most advanced digital marketing course where you can learn from easy and highly interactive instructor-led online classes.

After training hundreds of students and dozens of success stories, we now have a firm belief that live-online classes are the best medium to learn digital marketing. It provides easy, fun, and interactiveness in the class that motivates the students not only to take the classes but also enjoy super interactive classes from the comfort of their own home or office. Get started with one of the best digital marketing courses in Chennai.

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