Many people use TikToc as an entertainment tool.

However, inside the social network, there are many ways to not only have fun but also to monetize your channel. Personally, I know about 18 ways to make money in a tick, the current is easy and simple, while not just cutting money, but getting income stably.

In this matter, it all depends on the availability of free time, knowledge, skills and a desire to work. In a word, in today’s list, everyone will find a suitable way of earning. Go!

Earnings on your own channel

The main source of income in TikTok is the monetization of a personal channel. If you decide to become a popular ticker, take the first steps in this direction or have already achieved significant results, you have every chance to earn in TikTok on your profile.

1. Brand Challenge Support

Challenges are a kind of advertising campaigns in TikTok, they work on the principle of a viral effect and are distributed on a social network using unique hashtags. Moreover, the number of views of hashtags challenges directly affects the brand’s popularity and increases the likelihood of the video getting into the “Recommended” section.

The principle of the promotion here is the same as in the case of advertising music tracks. That is, for a fee, bloggers are asked to support any challenge, shoot a video and put it on their channel with an appeal to subscribers to join.

2. Placement of affiliate links

Participation in affiliate programs brings a good stable income. You can place affiliate links anywhere – on sites, blogs, social networks, including TikTok. Just insert the link in the description under the video or in the BIO channel and earn on the purchases of your subscribers.

3. Monetization of live broadcasts

If your channel has reached the mark of 1000 subscribers, the function of conducting live broadcasts will become available to you. And for interesting and useful information on the air, viewers can express gratitude in the form of the TikTok internal currency.

That is, any user can buy in the application, and then exchange them for stickers and give to the authors of live broadcasts. For each sticker you donate, you will be charged 80% of its value. Money earned in this way can be encashed.

4. Promotion/sale of goods or services

TikTok is a good platform for promoting goods and services of our own production. If you provide services remotely or sell something online, this platform will definitely suit you.

Take reviews, show your product in action, display customer reviews, attach links to sections in the online store, publish native content – all this will sooner or later lead you to sales.

5. Advertising for other channels

Advertise other tickers who run channels of similar topics for money. You can start with mutual PR. To do this, offer mutual accommodation to users with the same activity as yours.

When the number of subscribers exceeds 5k, it is worth considering options for paid advertising. Then start with newbie tickers, seamlessly transitioning to larger and more profitable channels.

Earnings: directly depends on the number and activity of your audience. 

6. Promotion of music tracks

Most videos in TikTok are accompanied by music. Their name is displayed at the bottom of the screen in the public domain. And when you click on the name of the track you like, you can apply it in videos on your channel.

The more often a particular melody is used among tickers, the more popular it is on a social network and the higher its position in the ratings. For this very reason, performers or track authors often ask bloggers to use their melodies as musical accompaniment in their videos for a fee.

7. Ambassador

An ambassador is a person who internally and externally matches the image of the company, carries the core values ​​and is an active user of the brand. He acts as the official face of the brand, personifies the image of an ideal consumer, participates in various image and advertising events, and also motivates people to make purchases.

Many ambassadors also live in TikTok. Tik-takers shoot videos in branded clothes, in shops and cafes, against the background of exhibition stands, etc. The main thing is that each ambassador video on the channel should be directly or indirectly connected with the brand mention.

Earnings on creating videos

If you do not have your own channel and thirst to become a popular ticker but have great creativity and abilities in creating and processing videos, the following ways of earning for you.

1. Writing plot scenarios

Prestigious brands cannot publish “on the knee”. Therefore, videos that are published on channels of brands or large companies should be thought out and filmed in accordance with the general marketing strategy.

In general, TikTok is by no means a priority promotion channel for many large brands, and often full-time specialists do not have enough time to fully maintain a channel in this network. Here, remote specialists come to the rescue, and companies often resort to their services.

So if you are a novice screenwriter, blogger, commercial author, journalist, SMM specialist or just know how to tell stories in a fun way, you can try yourself in this direction and start making money.

2. Videographer 

The only content format on TikTok is video clips. At the same time, many companies cannot afford to post medium-quality videos made on the SMM-smartphone. This is not solid and immediately spoils the overall impression of the company’s image. And hiring a full-time videographer to shoot short clips is not always cost-effective, therefore, they often resort to the help of operators for an hour.

If you are an expert in this matter or just keen on filming, this can be a good source of additional income.

3. Mounting rollers

The next step in shooting clips for TikTok is editing. Clips can be mounted either by a video operator (then the cost of an hour of his work will be an order of magnitude higher) or by a separate remote specialist. You should pay attention to this type of earnings if you own professional video editing programs and know-how to combine several frames in a single video sequence.

4. Processing videos with video presets

In social networks, there is a trend in designing a profile in a single style identical to the color scheme. There are presets for this – special settings that allow you to bring different photos to the same color and light correction.

But technology does not stand still, and now the same settings for video are actively in demand. If you own the graphic editor Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, you have a great chance to earn money on processing videos for TikTok. Another option is to sell ready-made video presets to channel authors.

5. Create screensavers for videos

Another nuance in the design of channels in TikTok is video screensavers (similar to screensavers on YouTube channels). Now this direction has not yet been developed, but in the near future it will become very relevant and second screensavers on video in a single style will be an important factor for profiles.

Today you have a chance to be one of the first to occupy this niche. Moreover, the skills for this matter are required to a minimum – just the knowledge of a graphics editor.

Earnings with Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The following methods are for those who want to become an outstanding narrow SMM-specialist or are already conducting projects for promotion in social networks on a freelance or in the staff of an advertising agency. That is, I will talk about how to make money in a tick current based on knowledge of the basics of marketing in social networks.

1. Advertising settings

There are very few articles and instructions on how to set up advertising in TikTok in the public domain. For this reason, some tickers and business owners are not yet able to create advertising campaigns on their own.

But in fact, setting up advertising in TikTok is not much different from placing ads on other social networks. Therefore, if you are familiar with the basics of Social Media Marketing and targeting, you can safely offer your services in launching advertising.

2. Creating a social media marketing strategy for channels

As I said above, for many large companies, TikTok is not a priority for promotion. But in order to keep up with development trends, everyone wants to have an interesting channel here. And you can achieve high results only by following a clear, high-quality strategy for conducting and promoting.

And for its development, remote specialists are often attracted by both business owners and popular bloggers. To this day, the vast majority of SMM agencies have not yet added promotion to TikTok in the list of their services, although this is already actively in demand. Therefore, I advise you to pay attention to this niche.

3. Writing content plans for channels

Another skill of the SMM-box that can bring you income on the basis of TikTok is the ability to leave content plans. In TikTok, as well as in other social networks, it is necessary to monitor the effective time of publications, to monitor the frequency of their updates.

There is no universal recipe for all channels – everything is individual, depending on the subject and activity of the audience. If you know how to alternate types of content and analyze activity peaks on Facebook or Instagram, try taking projects in TikTok. The principle of operation is the same.

How to increase earnings on TikTok

The amount of income at Tick Tok actually depends not only on your desire to work but also on some technical characteristics of your channel. To increase earnings, you need to increase your popularity and get into the “Recommended” section. Here are some suggestions on how to achieve this:

  1. Creative content. Come up with interesting stories, use unusual images and locations, pay attention to video processing, filters, stickers – everything that distinguishes your video from the rest;
  2. Regular publications. Do not let subscribers get bored – create a content plan and follow it. And it’s better to post videos at least 2 times a week at the peak of your audience’s maximum activity;
  3. Subscribers growth. Use mutual PR, negotiate advertising with popular tickers, hold contests, light time, work with cheat services, post links to your channel in other social networks;
  4. Music from the TOP. Under each popular musical composition are videos with its use. So you will have a chance to be seen by a large number of people at no cost;
  5. Reactions to videos. Attract attention with already renowned commercials. To do this, publish reactions to them. TikTok users liked this format, they actively watch this and subscribe;
  6. Participation in Challenges. When brands launch large-scale challenges, users watch already recorded videos on this topic to be inspired to create their own masterpiece;
  7. Use Tik-Code. Create a QR-code of your channel, place it on business cards, website or in the fitting rooms of your store. Offer small gifts or discounts for a subscription, a video mentioning your brand.

As you can see, there are already quite a lot of ways to earn money in TikTok, and over time their number will only grow. Almost anyone can earn in this social network, only compliance with some requirements is necessary:

  1. The number of subscribers. There should be at least 1000. This is exactly the limit when the page begins to more actively gain popularity and becomes interesting to advertisers;
  2. Audience activity. Subscribers must be alive and responsive to your posts. Before ordering advertisers, advertisers always pay attention to the number of views, likes, and comments on your videos;
  3. Completed profile. The more fields in your profile are filled, the more trust it will cause. Download the avatar, indicate the real name or the name of the company, write down what you are doing, provide links to social networks.

I hope that now your question is definitely closed: “is it possible to make money in TikTok?”. In addition, do not limit yourself to one method, try different approaches, and you will be happy.



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