The popularity of Facebook around the world and its multimillion-dollar audience make brands think that they too must be there.

Experts believe that while most brands are desperately developing a presence strategy on Facebook, the reality is that for many of them, their presence on the social network should not be in the spotlight.

So why does a brand need to have representation on social networks, according to the brands themselves? There are many myths about Facebook that Internet marketers may not always explain to brands. Here is some of them:

Myth 1. Social media fans become brand advocates for promoting your brand.

This is a good reason why brands are looking towards Facebook. The idea that companies will get thousands of social media fans is very intriguing. Of course, word of mouth has always been one of the most effective means of promotion. But most people do not become brand advocates, even if they are fans.

If, for example, you are an avid coffee fan and love a particular coffee brand, you might want to become a fan of the brand’s social network page. But this does not mean that you will be advised to do this to all your friends.

Conversely, those friends who say that they like their new iPhone or something else are not brand advocates at all: they are just your friends with positive experiences with the brand. Each of us has those who share completely different experiences with us every day.

And brand advocates are always paid to stand for the brand.

Myth 2. If we attend Facebook, we can reach users from all over the world

By the number of users, Facebook could be the second-largest “country” in the world. This is a huge potential for brands. But just having people who use Facebook does not mean that they will all see your brand.

Recently, the whole world watched the Olympic Games. What a great opportunity for brands to get the attention of the world! But I am sure that most companies did not even think about the marketing strategy at the Olympics – simply because they do not need the whole world.

Although reach is an important thing, targeting a narrower audience is much more important to you.

Myth 3. Facebook is a great platform for interaction

Facebook is truly a platform for people to interact with. But gradually the information and events that friends share become so much that many people try to hide the news from these friends in their news feed.

A few years ago, we wanted to be friends with brands in social networks, to learn about promotions, offers, and the latest news. But recently, many particularly active brands have begun to annoy their fans with frequent messages. And users also quickly began to hide updates from brands or even completely unsubscribe from them.

Myth 4. Facebook Ads Reach All Users

Approximately half of Facebook users access the social network from mobile devices, which for the most part do not display advertisements. Of course, Facebook is looking for new opportunities for advertising on mobile devices and is actively working on it.

But until advertisements are widely integrated into mobile, Facebook (and brands) are losing enormous opportunities for interacting with mobile social network users.

Myth 5. All my followers will see my messages

Brands post on Facebook all the time, but the news feed does not show you all the posts from everyone you follow. By default, Facebook only shows posts from people you recently chatted with or interacted with. There is a setting that allows users to see absolutely all posts, but I do not think that most of them change their settings.

In addition, there is the so-called “advertising blindness.” Users instantly scan advertising messages in their news feeds and skip them, focusing on more interesting posts for them.


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