Top 5 Facebook Marketing Resources

Written by Suresh Kalyanasundaram


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In search of answers to questions of interest on social media marketing, it is sometimes more appropriate to turn to the platform itself than to extraneous blogs and thematic publications. This, for example, is the case with Facebook.

Stephanie Buck, the editor of the online publication Mashable, has compiled a list of 5 official Facebook marketing tools created by the social network itself. These tools can serve as a guide for your business by providing marketing tips, news, and case studies. In addition, these 5 resources can help develop and run Facebook campaigns that no one has heard of before.

stephanie buck editor at mashable

1. Facebook studio

If you are looking for examples of successful social marketing, Stephanie Buck advises contacting Facebook Studio for inspiration. This resource oversees campaigns for the exchange of games that appear on the social network. In addition to the gallery of marketing receptions, the site also features Facebook Studio Awards for conducting exceptional campaigns. You also have the opportunity to put your own trophies there. Facebook-studio covers campaigns around the world, so on the site, you can get acquainted with the experience of other countries and cultures.

2. Success stories

The Success Stories tool should be taken as a useful addition to the Facebook studio.

This resource is divided into 2 sections:

1) individual goals and 2) the results of each campaign, which you can accompany with several catchy pictures.

Using “Success Stories”, according to a Western expert, will give you ideas and inspiration for creating your own marketing plans. For example, a campaign with a free PF Chang salad wrapper could convince you to run your own coupon campaign or consumer advocacy. P.F. Chang’s free lettuce wraps campaign on Facebook helped it steer more than 50,000 guests – 49% of them were new customers into its restaurants in a single 3-week campaign period.

PF Chang salad wrapper

3. Brand Permissions Center

Just as media should follow specific guidelines when using certain types of content, brands must adhere to specific Facebook guidelines. Check out the five sections of the Brand Resolution Center to make sure your business meets social network requirements.

After reading the provisions of Facebook, you will learn, for example, the following:

  • the name of this social network is not allowed to be used in your company or domain name;
  • To use the Facebook trademark or logo in a play/book/movie, you must obtain the appropriate permission;
  • Logos cannot be copied from Facebook;
  • screenshots with personal information (including photos, names, etc. of actual users) require written consent from the person (s) before they can be published;
  • Facebook text links should never contain hyperlinks to anything other than the login page;
  • it is not allowed to use verbs derived from the word Facebook and other social network trademarks, etc.

In addition, the brand ’s profile picture cannot include advertising signatures such as “Get a 50% discount ” or “Participate in the contest on the page ”. This is a violation of the rules of conduct on a social network, entailing a page lock.

4. Facebook Demo Tool

If you plan to place Premium or Sponsored Story format ads (Premium or Paid Stories), use the Demo tool to see in advance how they will look on the site. At the same time, you can choose to view the simulation of placing a sample brand ad or test your own advertising. The tool will generate a template showing the contents of a page with an ad in the sidebar or Paid History.

5. Facebook Marketing Page

The official Facebook Marketing Page shares tips and resources for the proper conduct of your business, making it savvier in marketing using the platform. The page publishes events and the latest user updates in the Facebook marketing news. Here you can follow the webinars and live messages of the Q & A section that train Facebook brand page administrators to interact with fans and expand their audience. In addition, Facebook is constantly striving to increase user engagement on its marketing page by requesting feedback and case studies related to their business.


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