“Do your job efficiently and they will recommend you!” – this is the phrase most businessmen say when it comes to such a thing as word of mouth, or rather its stimulation and development.

But in fact, good quality has long been not the only criterion for recommendations.

In order for clients to start talking about you, you need to not only do well, but you also need to provide for a lot of things that I will tell you about in this material.

Word of mouth in action

For every second business, the main channel for attracting customers is recommendations. At the marketing level, this is the highest degree of skill, because this method leads the most loyal customers.

And this is true, such customers buy faster, more and without extra brain removal. Every entrepreneur understands what I’m talking about. But let’s be honest, in fact, everyone uses word of mouth in marketing, not because this is the best advertising channel, but because it is free. Indeed, in addition to the super effect, there is also a flip side to the coin – the effect of word of mouth cannot be predicted.

In one month, customers can come in crowds on it, and in another. But even with this big minus, this method is silly not to use. Let it not become 100% manageable and you will never be able to build a stable business on it (if you are not a network company), but part of its result can still be foreseen and curbed.

Therefore, we will not pull, and let’s begin to analyze the options for stimulating word of mouth.

Method 1. Exceed expectations

You need not only to do well but to exceed customer expectations. Do more than he expects.

Thus, a satisfied customer will begin to tell you that this company not only does what you buy but also gives THIS CREATION. The more you exceed expectations, the higher the effect. The owners of beauty salons even have a common joke on this subject: “Abroad, to exceed customer expectations, you need to not only cut them perfectly but also give a lot of free gifts.

Method 2. Stand Out

Another option to start word of mouth is to do something memorable. Hmmm … obviously, but it’s not immediately clear what that means.

The principle of word of mouth here is quite simple – take a loud action on your sales territory so that either the media begins to spread information or people start to pass from mouth to mouth during a tea mug.

Example 1. A store of various accessories, due to the fact that there was no packaging service in their shopping center, made gifts for everyone on the New Year absolutely free of charge.

The line was on the street. But there was a special line for their customers, and Santa Claus made of German chocolate was attached to the packaging for purchases over 3,000 $.

Guess the rumor has gone around the city? And guess what, people bought something at this company, so as not to stand in the general line? For both questions – yes!

The effect of word of mouth was not long in coming. By the way, the expense was also calculated in advance, since physically more than 150 gifts one person could not pack per day, and the cost of the film was included in the cost of goods.

Example 2. Another example of how to stimulate word of mouth. A salon in his trading room placed an aquarium with a real small crocodile (1.5 – 2 meters).

Moreover, they even set a time when they feed him so that people can bring their children to this sight.

This occasion was picked up by all possible city media and social networks, too, and the company began to be perceived by people with the words: “This is where the crocodile is in the aquarium.”

Method 3. Ask

Do you want another example of how to launch word of mouth with almost no money? Just ask customers who have already bought something from you, to advise you to their friends.

If the client is very satisfied, he will do it without complaints. But all this will work only if you ask him, and even better – offer to do it right now.

Firstly, we can ask the client to leave feedback about us on the Internet. This can be a review on your page in a social network, or you can ask to leave a review on Google.

You can even reward you with a gift for this, so customers will share their opinions more readily, and word of mouth on the Internet will start for you.

In short, you, when filling out your questionnaire by the client, also suggest writing 3 friends to whom you will make a gift on behalf of him and your company, simply because they are his friends.

Thus, you will immediately kill 2 birds with one stone – and bring new customers and make your regular ones even more loyal.

Lifehack.  Among those recommending, you can launch a kind of competition, if the business sector allows. And reward the coolest “recommender”.

Method 4. Affiliate Program

Network Marketing … brrr. Many are trembling at these words. But if you look at it with a cold look, you can see a very powerful model of word of mouth.

The entire network business is built on direct sales through recommendations, and at the same time moves by leaps and bounds even with strange products.

You can do the same. Launch an affiliate program where every person who comes brings money to the person who called him. As already said, this is a model of network marketing, but you do not need to go so deep into it.

Make a framework where such direct sales will be another additional way of selling, rather than a central one.

Method 5. Opinion Leaders

When stars recommend a product, explosive action affects sales.

Since people want to be like their idols, they automatically trust their choice, because they believe that they themselves will definitely not choose the bad ones. Especially if it’s all served by the format of native advertising.

Therefore, to stimulate conversations about you, you need to connect opinion leaders and launch word of mouth on the Internet. You can give them your product for free to publicly speaking about you.

Moreover, when I talk about opinion leaders, I mean not only big stars, I also take into account local leaders who the whole world does not know, but they know very well in your circles.

Example. The company selling perfume “GHP” began to actively negotiate with girls aged 20-30 on advertising on their social pages. networks.

For each person, they issued a special promotional code to encourage readers to buy right now and at the same time track the effectiveness of each opinion leader.


Advertising through word of mouth must be stimulated so that it bears more fruit than with a simple independent development. But you cannot bet only on it, because you can predict the result from it, but only approximately, and this is not good for business. After all, you need a stable flow of customers and not every day.

All the methods studied above belong to the category “I know everything, but do not use it”. You can continue to think this way and earn less.

Or you can start using models for developing recommendations: exceed expectations, stand out, ask, affiliate programs and opinion leaders. The main thing to do, and then without words the result and value of our recommendations will be clear.



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