When working with WordPress, you probably have to deal with roles that you can assign to team members.

The list of roles includes administrator, author, editor, subscriber and regular member. Each has its own rights and restrictions. For example, participants can only edit their posts, while editors can edit each post.

If you want to improve control over user management, the following is a list of WordPress user management plugins that will help you change, expand or change the possibilities for different roles.

1. User Role Editor

The User Role Editor plugin adds features that let you change the rights of user roles. The plugin displays a list of rights for each role, and you can enable or disable rights for specific roles. This plugin also allows you to create a new role with its own set of rights.

user role editor

2. New User Approve

By default, WordPress will accept every newly registered user. If you want to gain control over the user registration process, use this plugin.

With it, when someone registers on your site, the administrator ( most likely it will be you ) receives an email notification. And you can decide whether to approve or reject the registration. Approved users will receive an email in which they will be provided with credentials to access the site:

New User Approve

3. Members

The Members plugin makes WordPress more user-friendly. In addition to editing, creating and deleting roles and rights, the plugin allows you to set which sections of the content will be available to specific users.


4. Multisite User Management

Multisite User Management is a great plugin if you use WordPress multisite mode. This plugin allows you to add users with specific roles for each individual site:

Multisite User Management

5. User Switching

User Switching

6. Advanced Access Manager

Advanced Access Manager is a powerful plugin that allows you to manage access rights of specific users, roles or visitors to certain sections of your site, such as posts, pages, categories, widgets, roles.

This plugin also allows you to manage roles and rights, with it you can create, update or delete user roles or rights.

Other functions include protecting the administrator account by limiting the number of login attempts, controlling access to media files, monitoring the actions of authorized users, and the ability to filter the backend menu and meta boxes or widgets:

Advanced Access Manager

7. Delete me

Delete Me is a plugin that allows users to delete themselves. When the plugin is connected, the link “ Delete profile ” appears on the user profile pages. When you click on it, users can delete their account and all their posts, links and comments in one fell swoop:

Delete Me

8. User Meta Manager

The User Meta Manager plugin is a convenient tool for modifying and adding user metadata. If you want to add a new field for users, for example, phone number or address, this plugin can be done very simply.

User Meta Manager




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