When developing websites, you should not underestimate the potential of the animation, which makes the site more attractive. 

To create such effects on images requires a lot of time and effort. There are many plugins for creating animation effects. Today we want to share with you a selection of 12 of the best WordPress plugins with which you can apply animation effects to pictures posted on the site.

It is also worth noting that the plugins presented in this article are able to animate the image and optimize it without significant loss of quality.

1. Image effects Generator

Image effects Generator allows you to create many beautiful effects for pictures at the stage of their upload to the server. The plugin generates the effects of black and white images, blur, sepia, sharpen and many others.

Image Effects Generator

2. Imagelens

This plugin allows you to selectively apply the effect to individual records and to the entire page. The effect can be applied both to the entire area with content and to individual images.


3. Roundit

With RoundIt, you can easily round the corners of images, add a colour border, and even a shadow. The plugin adds all the necessary parameters to the media file manager through which images are downloaded. You can set the radius of the curve, the thickness of the border and set the shadow settings.

Roundit plugin

4. Instafx

InstaFX ‘s main purpose is to modify images using HTML5 Canvas and Javascript. The plugin is a combination of an easy-to-use interface and advanced technologies.


5. Fancy Image Show

Fancy Image Show is a plugin for easy image rotation. The rotation occurs using 5 different effects, and in any post or page, you can put several galleries at once. In the plugin settings, you can specify the location of the folder in which images will be stored.


Fancy Image Show

6. Amazing Hover Effects

Amazing Hover Effects is an impressive collection of hover effects based on CSS3 and iHover. You can choose from over 55 effects and 3 styles. You can apply effects on any page and even in widgets.

Amazing Hover Effects

7. CJTE Black and White Image Effects

The CJTE Plugin script transforms images into grayscale and then returns them to their original state on hover. The sequence of effects can also be inverted, and change the speed of transformation. The plugin uses HTML5 Canvas and offers a version for legacy browsers.

CJTE Black and White Image Effect

8. Better Backgrounds

The plugin allows you to display different background images after each page refresh or site visit. The background can also be fixed or use the classic format with a repeating image. Better Backgrounds supports background dimming, as well as integration with the NextGen Gallery plugin. Once activated, the plugin replaces the standard background settings page in the WordPress console.

Better Background Fixed

9. WP Reel

WP Reel is a version of the jQuery Reel 360 javascript player. The plugin allows you to create interactive panoramic views for objects using the WordPress gallery.

WP Reel

10. Super Portfolios and Effects

Super Portfolios and Effects allows you to use modal descriptions for your portfolio and apply effects to the images presented in it. You can easily create a portfolio and embed them in separate entries on the site.

Super Portfolios and Effects

11. Image Transitions

The Image Transitions plugin allows you to easily add animations to pictures, and then the pages will definitely become more attractive. At the moment, the plugin is based only on CSS3 transitions, but if the need arises, developers are ready to submit options for outdated browsers. The same goes for new transitions and functions.

Image Transitions

12. Short Pixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel is an image compression tool for increasing website performance. The plugin automatically optimizes images without significant loss of quality. As a result, you will get smaller pictures with the same quality. This is possible due to the compression algorithms used in ShortPixel. The unique API key that you get to activate the plugin can be used in several projects.



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