There are approximately 12 Internet marketing channels that are available to every business.

But for small enterprises, it is enough to get their customers for only a few of them. Trying to use all the channels is an extremely laborious and expensive task.

Of course, you can go through a phase of trial and error in order to identify the most effective channels leading to sustainable sales growth. As a result, most entrepreneurs will focus solely on those who pay back the investments made in them.

Small businesses need to use only those marketing channels that are directly related to the target audience.

List of Internet Marketing Channels For Small Businesses


1. Search Engine Optimization or SEO

It consists of tactics aimed at increasing organic traffic from search engines such as Google and Bing.

2. Referral Marketing

Viral tactics of disseminating information about goods and services according to the principles of word of mouth through their customers and supporters who are “recruited” to independently promote the company’s products to their surroundings.

3. Content Marketing

The technology of creating and disseminating valuable and useful information with the aim of generating search traffic, subsequent retention of visitors to the site and building brand supporters. Additionally, quality content serves as the basis for the formation of an external link profile.

4. Public Relations or PR

The tactics of forming the desired image of a brand, product or person in the eyes of the target audience. Due to the capabilities of the Internet business can always be “in touch” with the target audience. Social networks and news portals provide an opportunity to speak on the most important and relevant topics.

5. Online Advertising

One of the most effective marketing tactics that can attract the attention of customers from the vast space of electronic media through the placement of various options for advertising messages (contextual, media, text, teaser, promotional sites, spam).

6. Email Marketing

Tactics of direct business communication with the target audience. With the help of targeted and automated emails, effective communication with consumers is built. This is a great way to bring your information to the right people.

7. Product Promotion through Influencers (Influencer Marketing)

This tactic is to build relationships with individuals (bloggers, for example) in order to influence a large group of people who are relevant to your target audience.

8. Affiliate Marketing

The technology of promotion on the Internet by webmasters who have become your partners in order to receive their own income. The essence of tactics is to redirect traffic from partner sites to yours.

9. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The tactics of attracting the attention of the target audience through social networks. The emphasis is on content that can attract attention and create your own audience, which you seek to convey the necessary image of the company or product.

10. Online Events

The tactic of attracting an interested audience to events organized by you on the Internet, such as webinars, seminars, conferences, etc., using specialized software. Event marketing allows you to manipulate the opinions and behaviour of a specially invited audience online. The main task is to form a personal positive opinion of those invited to the event to your company and the services offered on the market.

11. Community Marketing

This technology involves the creation of a special microcosm around the brand. The goal is to form a high commitment to the target audience through the emotional impact on their subconscious. Tactics are based on the phenomenon of unification, belonging to common values ​​and a common lifestyle.

12. Link Building

The tactic of building a high-quality external link mass in order to increase indicators of search engine optimization.

The tactics of attracting visitors to the site will be based on one or more of the marketing channels listed above. To briefly outline the features and differences of the various Internet marketing channels, please look at your marketing and determine the most effective channels. Try not to confuse the success of one channel with another. For example, if customers come after personal calls, it is very tempting to call personal sales the most effective. However, consumers can call after they have visited your site.

Why do we recommend this?

Thus, you will be able to save your own financial resources and concentrate on those channels that have already proven their effectiveness rather than jumping in search of new strategies and tactics. Having identified the main drivers of your success, you need to spend a lot of effort and find more options to make the most successful tactics. And not just accept what is available to you at any given time.

After analyzing the effective channels of promotion, you can carefully begin to consider new tactics for growth by creating “autonomous” projects to study marketing channels. Only proven new techniques can be incorporated into the overall marketing strategy.

To correctly assess success, set new goals for the coming quarter. Focus on tactical missions for the new channel. Test your actions, and compare the result with the key indicators of effective tactics.

There are many opinions and tips on what is best for small businesses and what trends exist. Before making a decision, look around and see what others are already doing. Your competitors can also be a great source for generating new ideas!

Often, marketers in search of new tactics try to apply something new without testing and without assigned goals. In the end, you can only hope for capricious luck.

It is important to set time frames, funding, and KPI. You need to select new channels of Internet marketing by actual ratings. Then document and delegate authority to the performers. This will allow you to focus on what works and makes a profit.

Do you want to share your experience using various marketing channels? How do you decide which tactics are most effective? For many of our readers, this will be interesting and very useful. Visit our website.

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