Corporate Twitter – 10 Rules for Success

Written by Suresh Kalyanasundaram


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Over the past few years, an increasing number of brands have decided to invest money and time on Twitter – for many companies, a popular social network is becoming a key component of a Social Media Marketing strategy. Despite the fact that many posts have already been written on how to maintain your profile, many companies still make mistakes and do not get the expected result from Twitter. Therefore, it’s by no means superfluous to remind once again, properly behave in tweet space.

Do not drop the case halfway

Setting up a Twitter account “just like that” is a bad idea. After six months, tweets will cease to appear, users will gradually unsubscribe, the account will be abandoned and will slowly grow into a web. And what could be worse than the official profile of the company, where the last tweet was made several years ago?

So once again, think about which social networks you really need accounts for and which ones you can pay attention to.

Do not put anyone at the helm

It’s not a fact that a young man who hangs all day in social networks will be able to competently maintain a Twitter account of the company. Look for a competent specialist who can communicate with the audience, and not just post a photo and make an appointment.

Take care of the look

A Twitter profile is another face of your brand, so treat it with due care. Take the trouble to choose a beautiful background and a suitable profile photo.

Don’t be a soulless robot

Users do not want to communicate with the brand, they want to communicate with a person! – memorize this phrase. A faceless account is not interesting to anyone. Not sure how to add character to your account? Take an example from accounts of already known companies.

Think first, then write

In order to succeed on Twitter, you need to stand out and not be like everyone else. However, do not rush into expressing your original, contradictory and sometimes confusing thoughts – formulate your tweets very clearly and clearly.

Make useful contacts

Twitter is not only fun posting photos. Subscribe to people who may be useful, interesting to your company – in this way, it will be possible to establish communication that will positively affect your business.

Do not buy followers

Quality should be ahead of quantity – do not chase left and unnecessary users. Focus on a real audience.

Do not think only about yourself

You plan to use Twitter to promote your own content, right? Wrong! If you want to get truly loyal subscribers, you should be useful to them, and first of all, the content that you post. Sadly, a fact – your own will not always fall under this definition. And therefore do not be greedy and do not be lazy – post links to blogs of other companies, interesting notes in the topic, etc.

Listen to others

Keep track not only of what is being said about your brand but of all the discussions that are somehow related to your area.

Sell, but do not impose

On Twitter, as in any other social network, the attitude to spam and advertising can hardly be called positive. However, if you talk about your services, for example, when answering a user’s question, hardly anyone will be glad.

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