Digital Marketing & SEO Consultant



Surreshh help’s businesses like yours get the traffic and sales they deserve. He provides eCommerce SEO, Technical SEO, Website Development (WordPress), Website Migrations, and Google Analytics consulting so that you can finally get what you’re looking for. He brings over 10 years experience with SEO, Project Management, and Technical Support skills to the table.

By always staying up to date with the latest trends and changes he is able to adapt to the constant growing world of digital lead generation, SEO and social media.

He applies the latest advanced business, leadership, organizational psychology, analytics, and engineering practices to educational delivery. He was involved in Sales & Marketing, Digital Advancements, IT Infrastructure, Digital Marketing, and Digital Approach. He has held senior corporate and general management positions for The Times of India Group, Zee Group,  One MG, LeadConnect Consultancy Services, and now runs his own SKARTEC Digital Marketing Academy & SKARTEC SEO Company.

Surreshh Kalyanasundaram

Surreshh Kalyanasundaram


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