Know Your Trainer

It’s my GUARANTEE to anyone who will hire you that they are getting well-trained quality digital marketing professionals.

As your digital marketing expert trainer, I don't want you to waste months or up to years of your life trying to figure out this stuff yourself. I want to lay everything out from A-Z in online marketing and give you ongoing support to get the results you want as fast as possible. 

The main goal of this course is to help you get everything right from day one. Saves you money.

Suresh applies the latest advanced business, leadership, organizational psychology, analytics, and engineering practices to educational delivery. He is involved in Sales & MarketingDigital AdvancementsIT InfrastructureDigital Marketing, and Digital Approach. He has held senior corporate and general management positions for The Times of India GroupZee Group,  One MG, LeadConnect Consultancy Services, and now running his own SKARTEC Digital Marketing Academy.

He also does freelancing and executes SEO projects for many local and international clients. He regularly contributes to,, and many more platforms.

SKARTEC's training will leave you ready to work. Not something that'll be outdated by the time you graduate. We get it. Our course is agile and up to the minute. The trainer incorporates the latest social platforms and digital tools you will use in everyday work.

Are you already working in the industry or starting to take on marketing responsibilities in your current workplace?

You will love how easy it is to fit your study around your current work. And with a practical approach to assessments, you can kill two birds with one stone. Create fundamental strategies, campaigns, and content you can put into action in your organization. Improve results faster than ever, with excellent in-depth feedback from an expert trainer.

I help you specialize in Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media, SEM, Strategy, or Sales with a recognized qualification that'll help launch a career or business. It is up to you. Take the first step today. This program is great for freshers, housewives/homemakers, small businessmen, entrepreneurs, agencies, affiliate marketers, bloggers etc.


K. Surreshh

K. Surreshh

Digital Marketing Expert Trainer