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How can I build my career in digital marketing?

Considering the tremendous reach of the Internet, it can be rightly said that a career in digital marketing is soon going to be the next big thing. Organizations are looking for dedicated professionals who believe in giving their best and giving new dimensions to marketing.

It is a creative and buzzing sector to work in. If creative ideas give you a kick, then digital marketing might be your cup of tea. If you are good with networking, then digital marketing would be a great career option for you.

The demand for skilled digital media professionals is on the rise, which means that it is a lucrative career option.

Like any other field digital marketing is a big umbrella and it has various branches under it. It is recommended that you choose a specialization as per your liking and preference. Channelize your strengths in the right direction and you can make it big.

For more information about our courses, kindly visit http://skartecedu.in/digital-marketing-course-in-chennai/

Why Digital Marketing is the Future?

In the coming years, digital marketers are expected to take complete control over the customer experience. In 2016, the industry saw more than 40% growth and now that we are almost in the middle of 2017, we can confidently say that digital marketing awaits a very bright future. There have been several contributing factors behind this growth. Mobile has been one of the prime factors and is currently driving nearly half of all the web traffic. While Internet of Things too is a relatively new concept, it too has started defining the new kind of marketing experience. There are plenty of predictions and opportunities and to combine everything calls for a profound experience.

Personalization has been here for a while, but it is the amount of data available at fingertips that has changed the way the market works. CMOs have already started working on the opportunities at hand and personalization is coming of age. One of the first implications is geo-targeting but advanced marketing requires building statistical models that ascertain what these signals means for the customers who are interested in specific products, while serving them accordingly. The rate of change is both challenging and exciting. Ranging from ad blockage to increasing mobile usage, the new trends are constantly emerging and it is often a feeling that marketers won’t be able to catch up. Consequently, staying ahead of these trends is one of the most integral factors of running a company as technologies and consumer behavior change with startling frequency.

The advantages of digital marketing

Everyone is online – Literally, everyone is online today. Digital marketing doesn’t just encompass the ecommerce apps and websites but also social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and more. The new age digital marketing consequently allows you to connect will all kinds of audience groups across the world. Today’s consumer behavior has helped break the boundaries of language, demographic and geography. In the past two years, the number of users even in the age group of 55+ has increased by nearly 80%. For the younger generation, the numbers are thoroughly generous. It you have been looking for a wider target market, your customers will definitely be online.

Getting added trust – With ‘Cold Calling’ you would have asked potential customers to trust you without any solid reason. This has always been a challenging thing for marketers but the opportunities have changed. Today, if consumers can find a social proof of your product quality online, they are more likely to approach you. Whatever the need, people try searching for it online and for marketers, being online is a much easier way to lead them to your product line. By generating a helpful catalogue and creative content, you can seek to attract the attention.

More cost effective – It has always been a misguided concept among digital marketers that cold calling is a way cheaper option than new age digital marketing investments. The later does take time but it is this investment that will give you long term results. To be able to produce a positive ROI requires spending time in doing things that you are best at. For other things, you can always choose to outsource to the best. At the end of the day, digital marketing is cheaper since it is more profitable.

Broadening your reach – With Cold Calling, you are literally in a one-to-one game. This goes on to severely affect the number of people you can contact at any point in time. Even with the best cold callers, you are limited with leads. Digital marketing and its tools, on the other hand, allow you to grow your audience exponentially. Today, people read and share content and thus expose it to an entire list of demographic. The only thing you need to ensure is that the content is sharable and has the potential of going viral.

Prospects responding from their comfort zone – Prospects and leads are more likely to lay their trust on you if they have been able to verify your credibility and ability. With digital marketing, you have all the social proof for it. From testimonials to case studies to analytics, there’s a lot at your disposal to turn your leads into prospects.
So how can marketers prepare for the digital future?

The emergence of wearable technologies – Experts suggest that marketers need to be better prepared for connected devices and wearable technologies like smart watches. The idea is to be able to reach the customer at any time and through a service that makes his life really convenient.

A balanced advertising-marketing mix – Advertising has always been about being able to communicate to an unknown audience while marketing is about handling channels that you are in control of. With rising implication of marketing tech, both advertising and marketing are converging into a form that better communicates with a known audience.
Hybrid cloud technologies – One of the persistent problem for the industry has been ‘data dumping’, wherein all data is systematically stored without a practical forward moving strategy. Adopting hybrid cloud allows picking up all relevant data and putting it to the scalability of the business.

Mobile becoming priority – Mobile devices have easily overgrown the popularity of any other digital devices. Smartphones are handy and consequently is the basic choice for all. With increasing number of features and other conveniences, smartphones in the coming years will go on to rule the digital marketing industry. Savvy marketers are already making the maximum opportunities with their mobile but there are always challenges to overcome.

Mastering customer intelligence – The idea of customer intelligence is all about gauging the future and being there before the demand has started showing up. Digital marketers need to understand what’s relevant to their customers and use the power of analytics to create touch points of engagement.

Today, the average marketer devotes almost 60% of his time to digital marketing activities. While this is set to increase, top companies have already working to increase their digital marketing budgets. The opportunities are many but there will always be issues to tackle. It won’t be a smooth ride but it certainly would be highly profitable.

Source: https://customerthink.com/why-digital-marketing-is-the-future/

Growing your business Via Social Media

You can develop your business using social media. But it all starts with being active on the social networks that matter and never let the customers forget about you. One way to continue reminding them that you’re still around is to make some noise on your social pages.

As a business owner, you should at least have a basic working knowledge of what social media marketing is all about. You should know how to connect with people, especially your target market, through social media, to create excellent content that moves people to act, and to create relationships.

Social media marketing is about communicating with your target audience, informing them about your business, and eventually getting them involved. It could produce customer feedback, leads, and the opportunity to give them excellent customer service. But you will not get the response that you are hoping for unless you share your information the right way.

There are a few steps that you need to follow if you want to use social media to help your business grow.

DEVELOP A STRATEGIC PLAN: Social media marketing must be executed with a strategy that encompasses your goal and the measures of success. The best plan is to develop social media engagement. It should include how frequently you are going to produce content, what the voice of the business will be, and what response you expect to get from the people. It is not about hard selling, but about forging relationships. Do not overdo your sales pitch. Instead, try to gain your audience’s trust.

 STIR THE INTEREST OF YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS: Monitor and update your social media accounts regularly so as not to neglect the queries, comments and even complaints of your potential customers or existing ones. Timely responses are necessary to lower the chances of ruining customer relationships. It would be even better to attract your customers’ attention using visuals, such as beautiful or funny photos, which are often easy to share. Hone your timing in joining conversations. You can also look for the latest object of your customers’ affection by searching for #hashtags, Facebook posts, or tweets.

 BUILD A SOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNITY FOR GREAT PROJECTS: Social media marketing can be used for the long haul. You can maximize its potentials if you get help from a social media community, such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, who shares the same interests as you do. You can convince friends and their friends and colleagues to join that community, but as it grows, rules must be established.

 BLOG, BLOG, BLOG: Blogging is a proven effective tool in social media marketing. Your blog serves as your home base with your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites serving as feeders that bring traffic to your blog. Every new blog brings new sales and traffic opportunities. The typical consumer behavior is to read about 10 blogs before making a buying decision.

 ENGAGE THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA: If you’re on social media, be prepared to interact with followers. This means starting conversations, responding to questions, and being friends with your customers online. Use it to forge relationships.

 AVOID HARD SELLING: Do not abuse the social media sites as your avenue for selling. Instead, focus more on engaging your followers instead of bombarding them with calls to action do something for you, if you don’t want them to stop following you.

Whatever social media outlet becomes popular over the years, one thing is for sure – social media marketing will always be useful to businesses and marketers.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Skills You Need Right Now

New technologies are creating constant disruption and change in the marketing industry – with no signs of slowing down.

To stay competitive, marketers and media and advertising professionals need to keep up with the changes by learning and mastering new skills constantly. So what skills are in demand? Here are the top 10 digital skills that are essential to achieving success in the future.

1. Web Analytics – In the era of big data, harnessing the power of information to enhance customer experiences and generate value is imperative.

One of the key digital skills required to achieve this is analytics – understanding data and knowing what to do with it. Understanding the basic principles and tools and being able to apply techniques will allow marketers to unlock the power of data and optimise digital activities. Without this skill, today’s marketing team will struggle to be effective.

2. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) – Having the skills and know-how to optimise websites to turn hard-earned visitors into leads and sales is exceedingly important for businesses. To be effective in conversion rate optimization, you need to know how to set up, track and interpret site statistics and turn them into valuable, actionable insights to convert visitors into customers.

Knowing how to test, analyse customer paths and interactions and continually optimise copy to achieve online objectives is an invaluable skill-set for any marketer.

3. Content Management – Social media and search algorithms are increasingly focusing on providing valuable, quality content to audiences – which makes content the long-serving king of the digital world. Yet there is an incredible amount of meaningless and poor-quality content floating around, as businesses struggle to find qualified and skilled staff to create top-notch pieces.

Skills in this area are important, as it feeds directly into other areas of marketing, such as email, social and SEO.

So what makes a good content manager?

Solid understanding of digital marketing and strategy coupled with good copywriting skills!

Copywriting is a digital skill that is key to delivering quality content to consumers and it can be learned. Creating punchy headlines and learning the basics of style and structure as well as knowing how to write for different online channels will earn you big brownie points in any marketing department.
4. Omni-channel Campaign Planning – Delivering a clear and consistent message about a company, products and services across multiple communication channels is no easy feat! Managing customers from channel to channel to ensure they have a seamless experience requires careful planning and a deep understanding of not only channels, but also customers.

Seeking out digital partners, utilising digital channels successfully, understanding consumer awareness, acquisition, retention and being across budgeting, testing and measuring are all key components of effective digital campaigns.

Digital campaign planning is therefore a sought-after skill that today’s digital marketers must possess.

5. Customer Experience (CX) – Businesses are increasingly interested in hiring professionals with CX experience and skills, in order to keep up with increasing customer expectations. While developing and designing user experience (UX) has become a freestanding role on its own, marketers need to have a well-formed understanding of the customer experience across all the company owned channels and importantly the company’s website.

6. Social Media Marketing – The digital landscape today incorporates consumer use and habits in social media and so it is imperative that marketers understand how to maximize their brand and marketing efforts in the social channels that matter. More importantly, the skill in tracking, reporting and delivering ROI in social is critical for marketers today.

7. Marketing Automation – Marketing automation allows businesses to scale their marketing programs and achieve better ROI. The demand for professionals with technical skills to either aid marketing automation or to have intelligent, knowledgeable conversations with IT departments in outlining marketing requirements for automation, is critical.

8. Mobile Marketing – Mobile marketing is a complex subject. It incorporates not only a single device in a multiscreen world, but also multiple channels and platforms, coupled with targeting, user habits, tactics, new technologies, apps and more. Understanding how to acquire the mobile audience, but also creating a great experience for them as they go through that mobile journey are the critical success factors.

Mobile is also very personal, and marketers have a unique opportunity for customization and personalisation through this device.

It is clear why mobile marketing is a highly sought after skill-set in the digital era.

9. Privacy & Compliance – Big data, multi-platform marketing and new technologies disrupting the industry are also creating a sense of uncertainty around privacy and compliance.

Businesses require digital professionals to be across regulatory obligations in order to develop and maintain a solid reputation.

There is a myriad of issues relating to privacy and compliance: misleading advertising, consumer rights, the Spam Act and Privacy Act, collection, management and use of data. Understanding these and the implications of not keeping to these regulations is a vital part of digital marketing.

10. SEO and PPC – Contrary to past predictions about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), the practice is still very much alive and kicking. In fact it is growing and evolving rapidly and skills in the practice have never been more important.

Skills in two key components of SEO are especially important to businesses:

1. A deep understanding of inbound marketing and knowing the importance of providing value to customers through content.

2. Technical skills in delivering customer value through SEO: keywords development, tracking, measurement, optimization and linking.

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing can transform businesses at a relatively low spend. Because it is a cost-effective marketing tactic, PPC skills are highly valued. An understanding of search engine marketing (SEM) strategy and how it integrates with online and offline channels is a key component of PPC.

If you know how to drive targeted traffic to a website at the lowest possible cost, you’re a PPC gun that businesses will be fighting tooth and nail for!

References: https://www.adma.com.au/