Google Display Advertising

The Google Screen Network is composed of over 1 million sites, smartphone programs, videos, blogs and other market online mediums which reveal AdWords advertisements. Using the Google Screen Network you can achieve more than 80 percent of internet users globally in over 30 languages in 100 nations, or you may specifically target the classes of consumers that are suited to your merchandise, in places where your company functions.

How Google Network Functions

Display advertising allows advertisers to produce a number of advertisement styles: text, picture, interactive and movie advertisements. Those advertisements are subsequently put on 3rd party sites which are connected to your targeted services or products. These advertisements can be revealed based on key words classes, subjects, interests or perhaps remarketed to those who’ve visited your site.

Display campaigns normally have various objectives and aims to some straight search effort nevertheless it can be extremely easy to squander money on the screen network if it isn’t setup and handled properly.

Contrary to the Search System, the GDN can Display ads Which Are either:

  • Text ads: These will be the very same ads that advertisers may utilize on the HTML, using exactly the exact same personality and punctuation limitations.
  • Picture ads: a static picture, that could vary in dimensions and look on various places and pages on a web site. 
  • Video advertisements: advertisement that embeds a movie. Not to be confused for Youtube promoted movies.

The GDN is quite powerful since it provides the advertisers many alternatives to target and reach the audience that they desire.

  • Contextual or Keyword: it’s possible to target sites using a list of keywords about the merchandise or services. This has to be the most frequently encountered targeting choice. Developing a keyword list for your GDN differs in the Lookup network. The crucial thing is to list keywords by subject. As consumers search the net, cookies are set up on their PC. If a few users frequently search and proceed on site about a distinguishing topic (affinity), then these users could input a specific affinity. This class is based upon the consumers’ browser background too, but also in their societal shares and testimonials. That is the reason why the In-Market section is much more about consumers that are farther down the buying funnel: they are prepared to purchase. Thus, they have the management of picking and understanding who’s going to view their advertisements. It’s a chance to target customers that have a particular interest. (example: you market eco-friendly bamboo goods and also you aim sites associated with environment and eco friendly lifestyle)
  • Branding: This is undoubtedly — to my view, the very best advantage of Screen advertisements. By simply being present and visible on the internet can create knowledge and trust of your own brand. Set your brand on the market, make your advertisements scream: “Look at me, my goods are fantastic!” , and half this job is completed! On a long-term basis, have the objective of being a top of mind brand with all of the advertising tasks available to your small business.
  • Create need: simply being visible on the GDN, it is possible to create the demand or need for your goods. It’s not a surprise that now, folks are so affected by what they see (on TV, at the road, societal websites…), we need that which we see. Obviously, your advertisements need to be top-notch and attractive!
  • Particular targeting: as mentioned above, the numerous targeting options provided by the GDN is a major bonus! Obviously you could also combine and combine those choices to be as concentrated as possible. By utilizing several targeting choices, you diminished the viewers of your advertisements BUT that the audience is so targeted, so the consumers are the individuals who would be the most interested in everything you need to sell. Additionally, you may use the demographics or geographic info to make highly targeted advertisements. You would not promote your merchandise into young people the exact same way you do to older, right?
  • Traffic to the site: it’s really simple to click an advertisement as when we click on the ‘Like’ button Facebook. Since the amount of impressions of your advertisements increases a LOT if you do Screen, the CTR goes.

Brand advantages aside, one common difficulty reported by companies employing the screen network is that the battle for immediate reaction conversions.

Where things get harder is if your deal is very high value or complex in character. They’re interested but they aren’t looking for this ‘right now’ so odds are that they want more time to dedicate to the purchase price. If this scenario applies to your company then it may be a far better strategy to utilize the screen network to obtain prospects subsequently follow up and cultivate your prospects prior to showing them your primary supply.

Benefits of advertising in Google Display Network

  • Reach your target audience by looking on especially targeted sites
  • Become ‘top-of-mind’ by reappearing a few times on many distinct sites
  • Discover new clients by advertising on popular sites using a similar motif
  • Create awareness of your goods by getting in front of people more frequently
  • Boost revenue by targeting the ideal people in the ideal places
  • Push commitment by targeting individuals who’ve seen your site, irrespective of their interaction by means of a Google Remarketing Campaign
  • Know who reacts to your advertisements and the way they interact with your own site by managing and monitoring the results.

How to steal your competitor’s backlinks

To steal your competitor’s backlink is very easy. Purchase a standard plan ($179) in Ahrefs and follow the below steps –

First, Add your project i.e. “” without quotes

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After adding you will be taken to the below screen, again add the domain name as below

learn digital marketing online


Add all your desired keywords separated with commas. I’m not putting my keywords here 🙂

learn about digital advertising


Add your competitors. Suggest you go to google and put your main keyword and search. Then you open the top 10 competitor’s link and paste it in the below box. Ahrefs also provides you with competitor ideas

best of online marketing courses


This will lead you to your dashboard, and here is where the backlinking game starts.

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Click on the domain name in bold towards the left. This takes you to the main area where you get all the details about your website. Ahrefs Rank, Domain Rating, URL Rating, Backlinks, Referring Domains, Organic Keywords etc. These are of your website. You can click on backlinks to see which all sites link to you.

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Likewise, put your competitor’s link 1 by 1 as in below

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You can see all the details of your competitor. Go to their backlink profile and click on DR to sort it in the order of ranking i.e. Top to Bottom. Now click on each link and try replicating whatever your competitor has done. You can select only dofollow links. Suggest you do a mixture of both. You can also check for .edu and .gov links in this manner and place your backlink. This is the first thing you need to do – replicating your competitor’s backlinks. After this you can do guest posting, dofollow blog commenting, dofollow social bookmarking etc…..the list goes on.. Check out my other answers, probably you find loads of quality information.

Link Building Strategies

Off-Page SEO Best Practices

Best backlink analysis tools


On-Page SEO Best Practices


Must have WordPress Plugins



This is only one of the most popular conversion rate optimizer plugin for WordPress users as it lets you convert all abandoning site traffic to the email readers.

WordPress SEO by Yoast


When someone talks about SEO plugins then that really is the top one that comes to everyone’s mind. Additionally, it can also solve all the problems of SEO without any hassle.

Page builder by SiteOrigin


It is simple to use it to craft articles and page layouts which were not possible previously with any theme.



With this plugin that is superb, you can basically arrange the backup schedule for your website and you may also store your backup easily and effortlessly which is stocked up on your cloud.

W3 Total Cache


This innovative plugin comes with a number of options which enable you to optimize your site and if is configured properly. With this plugin, you will definitely find a great difference in your performance.



This plugin is best for all kinds of businesses as their top most priority is to keep contact with their customers. Its drag and drop form builder allows you to easily create contact forms and mails.



If you want to eliminate the spam comments then this plugin will be the solution for you. Consequently, if you do not wish to invest hours in safeguarding your spams, then simply download this plugin.

Shortcodes Ultimate


Another good one in the top 20 list is shortcodes ultimate plugin which is also known as the very feature rich free plugin. In addition, it offers you access to non standard articles cubes.

Gravity Forms


It’s basically a newcomer as well as a developer friendly plugin by using which you can insert any sort of online forms on your website.



This superb plugin is an assortment of amazing features that will fill your website with a number of quite useful functional features. It is basically a combo of many plugins in one.

Google Analytics


This is one of the complimentary and comprehensive analytics application for any blogger. It also allows you to see where your visitors are coming from and what they’re doing on your website.

iThemes Security


Maintaining online safety is one of the significant concerns for every blogger as there are various hackers that can hack your site. Further, this plugin provides various functionality features to conquer this problem.

Revive Old Post


It is a must have plugin if you want to begin grow your social networking presence and keep your content alive forever. Revive old post plugin give you opportunity to share your old articles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn automatically.



With this super innovative plugin, you can craft a better and an interactive site community which will have an association with greatest online social media networking sites.



This is only one of the most commonly used social plugins which offers you thousands of options in terms of design. Additionally, it will come with some appealing buttons which you may put strategically to increase the number of societal shares of your website.



This will be very well known in this season as the procedure for internet firewall application of the plugin is in fact among the very best security you can get easily on your site.



That really is other greatest one since it is extremely great to capture your visitor’s email with some highly customizable features.

Envira Gallery


It also has a drag gallery builder choice which has some pre built gallery templates with everything responsive and mobile friendly.



It’s true to say that images and graphics play a vital role in generating traffic for your site and further this plugin this plugin compress pictures before uploading. It’s in fact one of the greatest tools to compress pictures.

Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps

The search engine optimization plugins listed above can also do the sitemap for you.


WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is a static caching plugin for WordPress. By using this plugin you will accelerate your WordPress blog significantly.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 may handle multiple contact forms, and you’ll be able to customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup.

Share This

Share This Share Buttons

This is a very helpful plugin that enables your visitors to talk about a post/page along with others and share on social media.

There are many other useful WordPress plugins like Cloudflare, Better Delete Revisions, Shield Security, WP Fastest Cache, WP Optimize, Carousel Slider etc.

Off-Page SEO Best Practices

How can I build my career in digital marketing

Considering the tremendous reach of the Internet, it can be rightly said that a career in digital marketing is soon going to be the next big thing. Organizations are looking for dedicated professionals who believe in giving their best and giving new dimensions to marketing.

It is a creative and buzzing sector to work in. If creative ideas give you a kick, then digital marketing might be your cup of tea. If you are good with networking, then digital marketing would be a great career option for you.

The demand for skilled digital media professionals is on the rise, which means that it is a lucrative career option. Like any other field digital marketing is a big umbrella and it has various branches under it. It is recommended that you choose a specialization as per your liking and preference. Channelize your strengths in the right direction and you can make it big.

Visit our Courses page for more information.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Skills

Why digital marketing is the future

Is digital marketing a good career

Growing your business via social media

You can develop your business using social media. But it all starts with being active on the social networks that matter and never let the customers forget about you. One way to continue reminding them that you’re still around is to make some noise on your social pages.

As a business owner, you should at least have a basic working knowledge of what social media marketing is all about. You should know how to connect with people, especially your target market, through social media, to create excellent content that moves people to act, and to create relationships.

Social media marketing is about communicating with your target audience, informing them about your business, and eventually getting them involved. It could produce customer feedback, leads, and the opportunity to give them excellent customer service. But you will not get the response that you are hoping for unless you share your information the right way.

There are a few steps that you need to follow if you want to use social media to help your business grow.

DEVELOP A STRATEGIC PLAN: Social media marketing must be executed with a strategy that encompasses your goal and the measures of success. The best plan is to develop social media engagement. It should include how frequently you are going to produce content, what the voice of the business will be, and what response you expect to get from the people. It is not about hard selling, but about forging relationships. Do not overdo your sales pitch. Instead, try to gain your audience’s trust.

 STIR THE INTEREST OF YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS: Monitor and update your social media accounts regularly so as not to neglect the queries, comments and even complaints of your potential customers or existing ones. Timely responses are necessary to lower the chances of ruining customer relationships. It would be even better to attract your customers’ attention using visuals, such as beautiful or funny photos, which are often easy to share. Hone your timing in joining conversations. You can also look for the latest object of your customers’ affection by searching for #hashtags, Facebook posts, or tweets.

 BUILD A SOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNITY FOR GREAT PROJECTS: Social media marketing can be used for the long haul. You can maximize its potentials if you get help from a social media community, such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, who shares the same interests as you do. You can convince friends and their friends and colleagues to join that community, but as it grows, rules must be established.

 BLOG, BLOG, BLOG: Blogging is a proven effective tool in social media marketing. Your blog serves as your home base with your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites serving as feeders that bring traffic to your blog. Every new blog brings new sales and traffic opportunities. The typical consumer behavior is to read about 10 blogs before making a buying decision.

 ENGAGE THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA: If you’re on social media, be prepared to interact with followers. This means starting conversations, responding to questions, and being friends with your customers online. Use it to forge relationships.

 AVOID HARD SELLING: Do not abuse the social media sites as your avenue for selling. Instead, focus more on engaging your followers instead of bombarding them with calls to action do something for you, if you don’t want them to stop following you.

Whatever social media outlet becomes popular over the years, one thing is for sure – social media marketing will always be useful to businesses and marketers.

Attract relevant traffic to your website – The Steps

Social Media Marketing Course in Chennai

How to Define Your Target Market

Is digital marketing a good career

Have you started seeing occasional suggested posts on your Facebook timeline lately? Have you ever received offers and coupons on your SMS from businesses with whom you have shred your mobile number? 

Are you busy filtering out promotional messages in your email inbox? If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, you have already become part of digital marketing value chain. 

Marketing as it has been, when uses a digital medium, it can then be treated as digital marketing. These media include social, mobile, web, content, email etc. 

Digital marketing is not a new discipline but it is fast emerging as a complementing arm of traditional marketing.  When there was only print media few decades ago, electronic media revolutionized marketing with its reach. However, digital marketing is much more powerful in multitudes with its features and advantages. Main power or appeal of digital marketing comes from the measurability aspect of digital marketing.

In digital marketing, a marketer can set the spend, precisely target the audience he or she wants to reach and also measure how many have been reached. This is possible with the tech platform that enables digital marketing. When an email is sent, a marketing agency can now measure if the email was opened, if links were clicked or if email was reported as spam instead. Based on the number of subscribers to whom a certain email was sent, then now know exactly how many became leads and how many can be targeted to be converted to prospective clients. 

Social media like Facebook, google and YouTube go several steps further and give the marketing agencies choices and flexibility on the spend, targeting timeline. YouTube goes one step further and claims that a marketer need not pay unless the ad was completely watched by the users. This is very powerful for the marketers as they never had such control and transparency on their spends. And that is achieved by the measurability aspect of digital marketing. 

Taking a step back, one needs to conceptually understand the advent of digital marketing and why it is an unavoidable component of today’s marketing strategy. With 462 million internet users, India stands second in the world in terms of number of users who use internet. And from a behavior standpoint, people are spending more time on the web and less on the print media. They are consuming more video content from YouTube than from television. 

They are reading more blogs than they read print magazines. They are listening to more podcasts than radio. All these usage behavioral changes meant one thing for the new age marketers that these media need to be explored and exploited to reach their target segments.

Today’s digital marketing starts with search engines. Search engine optimization and search engine marketing are two most common methods of search engine digital marketing. Irrespective of where the brand was mentioned or communicated, every customer reaches a business’s website by sheer recall of the website or by simply typing the business name in a search engine like google or Bing. 

More often, a customer may not even know the business name. They simply type what service or product they are looking for. And when they do that, as a business, if you are offering that product or service, you would want to be the top result in their pursuit. This can be achieved through search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Optimization is when your website’s quality and relevance are organically developed and improved to reach the top page of search engine results. 

Along with the natural search results, there are sponsored ads on the top and side of a search engine results page. These are result of search engine marketing, where businesses bid and pay for premium spots on a results page to show up on the top page. While search engine marketing is very open ended, Social media marketing provides for a more targeted approach where a business can target audience of specific age range, located in a specific part of the world, working or studying at a specific company or college etc. 

Similarly, YouTube marketing allows for targeting people with specific interests based on the audience’s interests and preferences. 

Digital display advertising is also a very popular mode of digital marketing but challenged. All the banner ads that we see when we browse news and other free content websites fall under this category. These are challenging because no one wants to see a cluttered web page with ads when they visit a webpage with a certain purpose. So they suppress the ads using ad blocking browser extensions which kill this medium. 

Content marketing is the new age digital marketing and the current rage as it nicely brings together all modes of digital marketing and enables complementing of each other in a very sophisticated fashion. Content marketing is creating and sharing content through digital mediums with an intent to promote brand directly or indirectly. For example, one creates an entertaining video with a brand placement and shares in YouTube and Facebook and people share it if they like it. If you notice, content marketing enables other people promoting your brand without your involvement. All in all, digital marketing is here to stay and will only dominate marketing plans with time. 

Careers in digital marketing are growing by the day and should be considered seriously by every management and computer science graduates. Since digital marketing is all tech enabled end to end, this field employs graduates from both management and engineering disciplines. 

For one to set a path into this career, best place to start is by creating your personal website, blog or service and trying to market it digitally. To learn how to use digital marketing techniques on your own content, start by signing up for free learning resources and then slowly graduate to a specialized stream within digital marketing through a specialized training program

Once you have achieved certain proficiency and have some achievements to showcase, a career can be spun off through consulting, entrepreneurship or a full-time job.