Choosing an email marketing software

The digital channels are developing rapidly on, and there are constantly new technologies. It is not easy to always be on the cutting edge. In this fast-paced digital world, we are increasingly dependent on reliable, effective and accurate software to solve complex problems, giving us a competitive advantage and providing maximum added value for our business. This represents an enormous pressure for companies – and also for the software provider.

With email marketing software, the choice is wide. From simple CSS tool that lets you design your email template, to comprehensive platforms for the implementation of complex, automated and carefully segmented campaigns. How can one make the right choice?

Stay with confidence. Because we will give you a list of the main features by which email marketers should look for when selecting email marketing software.

Why is it so important to use the right email marketing software?

Compared to social, direct marketing and other channels, email has the highest conversion rate. The effectiveness of this channel is very largely due to the use of marketing technology. 82% of companies are now using an email marketing software. And 75% or more are expected to buy a marketing automation solution within a year.

The question is how much do companies need to pay if they want to include a provider of technology services to their corporate and marketing strategy?

Fundamental considerations like price, deliverability of emails, usability, scalability and customer service will continue to influence the decision-making process. But in what important ways, the solutions for e-mail marketing differ?

As with any relationship, companies must consider what long-term effects will the software. You need the customer requirements of today understand – and anticipate tomorrow. You need to recognize problems – and opportunities. You need to distinguish between useful and useless data. And they have to find a provider who can help you with all these points. The right technology makes it easy.

Here I highlight the main features that you should have in your email marketing software:

  • Integration– Deliver integrated customer experiences, based on the buying behavior of your target groups. To respond to all relevant channels in a timely manner to meet the needs of your customers.
  • Automation– The right email marketing software delivers new revenue opportunities. 75% of e-mail sales generated by campaigns in which the email is triggered by a specific event ( “triggered campaigns”). Therefore, the automation is a top priority for e-mail marketers. 91% of all successful online marketers say that automation is a key success factor for their marketing across all channels. Use of automation allows marketers to perform an unlimited amount of customer dialogues by individual events – such as trigger for customer loyalty campaigns, registration, purchasing, shipping.  Automated programs provide relevant communications at the right time and thus open the door for even closer relations of the company to its customers.
  • Personalization– Collect relevant data, derive valuable information from it and communicate it on the basis of these findings, individually – which forms the basis for targeted, personalized dialogues on all channels. If you want to use personalization for your marketing, you should ensure that your technology can process with the speed that is necessary for a true personalization.
  • Segmentation– It has long been proven that small, segmented mailings are more effective than large, non-segmented. An analysis of data on the behavior, demographic and geographic criteria, on each sales stage, the purchase history and the habits and preferences of customers, provides insights that can increase the success of email campaigns considerably. 30% of the e-mail turnover is generated by selectively targeting specific audience segments. Segmented behavioral data provide valuable information from which future buying habits and decision patterns can be derived. Segmentation is a very useful component of good email marketing software.
  • Cross-Channel– Another factor for successful marketing is to overcome internal silos. Use the findings from all marketing channels to provide customers with a consistent, seamless brand experience – and thus increase customer loyalty and improve your return on investment. For successful cross-channel campaigns, e-mail marketing software should support various online marketing channels such as social media, mobile, and web. So you can perform segmented, automated campaigns that allow you to use the full force of all your online channels.
  • Analytics– Most providers of e-mail marketing deliver standard metrics like conversion, quantitative and qualitative ROI, performance and test results. By contrast, use modern applications algorithms for data analysis, which assist the user in choosing the right content. Good Analytics summarize the relevant data from different channels to provide an accurate picture of the consumer, which can be used proactively of marketers.

Final considerations

Each e-mail marketer has their own requirements and objectives. The functions described herein are generally applicable to e-mail marketing today. Of course, every company must ask itself whether a particular technology for online marketing meet its specific requirements – the current as well as future.

Where will your company be in five years, and where your competitors will be then? The solutions are to increase sales and profits and improve ROI, but marketers need to think further and use solutions that can predict the habits of online shoppers, which are constantly changing.


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Focus on Above the Fold for better search results

As Google and other search engines are constantly updating their algorithms, there are more mysteries than answers. Things have changed entirely since the beginning of SEO. However, regardless of how the industry has evolved over the years, algorithms are getting smarter and search engines are getting better in indexing user content.

SEO is still the number one option for practitioners looking to boost their organic traffic. The best solution for SEO practitioners is learning how to improve On-Page SEO by optimizing for users and largely focusing on the fold.

Optimization – The term optimization reminds me of “Google Hummingbird”. As you all know, Google has been the leader in Search Engines. The term “optimization” refers to how relevant search results are based on the user’s intent. With each introduction & update of Google algorithm, the browser makes an attempt to think more like human and deliver the best search engine results. With Hummingbird, Google attempts to become “human” in order to deliver relevant content to its users in the least possible time.

Good UX/ User Experience – More and more companies are learning that in order to stay competitive, they need to be investing in user experience. The exact definition, as outlined by the International Organization for Standardization, is a “person’s perceptions and responses resulting from the use and or anticipated use of a product, system or service.” Or, more simply, the user experience is how you feel about every interaction you have with what’s in front of you in the moment you’re using it.

I am detailing out few measures of user experience so that you can use it to test your website –

  • Page Load Time– Page loading time is obviously an important part of any website’s user experience. And many times we’ll let it slide to accommodate better aesthetic design, new nifty functionality or to add more content to web pages. Unfortunately, website visitors tend to care more about speed than all the bells and whistles we want to add to our websites. Additionally, page loading time is becoming a more important factor when it comes to search engine rankings. You can check your website loading speed using GTMetrix, Pingdom Tools etc.
  • Placing most important information “above the fold”– The term above the fold has been used in the newspaper industry for ages. It just means above the fold! In the online world, the term translates to mean above the scroll downline. You don’t need to put all important content above the fold. This part of the page, however, creates a visitor’s first impression, so it deserves special attention. The job of the above-the-fold content is to engage people enough to get them to take some action—something other, that is, then click the back button. The desired action might be clicking a button or filling in a form, but it can just as well be scrolling down to read the rest of the page.
  • Responsive Website & Easy Navigation– If your user needs to access your website’s sitemap to find the desired information, this is not a good sign. Rather, strive to make your website as simple and responsive as possible so that users can intuitively navigate through whatever they are looking for. On an average, if it takes 4 or more clicks to access the desired information, this is too many clicks!
  • Limit Pop-ups– Are you trying to entice your visitor with a pop-up announcing a freebie or a discount, are you asking them to enter their email address and subscribe to a marketing newsletter or buy a product from an affiliate or whatever. Visitors dislike bombarded with pop-ups and this leads to higher bounce rates and ultimately leading to lower rankings.
  • Create informative and engaging content– Finally, above and beyond all other factors, web users today are browsing for high-quality content. They want information they can use right now. They are searching for original, shareable, potentially viral content that can help them achieve their own online and professional goals. Create content that precisely matches the search terms your users enter. You also want your user to be able to nab it, blog about it, share it, or use it to make purchase decisions — whatever they desire to do — in a few seconds as possible.

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Prioritizing your SEO Checklist

To get the most out of your SEO strategies, it is important to fine-tune your checklist and prioritize it based on your needs. Here I give you few strategies for SEO or SEO tasks and responsibilities, which can help you get good results in search engine results pages or SERPs.

  • You need to prepare a Master To-Do List – Here you have to list all SEO tasks you have been doing and what you would like to include for the future, preferably in MS-Excel/Spreadsheet. It can be anything like fixing dead or broken links to publishing relevant content twice or thrice a week. This can include implementation of new SEO tools to starting a social media campaign. The wish list can go on, so keep updating your checklist regularly.
  • Allocate Resources – As a business owner, you must have struggled to allocate appropriate staff to consistently produce quality articles for your blog. Your staff may also need training on SEO tools. Are these tools available in hand? If you want to make SEO a priority, then you must allocate both time and money in order to cover the costs of your staff and the SEO tools.
  • Prioritise Tasks – There are several ways you can prioritize your SEO tasks. First and foremost, ensure to complete the spreadsheet and have allocated the necessary resources and staff. Let’s look in detail at what all tasks need to be prioritized.
    1. Initially look out for low-hanging fruit i.e. tasks that take a very little time to implement on a regular basis. These are the tasks that minimize resource costs or maximize your profits.
    2. Look out for opportunities that may not be as easy as said, but which have a high ROI either by way of more traffic or sales.
    3. You may also seek or hire SEO professionals to help you.
    4. Use automation tools to perform multiple tasks. These will cost you money and takes time to learn, but it can be worth in the end. There are initial setup costs and you may not be able to divert your time or money to these items immediately, but they should be on your list of tasks that you could end up making your business more successful and productive in the long run.

Below is a list of tasks/ SEO tasks and responsibilities – you are free to add more to it :

  • Fix Broken Links – Check out your website for broken links. Remember, search engines cannot crawl your website efficiently. Moreover, visitors who come by clicking on a broken link will get frustrated and leave your website. Ensure that all your links are working.
  • Fixing Poor Link Structures – Check whether your blog posts are linking to other relevant content on your site. If not, you are missing a golden opportunity to keep your visitors engaged on your website.
  • Get indexed for major search engines – You will not be found via searches if you are not properly indexed with search engines. Use Google Webmaster Tools to monitor issues pertaining to your website and also resubmit your website after making any major changes. This ensures that Google will index your website.
  • Add Social Media Buttons to your Blog Posts – Check out whether each blog post has a social media button embedded into them so that your visitors can share them with their friends & followers. The helps you in improving your search results. You can also share the same amongst your social network.
  • Make your website Responsive to all devices – If you do not have a responsive website i.e. accessible through desktop, tablets, smartphones etc. than you are automatically ranked lower by Google for all those pages. Outsource this task, if necessary. 
  • Update your website’s appearance – Does your website look good on all platforms & browsers? If nor redesign your website.
  • Implementation of Social Media Automation Tools – Use this to automate publishing schedules with various social media tools, track the results of your campaigns and much more.

Why digital advertising and marketing is the future

Within the coming years, digital entrepreneurs are anticipated to take full management of the shopper expertise. In 2016, the trade noticed greater than 40% progress and now that we’re virtually in the midst of 2017, we will confidently say that digital advertising and marketing awaits a really shiny future. There have been a number of contributing components behind this progress. A cell has been one of many prime components and is at present driving practically half of all the net visitors. Whereas Web of Issues is a comparatively new idea, it too has begun defining the brand new sort of advertising and marketing expertise. There are many predictions and alternatives and to mix everything requires a profound expertise.

Personalization has been right here for some time, however, it’s the quantity of information accessible at fingertips that has modified the way in which the market works. CMOs have already begun engaging in the alternatives at hand and personalization is coming of age. One of many first implications is geo-targeting however superior advertising and marketing require constructing statistical fashions that confirm what these alerts mean for the shoppers who’re all for particular merchandise, whereas serving them accordingly. The speed of change is each difficult and thrilling. Starting from advert blockage to rising cell utilization, the brand new traits are consistently rising and it’s typically a sense that entrepreneurs received have the ability to catch up. Consequently, staying forward of those traits is likely one of the most integral components of working for an organization as applied sciences and client habits change with startling frequency.

Some great benefits of digital advertising and marketing

Everyone seems to be on-line – Actually, everyone seems to be online as we speak. Digital advertising and marketing doesn’t simply embody the e-commerce apps and websites but additionally social platforms like Fb, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and extra. The brand new age digital advertising and marketing consequently lets you join will every kind of viewers teams internationally. At present’s client habits has helped break the boundaries of language, demographics, and geography. Prior to now two years, the variety of customers even within the age group of 55+ has elevated by practically 80%. For the youthful era, the numbers are completely beneficial. If you might have been in search of a wider goal market, your clients will certainly be on-line.

Getting added belief – With ‘Chilly Calling’ you’ll have requested potential clients to belief you with none stable purpose. This has all the time been a difficult factor for entrepreneurs however the alternatives have modified. At present, if shoppers can discover a social proof of your product high quality on-line, they’re extra more likely to method you. Regardless of the want, folks strive trying to find it on-line and for entrepreneurs, being on-line is a a lot simpler approach to make them your product line. By producing a useful catalogue and inventive content material, you’ll be able to search to draw the eye.

Less expensive – It has all the time been a misguided idea amongst digital entrepreneurs that chilly calling is a means cheaper possibility than new age digital advertising and marketing investments. The later does take time however it’s this funding that will provide you with long run outcomes. To have the ability to produce a constructive ROI requires spending time in doing issues that you’re finest at. For different issues, you’ll be able to all the time select to outsource to one of the best. On the finish of the day, digital advertising and marketing is cheaper since it’s extra worthwhile.

Broadening your attain – With Chilly Calling, you’re actually in a one-to-one recreation. This goes on to severely have an effect on the variety of folks you’ll be able to contact at any cut-off date. Even with one of the best chilly callers, you’re restricted with leads. Digital advertising and marketing and its instruments, alternatively, let you develop your viewers exponentially. At present, folks learn and share content material and thus expose it to a complete checklist of demographic. The one factor you’ll want to guarantee is that the content material is sharable and has the potential of going viral.

Prospects responding from their consolation zone – Prospects and leads usually tend to lay their belief on you if they’ve been in a position to confirm your credibility and talent. With digital advertising and marketing, you might have all of the social proof for it. From testimonials to case research to analytics, there’s quite a bit at your disposal to show your leads into prospects.
So how can entrepreneurs put together for the digital future?

The emergence of wearable applied sciences – Consultants counsel that entrepreneurs should be higher ready for related gadgets and wearable applied sciences like sensible watches. The thought is to have the ability to attain the shopper at any time and thru a service that makes his life actually handy.

A balanced advertising-marketing combine – Promoting has all the time been about with the ability to talk to an unknown viewers whereas advertising and marketing is about dealing with channels that you’re in charge of. With rising implication of promoting tech, each promoting and advertising and marketing are converging right into a type that higher communicates with a identified viewers.

Hybrid cloud applied sciences – One of many persistent drawback for the trade has been ‘information dumping’, whereby all information is systematically saved and not using a sensible ahead shifting technique. Adopting hybrid cloud permits selecting up all related information and placing it to the scalability of the enterprise.

Cell turning into precedence – Cell gadgets have simply overgrown the recognition of another digital gadgets. Smartphones are helpful and consequently is the essential alternative for all. With rising variety of options and different conveniences, smartphones within the coming years will go on to rule the digital advertising and marketing trade. Savvy entrepreneurs are already making the utmost alternatives with their cell however there are all the time challenges to beat.

Mastering buyer intelligence – The thought of buyer intelligence is all about gauging the long run and being there earlier than the demand has began exhibiting up. Digital entrepreneurs want to know what’s related to their clients and use the facility of analytics to create contact factors of engagement.

At present, the typical marketer devotes virtually 60% of his time to digital advertising and marketing actions. Whereas that is set to extend, prime firms have already working to extend their digital advertising and marketing budgets. The alternatives are many however there’ll all the time be points to deal with. It received’t be a clean trip nevertheless it definitely can be extremely worthwhile.


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Is digital advertising and marketing a superb profession

Have you ever began seeing occasional advised posts on your Fb timeline currently? Have you ever obtained provides and coupons in your SMS from companies with whom you’ve gotten shred your cell quantity? 

Are you busy filtering out promotional messages in your email inbox? In case your reply is sure to any of the questions above, you’ve gotten already change into a part of digital advertising and marketing worth chain. 

Advertising because it has been, when makes use of a digital medium, it could then be handled as digital advertising and marketing. These media embody social, cell, internet, content material, email and many others. 

Digital advertising and marketing will not be a brand new self-discipline however it’s quick rising as a complementing arm of conventional advertising and marketing.  When there was solely print media few a long time in the past, digital media revolutionized advertising and marketing with its attain. Nevertheless, digital advertising and marketing are far more highly effective in multitudes with its options and benefits. Foremost energy or enchantment of digital advertising and marketing comes from the measurability facet of digital advertising and marketing.

In digital advertising and marketing, a marketer can set the spend, exactly goal the viewers she or he needs to succeed in and in addition, measure what number of have been reached. That is potential with the tech platform that permits digital advertising and marketing. When an email is shipped, an advertising and marketing company can now measure if the e-mail was opened, if hyperlinks had been clicked or if an email was reported as spam as an alternative. Based mostly on the variety of subscribers to whom a sure email was despatched, then now know precisely what number of grew to become leads and what number of will be focused to be transformed to potential shoppers. 

Social media like Fb, Google, and YouTube go a number of steps additional and provides the advertising and marketing businesses selections and adaptability on the spend, focusing on the timeline. YouTube goes one step additional and claims that a marketer needn’t pay except the advert was utterly watched by the customers. That is very highly effective for the entrepreneurs as they by no means had such management and transparency on their spends. And that’s achieved by the measurability facet of digital advertising and marketing. 

Taking a step again, one must conceptually perceive the arrival of digital advertising and marketing and why it’s an unavoidable part of as we speak’s advertising and marketing technique. With 462 million web customers, India stands second on the earth by way of the variety of customers who use the web. And from a conduct standpoint, persons are spending extra time on the net and fewer on the print media. They’re consuming extra video content material from YouTube than from tv. 

They’re studying extra blogs than they learn print magazines. They’re listening to extra podcasts than radio. All these utilization behavioral modifications meant one factor for the brand new age entrepreneurs that these media should be explored and exploited to succeed in their goal segments.

Immediately’s digital advertising and marketing begins with engines like google. Search engine marketing and search engine advertising and marketing are two most typical strategies for search engine digital advertising and marketing. Regardless of the place the model was talked about or communicated, each buyer reaches an enterprise’s website by a sheer recall of the website or by merely typing the enterprise identity in a search engine like Google or Bing. 

Extra typically, a buyer could not even know the enterprise identify. They merely sort what service or product they’re on the lookout for. And once they try this, as an enterprise, in case you are providing that services or products, you’d wish to be the highest end result of their pursuit. This may be achieved by SEO and search engine advertising and marketing. Optimization is when your web site’s high quality and relevance are organically developed and improved to succeed in the highest web page of search engine outcomes. 

Together with the pure search outcomes, there are sponsored adverts on the highest and facet of a search engine outcomes web page. These are results of search engine advertising and marketing, the place companies bid and pay for premium spots on a outcomes web page to indicate upon the highest web page. Whereas search engine advertising and marketing may be very open-ended, Social media advertising and marketing gives for an extra focused method the place an enterprise can target market of particular age vary, positioned in a selected a part of the world, working or learning at a selected firm or faculty and many others. 

Equally, YouTube advertising and marketing permits for focusing on folks with particular pursuits based mostly on the viewers’ pursuits and preferences. 

Digital show promoting can also be an extremely popular mode of digital advertising and marketing however challenged. All of the banner adverts that we see after we browse information and different free content material websites fall below this class. These are difficult as a result of nobody needs to see a cluttered internet web page with adverts once they go to a webpage with a sure goal. In order that they suppress the adverts utilizing advert blocking browser extensions which kill this medium. 

Content material advertising and marketing are the brand new age digital advertising and marketing and the present rage because it properly brings collectively all modes of digital advertising and marketing and allows complementing of one another in a really refined trend. Content material advertising and marketing are creating and sharing content material by digital mediums with an intent to advertise model straight or not directly. For instance, one creates an entertaining video with a model placement and shares in YouTube and Fb and folks share it in the event that they prefer it. For those who discover, content material advertising and marketing allows different folks selling your model without your involvement. All in all, digital advertising and marketing is right here to remain and can solely dominate advertising and marketing plans with time. 

Careers in digital advertising and marketing are rising by the day and need to be thought of severely by each administration and pc science graduates. Since digital advertising and marketing is all tech-enabled finish to finish, this area employs graduates from each administration and engineering disciplines. 

For one to set a path into this profession, the finest place to start out is by creating your private web site, weblog or service and making an attempt to promote it digitally. To discover ways to use digital advertising and marketing strategies by yourself content material, begin by signing up without spending a dime studying assets after which slowly graduate to a specialized stream inside digital advertising and marketing by a specialized training program

After getting achieved sure proficiency and have some achievements to showcase, a profession will be spun off by consulting, entrepreneurship or a full-time job. 

Conversions: The artwork of attaining high quality & particular clicks

Have you ever puzzled by what method –

  • Customers are motivated to buy online
  • How do they make their shopping for selections
  • What points could be basic for a buyer to make a purchase order on your website
  • Will you’ve got repeat prospects
  • Will they suggest your website to others

What issues most?

What actually issues these days is how we will inform the purchasers/ guests to do what we would really like them to do on our website. That the explanation conversion is so essential each in e-commerce & online advertising, as a result of it’s the place to begin that makes the distinction between a go to and a purchase order, or filling-up of types, subscribing to an e-newsletter and so on.

With a purpose to get the required response out of your guest, we have to implement some conversion optimization strategies and a few key metrics also needs to be taken into consideration. We want to review extra about consumption psychology and neuromarketing and the way these have an effect on the unconscious determination making technique of the client extra considerably. Neuromarketing is an area that claims to use the ideas of neuroscience to advertising analysis, finding out shoppers’ sensorimotor, cognitive, and effective response to advertising stimuli.

We have to guarantee Belief, Orientation, Motivation & Consolation to win the client’s loyalty and curiosity from the start till the tip of the shopping for course of. A survey made by BrainSINS say that 70% of consumers enhance the notion of a model once they see an optimistic evaluate on boards, social networks and evaluate websites. 

At this stage, it’s also essential to not lose sight of the “Conversion Funnel”, if you wish to optimize this path. An e-commerce store conversion funnel is as beneath –

The above determine reveals that each micro-conversion is essential. Prospects wish to really feel valued. 90% of entrepreneurs consider that individualized advertising is the long term as a result of it permits manufacturers to construct vital interactions with their prospects.

Consistent with this, websites more and more supply customized content material relying on their prospects’ location, style, and procuring conduct. Measures like this assist in rising conversion charges successfully. Today folks use a number of cell gadgets to entry the Web and therefore manufacturers must focus and benefit from the quite a few alternatives which are obtainable. Firms are additionally growing cell optimization enhancements to cater to this sector.

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