Online lead generation, do you need to generate more sales and leads? 

Generating sales and leads online requires the successful implementation of a number of strategies. The ultimate goal is to drive as much targeted traffic to your website as possible and convert that traffic into sales and leads, right?

Lead generation means converting traffic into sales and leads effectively, so you first need to sort through your traffic and identify your target market which is more likely to become buyers…does that make sense?

Online lead generation in its simplest form is getting people to raise their hand indicating they have an “interest” in what you’re offering. They’re not saying they will buy from you.

They’re just indicating they have an interest and would like to know more…If you really understand and outline the sales process each step has a very clearly defined objective.

The first step in online lead generation is simply to find people who have an interest in what you’re selling. It’s only after you get leads you start actually “selling” to these people.

Online Lead Generation – means the generation of prospective customer interest or inquiry into a business’ products or services via the Internet. This process of online lead generation…it’s all about getting people most likely to buy and raise their hands to indicate their interest.

Online lead generation means identifying and getting contact details so you can continue to promote your goods and services…it’s as simple as that!

Online lead generation by far the simplest and most effective way to get their contact details is to offer value in exchange for their contact details. It could be a free report, free video series or free consultation….you get the idea.

Online lead generation is all about better understanding your prospect before you spend a ton of money looking for them. One of the keys to generating leads online is making sure you target the right people in the first place…why?

Because you always want to know who is your ideal lead and target market:

  • Who is your ideal prospect?
  • What are the biggest problems they’re having?
  • What are they likely to respond to?

Online lead generation allows you to effectively develop highly targeted messages specifically crafted or designed to attract the right types of leads, which become ready to buy clients or customers for your business.

Your research helps you to clearly identify where your prospects can be found online and how to target these sources using a combination of SEO, search advertising, banner advertising, and social media…

Online lead generation…The next step is you start sending out the “why you should buy this product from me” emails or direct mail, it’s why you connect and engage to make the sale.

By using highly targeted messages you make sure prospects visiting your website are high-quality leads….some may be ready to buy, although the majority aren’t (97%)

Online lead generation is part of the sales cycle but only once they’re on your site you need to convert this traffic or visitors into actual sales leads by capturing their details.

If you don’t at least capture the details of interested visitors your efforts have been wasted so you want to make an irresistible offer in exchange for their contact details.

What do you ask for? Simply ask for their name and email address. You may at other times ask for more information because the information you ask for comes back to your target market, what you’re offering in exchange for their details and your capacity to follow up.

Online lead generation…why do you want their contact details? Sales cycles mean people are at buying decisions at different times.

It’s not uncommon for people to take up to 6 months or longer from their initial looking at a product or service to actually buy. 

Obviously it comes down to needs and wants if you don’t have their contact details to follow up and keep in touch odds are when they’re ready to buy it will be from one of your competitors, not you…

Online lead generation it’s all about the right timing, keeping in touch means people immediately think of you when they’re ready to purchase.

You can continue to make different offers to buy, and you can actually shorten the sales cycle to buy earlier than they were planning.

You’re using the follow-up sequence to almost guarantee when they’re ready to buy it will be from you, and if they do purchase from a competitor, simply keeping in touch with them means you can still get them back at a later time…

How to get their contact details? One common mistake is asking for visitors’ contact details while offering very little value in exchange.

Asking people for their details so you can send regular updates is rarely a strong reason why people give you their contact details.

Online lead generation is designed to get as many leads as possible, so you need to establish these key points:

Quickly establish credibility. Nearly all your visitors are skeptical which is why you need to quickly establish credibility and trust, it is crucial because if they don’t trust you, they won’t give you their email details, right?

You need to make a compelling, irresistible offer in exchange for their contact details. It could be a free report revealing information they’re seeking or a series of information videos or even a physical product sent to them in the mail.

The key to online lead generation success is you must make clearly define your audience’s pain points and position yourself as the only choice.

Yes, you need to understand your target markets’ problem and match the pain with a strong call-to-action so prospects take immediate action on your offer.

Online lead generation done properly, and using the right message at the right time means the information you send also helps them see you are the right choice, which helps convert them into a buyer…

You must present your offer clearly and prominently on your website so visitors won’t get distracted or miss it. Too often great offers perform poorly because they get missed…

Online lead generation is an ongoing process of improvement…you simply don’t implement a lead generation process because its crucial to continually test and measure results to increase the number and quality of leads you get.

In reality, your target market’s needs and behavior change, and of course, your competitors may make more aggressive offers.

New markets emerge for your products and services. Do you feel its a good idea to constantly keep on top of your market, testing new lead generation methods to help increase response rates and quality of your leads?

Here are some proven and reliable methods to keep you on top of the market by using a variation of new and different offers.

You may think a free report is the most attractive offer you can make, but what if a free video proves to be even more popular? Which is why you need to test different offers to find out which works best…does that make sense?

You could also display your offer in different ways for making your offer more visible and enticing. It’s not uncommon for different colors, positions or sizes on the webpage to make a significant difference in the number of people giving you their contact details.

You want to ask for different information because what if you convert the highest over the phone? Just a small drop in response in exchange for their phone number could be highly profitable…

You need to consider the different traffic sources because different sources of traffic can get you significant boosts in the number of people giving you their details.

This is why you need to continuously refine the ways you generate high-quality traffic to your website. It involves testing different offers, asking for different information and/or displaying your offer in a different way on your site.

The fact is a clearly defined, disciplined and rigorous approach makes the most money.

Yes, online lead generation is also all about ongoing testing and measuring, which takes time, skill, money, and resources, which few online lead service providers are willing to do.

Ultimately this is where the real winners come from and why you want to focus on increasing your sales and profits. Your continued success is in the strategy.

This way you can see exactly how much profit you’re making on each strategy and see the evidence which gives more bang for your marketing dollars…more leads, sales and profits.



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