Anyone who believes that Email is bent is severely mistaken. 

This deeply personalized channel is highly effective in increasing consumer engagement. Internet publication Mashable published a few tips on how to get subscribers’ email-mailing larger layout and faithfully follow the brand on various social media.

1. Start from the subscription page

Tell your consumers what your brand is on the subscription page. Make it easier for your email recipients to search for brand accounts on social networks by placing links to all profiles on the subscription page.

If possible – and if your consumers so desire – enter the subscription function through social media. However, privacy issues may warn you against taking this step. Some financial institutions have experienced the dangers of using Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter to create email accounts.

2. Do not ask subscribers to add as friends

Instead of asking for a friend, organize mutually beneficial cooperation by encouraging discussions, asking questions or even offering followers additional resources (this can be access to the sales page, official documents or webinars). Using a certain amount of intrigue and applying interchange tactics is unusually effective in obtaining new registrations.

When new potential consumers appear on the pages of your brand on social networks, be considerate of them and direct them in the right direction as you do in the framework of the email marketing program.

3. Engage mobile

If you have a subscriber base, 40% of which check their email inboxes from mobile devices, you should consider optimizing the text of mailings for the screens of these devices. In addition, you should trim the content and organize an interactive email-correspondence with the recipients of the newsletter. Ask them for product feedback, solicit opinions on the column, and add mobile research. The key goal is to enable people to interact with their mobile devices.

4. Send socially-oriented emails

Run a monthly campaign aimed at “recruiting” subscribers to brand followers on social networks. By inviting new people to branded pages, welcome guests to prepare. On their first visit, they should not encounter an uninhabited social account. Followers who came by email should get into the world of “fierce” discussions – sow controversy on the wall in advance so that newcomers will find the very height of passion.

It is also recommended to restrain the offer to make a purchase until the user passes the preliminary “processing”. Do not post a purchase offer in a mailing letter. It is also not recommended to demonstrate your selfish interests to the user immediately upon his visit to the pages of your brand in social media. Instead, use a content engagement strategy to get the visitor interested in the product. Allow users to contact you and other followers with product questions. After the dialogue, you can already offer to make a purchase. This step-by-step approach, according to Western experts, works very well.

5. Motivate with exclusive offers

For members of your social media club, create special email newsletters with exclusive offers that these subscribers will see first. Of course, it will not be out of place in these premium newsletters to contact insiders with a request to distribute exclusive information to their friends’ groups on social media.

Warn all your subscribers (both current and future) about the privileges of brand followers on social networks. You can do this all on the same subscription page.



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