Read through to understand what we mean by Forum Posting.

  • It is a technique of link building in which website links are associated with good forum posts. Efforts are made to make backlinks from forum discussion in related niche forum websites.
  • Web forums are used to produce traffic for the websites and web pages. By communicating in web forums, the SEO specialists include the website links as signature in their reply.
  • Forum posting is an essential efficient SEO Link Building technique to receiving quality traffic and quality back links to our website and web pages.

    What is Forum Posting?

    Forums is a place to talk about all, it’s nothing but discussion. Many people will take part & interact here with their information, doubts and advices. People who have knowledge of the subject will talk about FAQs, doubts, services, products, suggestions, advices, feedbacks and more.


  • What to do for Forums Posting in SEO? Comments on appropriate and relevant posts. It helps in search engine ranking and raise website traffic to our website. We have to promote our website through signature only. Top Forum Sites: Sitepoint, Search Engine Watch, Digital Point, SEO Chat, Warrior Forum