It is often understood that digital marketing and SEO, are probably the most efficient and cost effective form of modern marketing. However, due to its technical nature it is often put to one side or ignored in favor of more traditional methods of marketing which are easier to understand and have been used for decades.

Whenever there is a failure of any online marketing activity including SEO, the failure is often blamed on the marketers or the technical staff. The truth is that an effective online marketing plan actually requires the collective team as well as strategic guidance and support from top management.

Marketing specialists and experts talk about content marketing, social media marketing, HTML tags & more. Of course, they are practically the most important things when it comes to ranking on the top of SERPS in Google.


You website content needs to be original and unique. You are the one who knows your business best and hence do not copy the content from anywhere else. Your content has to be useful and practical. It has to create some value to your customer. One-lines are a big no or provide links to other sites. For e.g. if your niche is a Hotel and you want to tell your customer how to come to your hotel, just don’t give them the link of a taxi firm or a bus station. You need to provide them with real advice i.e. where to take the bus from, where to buy the ticket, how much would the ticket cost, the traveling time taken etc. You need to give useful information to your customers.

Make sure your content is also relevant to what people are searching online i.e. the information they are after as well as the products and services you are offering. Ensure that each page has its own unique theme or topic. For e.g. If you are selling pet products, ensure the page talks only about pets and pet products. You cannot and should not promote other products or services here. The customer will lose interest and just leave your website. Please ensure that you do not include too many topics within the same sections of a site.


One of Google’s algorithms is based on the number of links on other sites pointing back to your website. These links need to be relevant and should come from authoritative websites. For e.g. if you are a Sweetmeat seller than you should get links from related websites like recipe sites, food sites. However, if it comes from a site which reviews local businesses then it’s not relevant to your niche.

Likewise you want links from sites which can be trusted. You can get ideas about where you could list your website by just looking at what links your competitors have. You can achieve the same by doing a Google search for:                                 “link:”.

Expose your information

Assuming that you have spent a lot of time getting links from reputable and authoritative websites, you have also written some useful and amazing content but still you are not getting results as expected. Note that Google actually reads your content. Often changes you have made or even entire parts of websites are not crawled by Google because your website’s programming or server setting block it from “crawling” your site.

To check whether Google has indexed your website, simply perform a Google search for: “site: