Following are 5 traits or golden rules which every Digital marketing guru should follow:

1. Be Flexible and Embrace Change

SEO was all about technical knowledge not very long ago but now its encompasses content creation and marketing and managing social media for better link building. Be open to change and adapt it rapidly to stay ahead of the competition. Try out different advertising plans and use every channel available within the social web to get maximum traction and visibility for your products.

2. Explore and Uncover

The modern digital marketer is like an investigator who picks up various pieces of clues and joins them to solve the mystery. The same curiosity zeal for exploring, learning and piecing together various clues to solve the mystery of successful branding and capturing the market should be there within every digital marketing professional. Try to add a new dimension to your advertising campaigns by pulling in closely associated business verticals and upselling additional products. For e.g., if you are selling ladies apparel always selling the complete look for the given dress is a sure shot way of increasing your reach and upselling without much effort.

3. Devour Knowledge

A good digital marketing professional should always be hungry to learn and use his knowledge to gain expertise in his field of interest. Learning is always easier if you try to specialize and learn new things about something you are passionate about. Digital marketing is a vast playfield and while one must be keep the knowledge updated on every aspect it is advisable to achieve mastery in a couple of aspects. If ads marketing is your passion try to devour all the knowledge about pay per click marketing which drives instant traffic and conversions through various social media and online channels.

4. Analyze data to come up with Customized Marketing

This is the era of personalization. Big data and various other tools and techniques help you to collect enormous volume of data which if used properly can give detailed insight into consumer behavior and buying habits. To crunch all this data and come up with actionable solutions for selling products or services is should be the aim of a successful digital marketer. Try to analyze the trends in traffic based on location, buying time, Google Analytics and various other tools to come up with personalized follow up and remarketing plans.

5. Be Creative and Improvise

Thinking out of the box does not necessarily mean thinking and coming up with disruptive innovation and solutions each time. Thinking creatively and approaching the problem with a fresh perspective often gives you new ideas and improvised solutions which work better. Always try to approach any given marketing strategy with more than one ways. Gather and evaluate data and results by dividing your email and other advertising campaigns in 2 or more sets targeted at various groups. This not only minimizes losses if the overall strategy is not good but also gives better insights into what worked better, how, why and when.

The rule has always been “survival of the fittest” and fit is one who is always ready to adapt, evolve, let go and use new skills and tools to be the winner! So, let go, learn afresh, experiment and WIN!