Google Ads Training For Business Owners

Businesses who are eager to make their mark with their online presence can sign up for our Google Ads Training in Chennai to get the best results. 

Run your own Google Ads campaign without spending a lot on hiring a Search Engine Marketing Consultant.

Register for the Mastermind Google Ads Training Course offered by us to get maximum ROI.

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Google Ads Training in Chennai

Search Engine Marketing with Google Ads

Search advertising with Google Ads is robust, flexible and data-driven, providing you high levels of management control — but you will need to have the basics set up. This Google Ads training will provide you with a step-by-step guide to establishing an excellent effort and then optimizing and review your account to get the best outcomes for your organization.

Whether you’re contemplating using Google Ads for the first time, or are already running accounts, this Google Ads Training will provide you the insights into best practices. Amazing tools and the reports you will need to comprehend how your marketing is working and what could be improved. Discover how to run a successful Google AdWords Campaign and get the best return on your Ad budget within this interactive training program.

Topics Covered:

  • Key Features & Terminology Used
  • The Google Ads Account Hierarchy
  • Planning and Creating Effective Campaigns
  • The Role of AdGroups
  • What is Ad Rank?
  • Researching and Using Keywords & Match Types
  • Creating Killer Adverts & Landing Pages (CRO)
  • Conversion Tracking Methods
  • Optimising Your Google Ad Campaigns
  • Keyword Performance & Quality Score
  • Measuring & Testing Ads