Google Ads Training – Step by Step

Learn SEM From the Basics to the Professional Level

Rated 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 by all trainees. Businesses who are eager to make their mark with their online presencce can sign up for our Google Ads Trainin in Chennai to get the best results. You can run hyour own Google Ads campaign without spending a lot on hiring a Search Engine Marketing Agneyc or Consultant.

Exclusive For those who want to: Learn how to develop ads in the Google Ads system and and Create a powerful customer flow to your business.

Who is this Training For

  • For experienced businessmenAn effective business is always growing and developing. And for large-scale development, it requires a constantly increasing flow of customers. Google Ads is an ideal tool for implementing this task with a huge potential for scaling.
  • For new entrepreneurs – Advertising in Google Ads is the fastest and most effective way to organize a powerful flow of customers to your business in the shortest possible time. The advantage of contextual advertising is that customers are searching for your product themselves and are already ready to buy it. This is what your business needs when it launches!
  • For salaried marketers and freelancers – The training “Google Advertising: step by step” is the fastest way to master contextual advertising in Google Ads, launch an advertising campaign and ensure a constant flow of customers to your business. Your potential customers ARE already looking for your services. Help them set up their ads!
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About the Google Ads Training

Contextual advertising is one of the most effective tools for attracting customers to your business. A special feature of search advertising (part of contextual advertising) is that the ad is displayed in response to a user’s query. That is, only when a person shows interest in your products and services through their own request. The pay-per-click scheme helps you save your budget and only pay for those users who actually clicked through to your site. Contextual advertising has a huge potential for creating a flow of customers to your business. Learn how to make effective ads!

Search advertising with Google Ads is robust, flexible and data-driven, providing you high levels of management control – but you will need to have the basics set up. This Google Ads training will provide you with a step-by-step guide to establishing an excellent effort and then optimizing and review your account to get the best outcomes for your business.

Whether you’re contemplating using Google Ads for the first time, or are already running accounts, this Google Ads Training will provide you the insights into best practices. You will discover how to run a successful Google Adwords campaign and get the best return on your Ad budget withing this interactive training program.

What is the “Google Ads: step by step”

  • Step-by-step algorithm for configuring ads
  • Trends and novelties in the Google Advertising system
  • Practice, practice, and practice again
  • You immediately make ads for your business!
  • 10 detailed lessons and additional screencasts
  • Format: live online training platform

What We Will Teach You in our SEM Training 

Lesson 1: “fundamentals of contextual advertising”

  • Do you need advertising on the Internet?
  • How people search the Internet
  • Target audience segmentation
  • Review of advertising systems
  • Ad formats in General
  • Screencast
    • Registering an account in Google Ads
    • Interface for a regular account
    • Interface for the Google account Manager
    • Google Adwords Editor Interface
Lesson 2: “Preparing and checking your site”
  • Examples of good and bad websites
  • Preparing a mobile site
  • Landing pages and multi-page sites
  • Basic Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics technologies
  • Checklist for checking whether the site is ready for ad traffic

Lesson 3: “Building a semantic core”

  • The key phrase (key) and the search query
  • Mechanism for displaying ads based on keywords
  • Match types + keyword operators G. Ads
  • Domain analysis
  • Main maps
  • Basic and nested semantics
  • Negative keywords
  • Search engine parsing
Lesson 4: “Creating an account structure”
  • Your account structure
  • The formation of ad groups
    • By products
    • For the warmth of the queries
    • Principle one group = one query = one ad
    • Principle one group = pool of similar queries = three or more ads
  • Pros and cons of different types of keyword matching
Lesson 5: “Creating search ads”
  • Ad issues
  • Relevance
  • Preparing the USP
  • Rules for writing ads
  • Ad title
  • Key feature of the product
  • Using templates in an ad
  • Ad extensions
  • Replacing the title on the site
  • Screencast
    • Launching a Google search advertising company
    • Creating extensions for ads in Google
Lesson 6: “Advertising in CMS, types of advertising”
  • Types of ads in the CMS
  • Types of targeting in the Yan
  • Placement
  • The formation of ad groups
  • Preparing and searching images
  • How to write ads for the Google display network
  • Features of semantics in the CMS
  • Screencast
    • Create a company with responsive ads for the Google display network
    • Launching a Remarketing company in the CMS
Lesson 7: “Bids and pricing”
  • How to work the auction
    • Premium placement
    • Guaranteed impressions
    • Selection in the block and ranking by CPM
    • Pricing
    • Calculator is a smart bet
  • What strategies should I choose?
    • Manual bid management
    • Maximum number of clicks
    • Maximum number of conversions
    • Target return on investment in advertising
    • Target price per conversion
Lesson 8: “Analytics and performance analysis”
  • Performance indicator
  • The main indirect indicators of the effectiveness of
  • Competition indicators
  • Goals. What should they be like
  • Statistically reliable data
  • A cyclical approach to the adjustments of Kazakhstan
  • End-to-end Analytics
  • Screencast
    • Basic analysis of ad performance in the Google Ads interface
    • Basic traffic analysis in Google Analytics
Lesson 9: “Advanced advertising features”
  • Remarketing
  • Geographic targeting
  • Dynamic remarketing
  • GSP ads
  • Advertising in YouTube
  • Screencast
    • Adjustment of rates by geography
Lesson 10: “Management and management”
  • The question of whether to search for contractors
  • Types of contractors
  • How do I hire a specialist or choose an advertising contractor?
  • Who is the right person for You?
  • How to establish communication and reporting
  • How do I control it?

After the training, you will:

  • Get a step-by-step algorithm for developing and configuring ads in Google Ads
  • Learn how to create an effective advertising campaign in just a few days
  • Increase your CTR on search by 10-30%
  • Increase traffic to your site (by 30-250%)
  • Significantly improve the quality of your ad campaign
  • Reduce the cost of each leadthat comes from Google
  • Get transparent statistics and Analytics for your ads
  • Ensure a constant DAILY flow of business leads
  • Get the inevitable increase in turnover and profit of your business
  • Ensure the return on advertising and excellent ROI just 1-2 months of work
  • Find a qualified Google Ads specialistwho will improve your ads every day and increase your profit!
  • Get the predictable scalability of advertising and the potential for growth of business in General