google analytics training


Need to figure out how to benefit as much as possible from Google Analytics? We offer inside and out Analytics instructional classes that will help you comprehend the item and how to utilize it to serve your own particular business objectives. We’ll show you the handy abilities fundamental for observing your web based showcasing and enhancing your site. The course will help you enhance your proficiency, dismember the numbers, recognize noteworthy bits of knowledge and open the genuine business estimation of the web. We offer you tips and assets to clear the Google Analytics Certification exam.

Analytics Basics

Whether you’re new to web analytics or need a refresher course, let’s get back to basics. As more and more web analytics tools are being created and more and …

Key Elements

Compare date ranges, explaining the extracted data, learn to segment data by source, show ROI and not just traffic.

Target Audience

If you want to increase conversions, you have to figure out who exactly is your primary target audience, what they want, what matters to them and what are the sources of friction for them.


Using analytics, we can analyze behavior of visitors to a site, understand the source of these visitors, optimize ecommerce or subscription funnels, determine the ROI of marketing spend and measure results of A/B tests.

Get actionable insights

Understand the magic formula of online business success