Getting directory links from high PR dofollow directory submission sites can be a relatively easy and effective way to increase your link popularity, but there are some pitfalls to avoid. Many large and popular directories (DMOZ and Yahoo for example) have a firm policy of only using the site name as the listing title and only linking with the URL itself. While this makes it easy for the editors its not as much help as it could be in gaining search engine rankings.

Since directories are a popular method of gaining links many, if not most, of the directories submission sites will charge a fee for the listing which can vary from something like $40 up to the $300 which Yahoo charges per year to list commercial sites in its directory.

Not all directories offer spiderable or crawlable links and such directories may provide you with some traffic but they will not help your link popularity. Links with are done in JavaScript, CGI scripts, and which contain the rel=”nofollow” attribute are among the most popular methods of hiding links from search engines.

Submission of website link into reputed high PR dofollow directory submission sites and internet directories is termed as Directory Submission. In the process of directory submission, the URL, Title, Description and other information on the website is submitted. It is also known as high da dofollow directory submission sites.

Directory submission refers to the procedure of addition our website to a web directory. The fees for doing directory submission for a website primarily depend on the number of directories that offer paid services and some others are free.

SEO Friendly Directories

Directories that have spiderable or crawlable links are considered to be “SEO friendly” and can be important sources of links for your site. You can do a Google search for SEO friendly high PR dofollow directory submission sites to get a listing of some of these directories and in addition, there are several lists which have been compiled to help you with your search

Impact of Directory Submission on Search Engine Rankings

Occupying several links to your websites is like signboards on the road. The more the links mean more chances to get top ranking in search engines. Links to our websites serve as the travelling lane to our website. Directory submission is a method to create such links to make our occurrence felt throughout the web.

Submitting links to high PR dofollow directory submission sites provide guidelines for the search engine spiders. The more often they see a link the more chances of crawling our site. The more amount of time a search engine visits our site from exterior references the more that ranking they will give, considering our website is very essential.

Directory submissions are the most practical form of link building. This is the reason why Search Engine Optimization Specialists prefer it as an easy way to create backlinks.

What To Look For in a Directory Submission Service?

Timing of Submission: The directory submission shouldn’t occur in a single day, except it is for a well-known website. Few newer websites that are less than one year old, it is suggested to submit gradually. A good high PR dofollow directory submission service should endow with us an option to submit slowly for the best results.

Submission should be SEO Friendly: We should make sure that the high DA dofollow directory submission sites in which our websites are submitted are Search Engine Optimization friendly. The listed directories have to be working and should not have any broken links. Directories should be better and old.

Quality vs. Quantity: At present, the web is swamped with directories that have never approved a single listing in years. Make sure your submission service is providing a tracking service so that we can how the submitted listings are really getting approved.

Manual vs. Automated: Directory submission should be a manual process. We should not go for computerized and automatic submissions, as they will basically submit our websites to their own network of poor directories.

Types of Directory Submission Sites

  • Free directory submission
  • High PR DoFollow Directory Submission
  • High DA DoFollow Directory Submission
  • Reciprocal regular web directory listing
  • Paid directory submission
  • Automatic directory submission
  • Manual directory submission
  • NoFollow directory submission
  • DoFollow directory submission
  • Niche directory submission

Advantages of Directory Submission

high da dofollow directory submission sites

high da dofollow directory submission sites

Budget Linking Time Daily

Gaining links from directory submission sites can be a valuable addition to your SEO efforts, and a surprising number of links can be gained if you just set a goal of submitting your site to two directories per day. This need only takes less than half an hour of your time, (you might want to consider budgeting this amount of time every evening to getting directory links) and at the end of the year, your site will have over 700 new links pointing to it.

If you budget an extra half hour per day to also getting relevant anchor text links from two new related sites you will be surprised at how your pages will start to rank.

List of High PR DoFollow Directory Submission Sites

Below is a List of 400+ High PR DoFollow Directory Submission Sites that are SEO friendly. Boost your website ranking by submitting your website in these directories! These links are checked and working fine as on 23-02-2020.


DMOZ is the most popular free directory and in addition, it is where the Google directory draws all its content from, so getting a listing there can be useful. The problem is that DMOZ is run on a strictly voluntary basis and in some categories there is a long wait to have your submission reviewed.

Many listings for DMOZ are not approved since they do not accept certain types of sites like affiliate sites, porn, hate, etc, and many more because the submission does not conform to the DMOZ guidelines/.

The best way to get a normal site to approve quickly is to first of all search DMOZ for the keyword you consider represents your overall site best and submit to that category. Study the DMOZ listing guidelines, but more importantly study the listings in the category you want to be listed in carefully and use this information as a guide to writing your own submission,

If you have not heard from the DMOZ editor in two months or so you can go to the DMOZ forum and submit a query to the appropriate site submission status thread in order to find out what is happening to your submission. 


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