Social Bookmarking is the best method to organize, store, manage and search for bookmarks of online resources. The SEO players look for the related social bookmarking websites where they can bookmark their own website to get a backlink from the site.

When we discover a web page that we find interesting, in its place of having to remember the address of the webpage, we basically save the address as a “bookmark” in our browser. Social bookmarking is similar to saving favourites on our browser, except we are saving to a website that we can access from any computer in the world. But the component of social bookmarking is the ‘social’ element. Each one can appear at each one else bookmark. That means, we are looking for content, that people already bookmarked.

Mainly social bookmarking websites will display a number next to the content representing how many times it has been saved by a different user. These sites also show a continually updated list of popular web pages. This can be an enormous technique of finding remarkable content that we might not otherwise come across. The main advantage of this method is high efficiency and good output in the form of visitors.

Social bookmarking is good because can lead to your website readers with relevant tastes, can increase traffic to your website and finally, it’s just free valuable backlinks.

high da dofollow social bookmarking sites

high da dofollow social bookmarking sites

There are many social bookmarking websites

The most popular websites are Diigo, Folkd, Plurk, Mix, Scoop, and Fark.

We have listed 150+ best and high PR DoFollow social bookmarking sites below. These links have been checked and working as on 25-01-2020.



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