How Do I Choose Online Marketing Courses?

In our age of info-marketers, finding the right online marketing courses is not so easy. Anyone who has promoted their Instagram to 10K followers considers themselves a digital guru and is eager to teach others. The field is developing, and you can’t immediately distinguish good marketing courses from bad ones. What should I do? Search for reviews, make inquiries about teachers, or ask for a trial session.

Let’s figure it out together — here is a small but useful memo from SKARTEC Digital Marketing Academy


1. Educational Experience in Digital Marketing

See how long the school of Internet marketing has been operating and how many marketers it has produced. There are no hulking giants on the market yet — so the more experienced, the better. After all, the expertise and practice of teaching courses in Internet marketing is developed for at least 2-3 years. Precocious online universities and courses appear and disappear, they all share a non-systematic approach and lack of quality assurance. When the learning process is well-established and running properly, it is much easier to get involved in online marketing.

2. Internet Marketing Courses: The Balance of Disciplines

The second thing worth paying attention to is the training program. The balance of disciplines is important here. There should be at least 10 of them since the online Toolkit is quite extensive. Understanding Internet marketing is impossible without familiarizing yourself with the anatomy of the website, SEO, SMM, Contextual Advertising, Email Newsletters, Web Analytics, Content Marketing and Digital Strategy.

The equal duration of each module is also important. And then it happens that 80% of the time is devoted to one topic.

In some Internet marketing courses, a large list of topics is promised to be revealed in just two days. To hear — you will hear, but you will not master. On the other hand, it also makes no sense to study for a year: trends and functionality on the Internet are rapidly changing, and knowledge and skills are quickly becoming outdated. Therefore, the ideal format is intensive daily training for a month, and then – into battle.

3. Quality of Expert Teachers

Who teaches and how is no less important than the disciplines themselves. To fully immerse yourself in Internet marketing, you need to learn from the best practitioners – whether they are Marketing specialists. However, there is a common problem when a teacher in Internet marketing courses is a real expert, but at the same time does not know how to clearly and concisely convey information.

Study the mentor’s profile, media publications, and teaching experience. What companies or agencies and positions do speakers work in: this way you will be able to form an opinion about the “quality of an expert”. However, if all the teachers are from the same company — this is a bad sign because a wide range of experience is important in Internet marketing courses.

4. Qualification of an Internet marketer

Internet marketing in India is a young industry. Universities do not yet have such a specialty, and there are no state diplomas either. Anyone can print and issue a certificate of completion, but will it have any weight and practical significance? What is there to look at in this case, if it is not a classical education?

Please note who the founders of the school are. A recognized digital expert is already good, a well-known University is also good, international authorities of the level of Google and Facebook are excellent, and the training program with accreditation is excellent! A high-quality brand for Internet marketing courses never hides such information, it is always in plain sight.

5. Accounts in Social Networks

See what the course organizer’s Facebook page looks like. Low subscribers, i.e. no more than 1000? So, the courses are completely “green”. Or is the school not friendly with social networks? Study the feed of posts, because this is the mirror of the school and you can confidently judge the quality of training programs by them. If you didn’t like the social network account — it is better not to study there.

6. Reviews of Online Marketing Courses

Reviews of internet marketing school and its courses play an important role. You need to look at the ratings carefully — if they are too “sweet”, then they were written to order. You should look for them on Facebook & Google: they are real people, and they will only scold or praise you for what they are doing. Some of them can be asked clarifying questions, most likely you will be answered. You can find whether the reviews are genuine by reading through it. If all sounds similar then it’s a fake review. Today it’s possible to pay money and buy reviews on any platform, so be aware of it!

7. The Cost of Education

Everyone likes low prices. But when it comes to professional courses in Internet marketing, it is worth thinking: can you get a quality education for a song? Unlikely, judge for yourself, the lower the price for a course, the more “cheap” mentors the school will recruit. Another way to reduce the cost of course aggregators is to sell outdated classes online. Because regularly updating the program and studio recording is expensive.

About permanent and mega-discounts and there is nothing to say: the last straw, when there is nothing else to attract. These online marketing courses are best avoided.

Knowing the economics of digital learning from the inside out, we can say that more or less high-quality training can be obtained at courses from Rs.30,000/- and above, with their duration of 1-3 months.

8. Whether There is a Signed Agreement

The contract is your guarantee of quality service. Without a signed contract, any claims can be forgotten. If the Internet marketing course supports the knowledge of the contract, it assumes obligations and guarantees its implementation. The more detailed it is, the better — it is advisable to make sure that all the topics are spelled out in the contract and their duration in hours. It happens that the organizer suddenly changes the program in the course of the play or imperceptibly juggles the clock.

9. Study Face-to-face or Online Marketing Courses

No one will be surprised that you can study in the subway, on the sofa with tea, or in general anywhere. Yes, it is convenient, but we advise you to wake up a conservative in yourself and take a closer look at training in Internet marketing courses. First, a personal conversation with the teacher and a timely question will put everything in its place in your head. Before the class starts and during breaks, you can consult on your own project, this is very valuable. Secondly, networking and connections – usually, the group gathers specialists from different fields and markets: here they find new jobs, clients and partners, and test product hypotheses. Third, forcing yourself to study at home is very difficult, almost impossible. Although if you are far from Chennai, there is no other option and it is better to study online than to stay behind the digital marketing that is floating away from you.

Please remember that if you do not like who teaches you and how, you can cancel the contract at any time and request a refund of the full amount, justifying your claim. Here it is, the power of the document!

10. Study Materials

The training will pass, but the knowledge and skills should remain, or rather be fixed at you. Of course, without practice and repetition, they will be forgotten. Therefore, it is important that the school provides all presentations and workbooks after training. It’s free because you’ve already paid for it.

Good online marketing courses make sure that you still have access to mentors at the end of the course. Once you make friends with them on Facebook, you will find reliable partners for your projects on the Internet, and you will be able to receive new cases and life hacks almost daily. And this is actually a continuation of training from professionals, but already for free!

In conclusion, we will summarize the checklist, according to which you can now easily evaluate any online marketing courses

1. Educational experience in digital marketing
2. The balance of disciplines on the topics and hours
3. The quality of teachers and experts
4. Qualifications of an Internet marketer
5. Social media accounts
6. Reviews of online marketing courses
7. The cost and terms of payment
8. Whether there is a signed agreement
9. Face-to-face and online formats
10. Availability of study materials

When choosing courses on Internet marketing, put down the points based on these criteria and go to study with the leader of the rating. Good luck!



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