Today, many companies are striving to promote their own brand in social networks. 

But, unfortunately, most do not think about the strategy, do not think through their own steps and content in detail, but simply create communities and are confident that this will bring them fame and increase sales.

Since there are nuances in promoting the company, let’s talk about them! How to avoid mistakes when promoting on social media and conduct an SMM campaign?

Set the Right goals

The main mistake at the start of the SMM campaign is the incorrectly set goals! First, you need to answer a number of questions:

  • For whom do you create your representative offices in social networks?
  • What tasks should they help you solve?
  • What results do you want to achieve?
  • What content will you publish? etc.

“Social networks are not for our company!”

There are companies that believe that social networks are not for them. Yes, there really are industries (for example, container shipping, factories) in which it is difficult for companies to create their representative offices in social media. But, of course, you should not follow the trends, but decide for yourself what you expect from the promotion. In this situation, I would recommend creating communities for applicants and students, that is, building a strong HR brand.



We create and forget!

Many companies create and forget about their online representations. But social media is similar to search engine optimization in that you can’t just do it and forget it. If you want clients, partners and job seekers to stay with you, you must develop your content.

Working in social networks is hard work, but if everything is done correctly, then it is worth the effort.

SMM? Easy! I’m a “regular” in the social network… 

Another misconception is the fact that if you actively communicate in social networks, then you can easily conduct an SMM company. In fact, this requires experience, time and effort, sociability and quick wit.

By trusting a specialist, you can achieve your goals: create a good image of the company, increase the loyalty of the target audience. After all, it is the specialist who knows about the nuances and features of the sites, will develop a competent strategy and implement it, will receive the most effective results.

“The result is already in a month!”. But in reality? The leaders of many companies are sure that if they start conducting SMM campaigns, then they will get the result in a month. Unfortunately, this is not the case! You can talk about the results of work and effectiveness only 2-3 months after the start, in no case before.

Also one of the decisive factors is the content. If it is boring (monotonous news, lack of pictures, too obvious advertising), then no one will read it, and the participants will begin to leave your representations on social media. Content should be filled in accordance with the target audience, which is present in this social network. Therefore, it must be different.

“Participants” are also people. Pay attention to them!

Keeping your own representations in social media, do not forget about sociability! When a group has more than 10,000 participants, it takes a lot of time to communicate with them. It must be remembered: participants are living people, and they require attention.

The company is required to: respond to comments, thank for positive feedback, adequately and constructively respond to negative ones. If you stop monitoring the activity of participants, you can lose potential customers, partners, job seekers, and make the company’s image unattractive.

Jimmy Choo moved into the category of leaders in social networks thanks in large part to the 2010 advertising campaign conducted with Foursquare. Hundreds of women ran around London to get a new pair of shoes. The company used the platform to register in various fashionable places using Facebook and Twitter, and the first person in each section was awarded a pair of shoes. About 4,000 people took part in the pursuit, which was picked up by online media. According to company estimates, sales rose 33%.

So, analyze your experience in promoting your own brand in social media, be sure to not make any of the mistakes listed. And if this is not so, correct it. But in any case, I recommend contacting professionals. Good luck




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