Brand profile design on social networks is part of the company’s image. 

Every company should carry out a quarterly audit of brand social accounts – says Josh S. Peters, co-author of the book Twitfaced and Social Media Manager of The Search Agency. Only this approach will ensure that the content is properly optimized and that every aspect of social presence focuses on the brand.

In order to build a competent social business strategy and make the brand’s presence in social media more effective, according to Josh S Peters, it is necessary to carry out the following:

Perfect Design Element

It is necessary to ensure that the avatar and other images on the brand page are configured correctly, the data is entered correctly and all this together reflects your brand favorably. As for brand avatars, it is preferable to use the same image in all social media to ensure consistency. 

A good example can be found on the page Apple vacations on Facebook. The company uses the image of the apple, which has passed from the logo, but stylized in accordance with the theme and mood of the page on the social network.

Apple Vacations

Apple Vacations

Creating the main image of the profile, it is necessary to accompany it with a descriptive label, such as YourCompanyName png. It is extremely undesirable to use ordinary, not having image descriptions like ” small cropped profile image _3456789. png “. The picture will become a significant addition to the brand page SEO.

Keep in mind that company profiles on platforms such as Twitter are an ideal place for self-promotion. Therefore, wherever possible, you should embed links to all other social profiles of your brand in the page design.

Fill in all important sections

Profile, biography section, and descriptive fields are very important components from the point of view of SEO. Indeed, it is from these social pages that search engines pull data for snippets in SERP. In addition, these sections are primarily viewed by users to learn more about the company.

Facebook About Section

The About section often attracts the attention of users, and many would be interested to read information about the development of the company over the years. However, not everyone can find a link to this section, and even more so to a completed block.

The profile, sections of the biography and other data should contain all the necessary information about the brand. The texts of these pages should contain keywords relevant to your business. For example, if a brand belongs to the field of interior design, search engines and social media search systems should find it by the corresponding keyword.

It is necessary to ensure that phone numbers, dates, prices and email addresses are current and the same in all sections where they are indicated.

By the level of audience engagement on the brand pages on social networks, you can easily and quickly assess whether a company spends enough time and effort interacting with its subscribers. Regularly monitoring the level of engagement of the brand page’s audience, you should make a list of all the possible problems that impede its maximization, and gradually find effective ways to solve them.

Brand pages on various social platforms should be systematically checked for additional opportunities to engage the audience. In particular, if significant questions from users are discovered on the walls, they should be answered directly on the wall, or by sending personal messages. Only this should be done slowly, carefully considering the only correct answer.

It is necessary to periodically monitor social networks in order to study brand reviews. When monitoring brand reputation on social networks, you should drive inquiries consisting of the name of the company and the words “ love ” / “ hate ”.

To ignore sites and pages on social networks containing negative brand reviews is not profitable. By the same request, potential customers/consumers can easily find them.

Summarizing the data obtained as a result of monitoring the reputation of the brand on the Web, it is necessary to formulate the main topics that you should definitely answer in the blog on the official pages on social networks or during the advertising campaign. If the budget allows, you can transfer all of the above work to the shoulders of social monitoring agencies.

Josh S. Peters did not make any discoveries in his article, but once again reminded everyone that it would be time to finally fill out the “ About the Company ” section on Facebook and make a link between the brand accounts in various social networks. 



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