While it may seem strange that your web hosting setup can affect your search engine rankings, this is something that you should always ensure works to your best interest.

Does Web Hosting Affect SEO

First, you should make sure that your web host’s servers are fast and dependable and will not have downtime. If a search engine spider attempts to visit your site and finds that it is down, don’t expect the spider to wait for your serer or to put you on some sort of priority list to respider; instead, it will simply go elsewhere and spider sites that are up. Excessive downtime can even lead to your site being dropped from a search engine index.

Spiders are extremely busy little programs and really don’t have as much time as they would like to find and visit pages. Consider that Google has more than 130 Trillion pages in its index, and if a spider spent only five seconds finding and spidering each page it would take more than 15,000 spiders to completely read and index each of those pages once a month.

For this reason, spiders don’t want to read pages that haven’t changed since they last visited them, and thus use a device called an if-modified-since request (get) when asking for a page which it is interested in. This in effect asks has this page been modified since this date? A properly set up server will understand and process this request properly, compare the file date it has with the date given, return a 300 not modified response if the file date is older or return the page itself if it is not. This device can save spiders considerable time and they reward sites that respond properly by spidering more pages from that site.

Search engines also like fresh content and thus sites that return fresh page information will be spidered more frequently.


There are several sites dedicated to providing information to searchers on the experience others have had with various web hosting companies,

These sites will also allow you to compare pricing and features so that you can more easily make value judgments when sourcing web hosting.

Do a search for web hosting reviews in Google should produce a list of such sites.

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