What first comes to mind when we think about how to increase traffic to the site? It is necessary to strengthen the activity of marketing in social networks, use SEO techniques, pay for contextual advertising …  Offline marketing works in real points of contact with living people. This is an undeniable advantage, and it must be used. It is necessary to stimulate potential customers from offline channels to find your company on the Internet.

Whenever you try to make your site more popular, the choice of effective internet marketing channels is our natural reaction. And there seems to be no other alternative. Far from it, internet marketing channels may not be enough.

There are many reasons for the lack of visits to the site. And although the webmasters provided for the development of the site taking into account SEO, and SMM experts set up the business page on social networks, but something was not implemented incorrectly.

Obviously, mistakes were made in the marketing strategy, the needs and interests of the target audience were not taken into account. And marketers have not explored the potential of offline marketing.

Small businesses today have many options available, the cost of which starts from “almost free” and ends with “very expensive”.

Simple Ideas on How to use Offline Marketing to Increase traffic

  1. Interviews in Print Media

Reporters are always interested in interesting stories and new heroes. When your company is on the rise, there is a wide selection of topics that can interest readers. It is important to find those publications that catch the eye of the target audience.

A quality publication will draw attention to your words. The goal is to create an image, stimulate the need to learn more about your business. Communication about yourself and your business should be carefully thought out and arouse keen interest.

Bonus: Each reputable publication has an electronic version of the magazine, which allows to increase coverage.

  1. Bus Advertising

Branding a bus is an attractive trick to make a statement about yourself. Such marketing can encourage people to visit your site on their smartphones as soon as they see what they are looking for. Of course, advertising design should be intriguing, and it should be associated with what you offer on the market.

  1. Advertising on Workwear

If you place the address of your website on the corporate uniform of your employees, this will definitely attract more attention. The natural curiosity of the audience will become the driver of the growth of additional traffic. Think about it. Such a simple idea will turn your employees into active participants in offline advertising.

  1. Advertising in Print Media, Television and Radio

Do people still read magazines? Absolutely right! Buying print media ads is a great way to get attention for your website. You need to choose a publication from those who are closest to your niche.

TV advertising also works well if you need to increase your reach. But this is one of the most expensive marketing channels. If the budget allows you to invest in this type of advertising, it is worth considering! You can also get the desired results from advertising on the radio. Yes, people still listen to the radio.

This idea may be for small businesses and is not shared by most marketers, but it is still able to generate traffic to the company’s website.

  1. Workshops and Presentations

Do you want to attract more visitors and turn them into buyers? You can warm them up by inviting them to seminars and presentations. Each such event offers consumers more knowledge and practical experience. You become an educator of the target audience for your commercial offers.

You can advertise seminars and presentations over the Internet or by sending invitations by email. You can also promote them locally by handing out flyers or invitations. The seminar itself will be real, and people who register on the site will come to you to study

  1. Outdoor Advertising

You can achieve increased traffic to the site by posting its address on the elements of outdoor advertising. Use stands, display cases, and windows. Include in your ad text mention of the best offer people can find on the site.

  1. Direct Mail

Direct mail still has the potential to attract customers. True, there are some drawbacks to this type of marketing: it includes prototyping, printing, and mailing itself. It costs money and it’s hard to track results. However, Direct Mail can be an insanely successful advertising campaign, if done right.

  1. Promotions

This is a classic option. People still love freebies. When they get the opportunity to try out your products, they gain proof of the quality you sell. Your promotion should begin with registration on the site and include support for a potential client.

  1. Exhibitions and Fairs

Direct contacts and communication with potential buyers will long remain the most effective method of communication. Visitors come to exhibitions because they are interested in goods and services. For them, needs and selection criteria have already been formed.

If your budget allows, participate in thematic exhibitions and fairs. This will help you build brand awareness and get useful contacts.

  1. Business Cards and Printed Materials

Whenever you meet someone, people usually ask what you do. Give them your original business card, and interest will lead them to your site.

The design of printed materials should be amazing. It should reflect the features of the business and contain contact details of the company.

  1. Awards

To build confidence in your business, enter contests and win rewards. Such success is causing keen interest not only among consumers but also among representatives of the press. Your contestants must be associated with the company name.

  1. Networking

Attend various themed events and stock up on business cards in advance. Communicating with people, you can talk about your brand almost for free. Be interesting to people, and you will notice that, information about you and your business will be searched on the Internet.

Do Not Miss out on Real Opportunities

We do not tell you to forget about online marketing and focus only on offline communication channels. That would be a crazy undertaking on our part!

However, adding classic marketing techniques to your overall strategy will definitely help improve your results. The main thing is not to stand still, constantly seek new opportunities and increase the effectiveness of proven strategies.

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