Live chat is an online customer service application used on websites to allow users to get live support and answers to their queries.

Off late, live chat has started appearing on many sites. But we need to understand whether it is warranted for?

Live chat can have a real impact and help to increase conversions on your website. One of my client has been using live chat on their website for over a year and I will like to share some of my thoughts and opinions on how it has helped them.

  1. Immediate response: Visitors to any website would like to get an immediate response rather than waiting for an email response. Live chat is a great way to avoid being put on hold for hours and lastly getting hung up.
  2. Ability to multi-task: Online Chat makes it easy to other tasks as well while chatting. This is useful if you are work and need to get certain tasks done at the same time.
  3. Efficient method of communication: Live Chat is quick, easy to use and you can communicate straight to the point.
  4. Faster & Better Communication: With email it is very difficult to communicate properly as there may be many round of back and forth communications. Due to this nature of email, this can take a lot of time and effort. With Live Chat, you are able to communicate with people in real-time and also get your answers immediately.
  5. Avoid awkward phone conversations: Allows people to find comfort in the screens that separate them from the person they are chatting with.

Benefits to businesses:

  1. Increased sales: Many studies have proven that Live Chat has a great influence on a company’s sales. A study found that live chat increases conversions by at least 30% and that the ROI rate is around 300$. The same report also states that customers who use live chat facility are three times more like to make purchases.
  2. Increase conversion rates: Providing users with more ways to get in touch with you, helps to increase conversion rates from your website. These chat setting can be modified so that users are required to enter their details before the start of a chat. This allows you to gain your customers details, so as to follow-up with them after the chat conversation.
  3. Improved customer service: Live Chat is a great form of customer service. A chat application allows you to solve problems faster, give quick answers about product/ services and also provide assurance to your customers. This is a simple and very effective way for improving both customer service and loyalty.
  4. Wean out issues/confusion on your website: There is a notion that whenever users tend to ask you questions over Live Chat, it could be an indication that your website does not have enough information as required by your customer.
  5. Competitive advantage: Although Live Chat is very popular, not all websites have adopted it yet which can give you an advantage over your competitors.
  6. Real-time insight into web visitors: In most Live Chat applications, you can how many users are on your website currently and what are the pages they have viewed. This gives you an insight on how your website is used and what are the popular pages which your users are viewing.
  7. Encourages conversation: The Live Chat application comes with features wherein you can view a list of users on your website at any given moment. This can be helpful if a user has been on your website for a longer time. The chat application has the ability to initiate conversations directly with the visitor.
  8. Customer convenience: Live Chat provides convenience and satisfaction to your customers.

Would I recommend it? Yes, highly recommended.

Since our client has installed Live Chat, they have been having an increase in leads. Many of the initial chat conversations have turned into new clients. It has also helped them to engage with current clients by answering any queries they have. Moreover, Live Chat is easy to use and manage.

If you are a business that provides either a service or products to customers, Live Chat can have real significance in both sales, customer service and customer satisfaction. Even if you want to trial it for a month or two, it is definitely worth it.