Companies are increasingly using online advertising to promote their business. The share of expenses on online communication channels with the consumer is growing, and this increases the role of the quality of those web products that provide direct profit or conversion.

Look carefully at each of the tools used: contextual advertising, and media placement, and SEO promotion, and Social Media Marketing, and digital PR,  ultimately, it should lead the user to the target web page, where the targeted action for the advertiser will be carried out: a call, an online application, a subscription or an electronic purchase right away.

It turns out that the effectiveness of the entire considerable budget that the advertiser spends on Internet activity is tied to the conversion rate of a specific landing page, to which ads, banners, and direct links lead.

This situation is well illustrated by the so-called communication funnel. Online advertising channels alone are not sales tools. They only generate inbound streams to the landing page on which the conversion should take place.

communication funnel


If the landing page is made with gross violations of internal logic, is overloaded with distracting information, has no clear message, is not usable, in the end, then it will become the “narrow neck” of the communication funnel in particular and the entire advertising campaign as a whole. Even if the number of users attracted to the page meets expectations, the actual conversion from it and, accordingly, the profit will be minimal.

For your online advertising campaign to be effective, you need to carefully consider not only the “entry points” for the audience but also the usability of those web products that will be the core of your online communications.

Advertisers traditionally understand “web products” as corporate sites, online stores, and portals. These are large-scale full-fledged solutions that perform a wide range of functions: from electronic commerce to the company’s online presence and image. If you make the main page of the online store rich in information as the landing page of your advertising campaign, the user will begin to plunge into a complexly structured catalogue and may eventually leave without having performed any action. If you select the main page of a corporate site as the landing page, the user will also not understand what you want from him and will explore the site in accordance with his internal needs.

Where is the mistake?

On the main pages of large Internet solutions, goals are usually numerous and blurry: they are not focused until a clear call is made to take some action. In fact, the main page is the same “entry point” to the site, and the conversion itself is carried out already on the checkout pages or contact page.

If you are planning a comprehensive advertising campaign on the Internet, keep in mind that the landing page must be specially designed for this advertising campaign. You can not save on this fundamental link, which will generate the final conversion.

Landing page development (or landing pages) is intermediate between the web production and advertising industries. On the one hand, the developer must have high competence in the field of web production, design and usability expertise in order to make a product with high conversion. On the other -it should be savvy in terms of knowledge of the advertising strategy in order to clearly represent the audience for which the product is made, especially the advertising channels through which users will go to the landing page, positioning the customer and his competitors. The landing page should hit exactly the points of perception that are specific to this category of products and their consumers.

Thus, web products are gradually becoming part of the overall advertising market, and web studios are assimilating with online advertising agencies.

website designer creative planning

If you are advertising a product, you must show it, if the service is the situation of its use or the benefits it provides. In our case, this is the use of special technologies that allow you to install windows even at very low temperatures, avoiding freezing of the room.

In general, the page should be concise and prompt at the same time. Important: it should look like a continuation of advertising with which the user contacts through another communication channel.

Usability design plays a critical role in developing a working landing page. The location of the elements should be intuitive, the information should be readily and without distortion, the wording in the text should be clear and unambiguous, the signatures on the buttons should be short and clear.

Compliance with these simple rules will ultimately increase the effectiveness of the entire advertising campaign and make efforts to drive traffic to the target resource appropriate.



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