The promotion of a medical site is a specific matter. The current legislation provides an extensive list of requirements for advertising of a medical nature, but it is difficult to impose restrictions on promotion on the Internet. Before you start a campaign on the Internet, you should know the basic principles of promoting medical sites. Unfortunately, few SEO experts have such information: in order to understand the mechanism of promotion of the portal, one needs to have relevant experience.

SEO specialists have already managed to repeatedly prove their ability to work even with the most complex orders, we ready to share with you several secrets of work. Let’s start with the basics.

Categories of medical sites:

  • Private and public clinics and laboratories.
  • Online pharmacies.
  • Pharmacology manufacturers sites.
  • Medical journals.
  • Medical b2b portals (wholesale of medicines, supplies, equipment).
  • Informative social projects (informative sites on AIDS, oncology, as well as other diseases and developmental peculiarities).

The type of portal determines the ways of its promotion. The main mission of the site promotion specialist is to attract the target audience and get it in one way: high-quality thematic content.

Requests for promoting a medical site can be:

  • Informational.

Such requests are driven into the search lines by potential customers of medical centres and online pharmacies. Users are interested in diseases (most often we are talking about symptoms of ailments and methods of treating them) and medications (methods of administration, dosage, side effects and, importantly, analogues).

  • Commercial.

For medical sites, this list of requests is very wide: requests can not only contain the words “price”, “cost” and “buy”, but also be devoted to recording a consultation with a specialist or reviews of the procedure (often they indicate the name of the institution and even name of the doctor).

The difficulty of promoting such sites is an abundance of controversial requests. To determine what is in front of you, a commercial or information request is often almost impossible – you need to analyze the issuance for each of them.

IMPORTANT: it is possible to form the semantic core of a site on a medical subject using a large number of low-frequency queries – narrowly professional or regional.

5 best practices to promote medical websites:

1. Social networks (maintaining the public allows you to conduct a direct dialogue with the audience – answer user questions, share clinic news and developments in the industry).

2. Linking to third-party resources (most reputable sites impose severe restrictions on medical publications, which greatly complicates the use of this method), as well as contextual advertising and blogging.

3. Register in online directories (choose non-spammy directories, which can be judged by the indexing of the leading search engines, trust and the correspondence of external and internal links).

4. A well-thought-out structure of the site (the presence of a feedback form, sections with patient reviews, biographies of specialists, a list of services and prices, the ability to ask a specialist and make an appointment online, the presence of directories on the site is an up-to-date article on diseases and drugs).

5. Maintaining a reputation (tracking feedback and comments about the organization).

As you can see, to take the medical website to the top, attract and, most importantly, keep the audience, it will take a lot of work. The best solution would be to invite an SEO specialist who can sensibly organize the entire process of working on the project.




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