I am not insisting on the super-truth of what you are about to learn about your brand. But it has been tested in practice on real people, and it works effectively.

How do I start creating a personal brand? To become a sufficiently famous person, you must have:

  1. Results
  2. Coverages

The main thing is not how many people know about you, but how many people will see your results is critical. For example, you have promoted a YouTube channel to 100 thousand subscribers — this is a good result, which lashes out doubtful people. It is a result with which you can not argue. It is visible, felt, and checked.

Or another example, you may not have a promoted YouTube channel, but you have expert video clips. IT is also the result of a personal brand. Or articles on specialized websites where you share your subjective specialist opinion on a particular issue.

The more people see you, the stronger the personal brand effect. It sounds corny, but this error occurs in every second person. For example, there may be great coverage but no results. Or Vice versa, there are results but no scope. It is not bad for your brand.

Personal brand trends in 2021

  • People’s attention is scattered to a large number of sources
  • The critical factor is the ” Depth of warming up ” of the target audience.

Now the maximum level of warming up in the car is reached:

  • non-standard texts are written in your style
  • expert videos,
  • books
  • podcasts
  • live entertainment
  • storytelling

Why is this important for your brand?

Those who created public posts in 2015 or earlier gained an audience without much effort. The competition was much lower then. There was no need to overcome the obstacles that need to be overcome to build a personal brand. People had a lot of attention. There was a high coverage for any of the content. Then there was not such a vast amount of information as now.

For example, in the social network “Facebook,” anyone could instantly become the leader of opinions because no one else.

However, now the situation is the opposite. The effectiveness of a personal brand needs to keep the audience’s attention. How long has the person been in direct contact with you? If we take YouTube, then by default, there is this metric, which allows us to evaluate the quality of the video.

This parameter has become a key one in all other social networks. Thus, your task is to produce content that will hold the viewer’s attention until the very end. Your job is to use the tools that allow you to achieve high retention. What are these tools?

Retention tools

The first one. These are original texts written in their language, which break down old cliches and popular speech models. This skill comes with practice. You need to write a lot and read a lot of others. Original texts are put off in the head for a long time.

Second. Video clips outperform texts in the retention parameter. However, few people watch long videos to the end. If the video is an hour-long, it is better to break it into several small ones. The ideal time is 10-15 minutes for educational content. On Youtube, there is organic traffic, and these are people interested in watching rather than the audience that comes from advertising. The ad retention rate is meager.

Third. There is nothing more powerful to enhance your brand than publishing your book. Books have an incredibly high degree of attention retention. Books are reread even several times, returning to specific chapters. When you have written a post, it is read for one minute. However, when you have written a book, the person will be in touch with you for several hours and days. No other channel traffic will not be able to boast of such a high degree of retention. The book increases the brand’s status. People who write, readers, writers, and poets have always been valued. 

Fourth. For the same reason, it’s fantastic to work with live performances. If a person came to the event, it is unlikely that they will leave the hall in the middle of the lecture. Even if it is a webinar on the Internet, the retention rate is still high.

Fifth. Storytelling or serialization. It is when each subsequent post follows from the previous one. Scenario crafting is complex, but this skill will be in the price for a very long time, and it is unlikely that it will ever be devalued. Because experts who pump up a personal brand first of all write cases and good stories are written according to the script.

For example, in the series “Game of Thrones,” more and more people watched until the end of each new season. And the final season gathered a record number of viewers. The secret is that the series was based on a book, and its author participated in the creation.

Please note that webinars with a specific date hold your attention much better than spontaneous live broadcasts. 

Personal brand books

  1. Personal Branding for Dummies Author: Susan Chritton
  2. Branding Pays: The Five-step System to Reinvent Your Personal Brand Author: Karen Kang
  3. Branding Yourself Author: Erik Deckers
  4. Reinventing You, With a New Preface: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future Author: Dorie Clark
  5. Building a Story Brand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen Author: Donald Miller
  6. Talk Triggers: The Complete Guide To Creating Customers with Word of Mouth Author: Jay Baer and Daniel Lemin
  7. Influencer: Building Your Brand in the Age of Social Media Author: Brittany Hennessy

Channels with maximum coverage

  • Social networks, personal pages, public posts, and channels
  • Mailing lists to messengers and channels
  • TV
  • Publishing a paper book
  • Advertising
  • Seeding content on content sites, media outlets, and forums

Why is Priyanka Chopra so famous? And other media personalities? Because they are constantly present on TV and the radio. Or they continuously perform live at various shows, concerts, movies, and training sessions. In this way, they stay in contact with the viewer for a long time. 

So, now let’s go to the step-by-step instructions for creating a personal brand.

Eight stages of creating a personal brand

Step 1. Entry point

We use some channels, such as a personal page on Instagram. Next, you need to understate. For example, everyone does SMM, but only a few people do SMM for real estate. Everyone sets up a target, but only a few people set up a mobile app target.

Step 2. Creating content

A personal brand is impossible without contentContent can be not only an expert but also personal. You must dilute expert content with unique content. Create expert content based on the real needs of your audience. To do this, analyze customer comments, feedback, and questions. For example, how do I build a sales Department? How to find a target audience? How do I become an SMM Manager?

But the most effective content is cases. And not only successful but also failed. The specifics of the cases are essential, such as the cost of advertising, CPC, ROI, bid price, setup time, pitfalls, failed attempts, and so on. Video lessons, instructions, or experiments are also suitable. Express your opinion on news and events related to your topic. For example, hide Instagram likes. It is news. Write your dissenting opinion on this issue.

Many approaches creatively tell you what’s going on inside your business, behind-the-scenes moments, and the whole inside story. Tell your clients ‘ accounts and work on their mistakes.

Well goes the dilution of professional content with life hacks for personal effectiveness and self-development. It is something that will be interesting to any person engaged in business. 

More ideas for creating content:

  • Removing objections
  • Interviewing the media
  • Leaking classified information
  • Broadcasting reviews
  • Debunking myths
  • Arguing with other experts
  • Reacting to youtube comments

Step 3. Advertising

Enable ads immediately: target, teasers, context, or promo posts. Content for your brand is useless if there are no ads. There is no place without advertising. Previously, it was possible to create a personal brand without advertising because it worked organically. But now, it is no longer possible to grow organically, as was said above, due to scattered attention.

Step 4. Consulting

At this stage, new people will be active. Help them:

  1. Answer questions, advise and recommend them.
  2. Communicate for free.
  3. Don’t miss the activity data.

Sometimes comments can give you order even if the words are placed with competitors. Because an expert, honest and direct opinion is always appreciated.

Step 5. Events

  1. Conduct free webinars and seminars with valuable information.
  2. Hold paid events
  3. Live broadcast with answers to questions
  4. Participate in specialized conferences
  5. Non-standard ideas

Forget about selling webinars if you are pumping a personal brand. A selling webinar considerably lowers your level in the eyes of your audience.

Step 6. Lighting Up

When your brand has gained weight, it’s time to start shining a light. You can express your opinion on third-party sites. Participate in private chats. Make references to authorities.

Step 7. Book

At some point, you will accumulate a vast amount of experience and content and can quickly put it into a book. The weakest and easiest option is to create it yourself in an electronic PDF file. The best option is to publish the paper version through a publisher.

Among other things, the publisher helps with distribution by increasing the reach and strength of the personal brand. The paper version gives authority to the author’s name. A paper book has a closer connection with the reader and a higher rate of attention retention.

The most important thing is that the book should be USEFUL!

Step 8. Community

As the brand grows, it gradually becomes more like-minded. You need to support this and arrange offline meetings. Brainstorming sessions, gatherings in cafes with subscribers. You can create a closed club. At some point, your community members will start creating additional content for you.

That’s about it. Good luck. Write in the comments your secrets of promotion and promotion of your brand.




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