Let’s consider the problems that can be avoided using dedicated hosting for WordPress.

In this article, we will explain the differences between the most popular types of web hosting.


Different Types of Website Hosting

There are five types of hosting:

  • Shared hosting – the site is hosted on a virtual server along with other resources. This is the cheapest option. But other sites hosted on the server can adversely affect your Internet resource.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) – A shared server with isolated space for each site.
  • Dedicated hosting – the site is hosted on one physical server. Allows you to not worry about the impact of other sites. But this type of hosting is expensive.
  • Cloud hosting – multiple servers work as one big one. Cloud hosting is effective for handling large volumes of traffic. However, you only pay for the place you use.
  • Managed WordPress hosting hosting provider performs some settings and technical support for the site.

Common Problems That You Can Avoid Using Dedicated Hosting

Next, we’ll look at a few issues that you can avoid by choosing dedicated hosting:

1. Security threats from other sites and obsolete files

You can risk placing your site on a shared server. Performance and security issues on other sites can affect your site.

Placing a site on a dedicated server eliminates these threats. In addition, as part of this service, the client receives an automatic update of WordPress. Regularly updating the CMS  is essential to maintaining a high level of site security.

2. Poor site performance

Located on a common server, your site shares server capacities and space with other resources. This slows down its operation since the server works with a large number of requests from users.

A slow site is rarely successful. Therefore, using a dedicated server is a wise investment. It also solves the downtime problem. Huge traffic spikes are possible on neighbouring sites that overload the server and affect your site.

3. Difficulties with site restoration

You always need to create backup copies of the site so that you can quickly restore it. But this process can take a lot of time if you use shared virtual hosting.

Dedicated hosting with automatic backup service speeds up the recovery process.

Hosters who provide this service sometimes also offer one-click site recovery options. That allows you to quickly resume your site in case of a serious problem.

4. Not enough room for the growth of the site

Over time, the site grows and develops. All this requires new virtual areas that are not on the shared virtual server. You will also need a server that can handle the increase in the volume of processed traffic.

5. Lack of full-scale technical support

Most hosting providers offer minimal support. But hosting providers that provide WordPress-specific features and services are more qualified. Therefore, they can help you in case of an error in WordPress.


Dedicated hosting for WordPress solves the following problems:

  1. Security threats from other sites and obsolete files.
  2. Poor site performance.
  3. Difficulties with site restoration.
  4. Disk space shortage.
  5. Lack of support for fixing bugs and other problems.



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