Evaluating the page quality

Google ranking factors: Last year, Google published a lengthy document outlining what is taken into account when evaluating the quality of your search site. To create a web page quality rating, Google evaluates the following important ranking factors:

  • Quality and quantity of the main content;
  • Information about the website itself and who is responsible for it;
  • The reputation of the website;
  • Expert evaluation, credibility and reliability.

In addition to the amount of content, let’s explore the remaining three elements: trust, authority, and expert opinion.


How can I identify an authoritative site? An authoritative site is a site that is trusted. It is trusted by its users, specialists in its field of activity, other sites, and search engines. The power of your authority ultimately comes down to the power of your website’s content.

There are also many other sections of the site where you can build trust and authority. For commercial sites, this ranking factor is most important for Google.

Site architecture

Your site needs a logical architecture. The homepage should be available at all times, and all categories and subcategories should be grouped thematically in the main navigation section.

An easily accessible search box will help users work on the site and make it easier to search for more specific information. If the user can’t find a particular page, make sure that your search results offer them something that is at least somewhat appropriate.

All categories of your site should be accessible from the main menu to increase Google’s ranking factors. All its pages must be marked with the appropriate category.


Your site should have a quick-to-find “Contact us” page with the appropriate amount of contact information: email, company address, and work phone number.

The information on your contact page must match your WHOIS data. For sites with commercial themes, this ranking factor is vital for both Google and Bing.

The “About Us” page that explains the purpose of the site includes its history and information about the owners and key managers. This information helps increase the trust in your site.

Each web page should clearly indicate who is responsible for it (whether it is a private person, organization, or publisher), as well as who is the author of the content on that page.


If you own a business, then it’s a good idea for you to start blogging on your site. This will not only ensure that you always have fresh content, but it will also bring repeated visits and get your site in search queries. In addition, it will show your business as reliable and up-to-date.

User reviews and recommendations that you have uploaded to the page yourself will most likely be ignored by Google’s page rating system.

Instead, Google pays attention to third-party expert ratings from independent sources, such as reviews, background information, and news articles. Recommendations from professional communities are regarded as clear evidence of your positive reputation.

A small number of negative reviews on your page will not do much damage to your rating, especially if you have thousands of positive ones. The content of customer reviews is usually checked, not the actual rating itself.

At the same time, let’s make it clear that at the first sign of increasing negativity in customer reviews, you will definitely need to review your work with customers.

You should include a section on “Terms of service and privacy policy” explaining your use of cookies.

Opinion of experts

If you have the intention to make your site expert, then you just need experts writing for you, even if your site is about entertainment or a fashion blog.

A few examples to use from Google:

  1. High-quality medical advice should be provided by individuals or organizations with appropriate medical experience or accreditation. Medical advice or information should be written in a professional style and should be edited, reviewed and updated on a regular basis.
  2. High-quality web pages with advice on issues such as a home renovation or parenting are also only possible if they are written by “experts” or authoritative sources that will inspire trust in users.
  3. High-quality pages about Hobbies, such as photography or learning to play the guitar, can also get the opinions of reputable experts.



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