Reciprocal linking involves finding and exchanging links with other websites in an effort to increase traffic and rankings. While the strategy is relatively simple there are a few areas where you should exercise caution:

  • You should always make sure that the site that you are exchanging links with is linking back to you with a link that the search engines will honour. Links done with Javascript, CGI, or which include the nofollow tag will not be counted as links to your site.
  • Make sure that your linking partner continues to link with you as there are those that will put up a link to your site and then once your reciprocate will take their link down.
  • There are cases of people linking with 302 redirects which may cause Google to assume that your page belongs to the other party.
  • Check the PageRank of the page you are linking to. If the page shows a PR0 it could be because of its a new page, or it could be a page that Google has penalized. Check it out before you link.

In general, while it may be a good idea to do reciprocal linking to increase your traffic and provide interesting links to your viewers, the bottom line is at this point that the only thing that really matters much with regards to reciprocal linking is the anchor text that is pointing to your page. This could possibly change in the future or it might not.

How To Find Reciprocal Links

The biggest problem many webmasters experience is where and how to find reciprocal links. There are many ways of doing this, among them are:

Reciprocal links can be a valuable asset to your site and your rankings but they are not always easy to come by and often represent a large investment of time.


Reciprocal links often do not help webmasters as much as they should because the links are most often not formatted in a way that will help your search engine rankings.

If you are asking for a text link you need to make sure that you specify the anchor text you would like together with the URL. A good idea is to provide the webmaster with a snippet of code that he can simply copy to provide a link formatted as you wish it to be.

If you are asking for a graphic link it is important that there is text in the alt tag similar to that you would use for anchor text. Again a snippet of code that calls the graphic from your site and is ready formatted may just be the difference in getting a link or not







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