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Market your blog

Launching your online journal is one issue however creating it visible to the globe is another. Let’s have a glance at however we are able to use social media, email, content and search engines to promote your cool new journal.


Twitter is often underestimated and you need to use tools to help you reach its potential. Twitter needs tools to help you manage and control the tweets. These are the tools I use and that I also recommend.

  • Socialoomph – Professional Edition: This allows me to do a range of tasks including scheduling, publishing recurring tweets and auto-follow back and that save me about 40 hours a week.
  • Hootsuite: This is an essential tool for managing Twitter and other social networks by allowing you and your teams to efficiently track conversations and measure campaign results.
  • Tweepi: This is the tool I use to help me build my Twitter followers.
  • Twitterfeed: This tool allows me to share bloggers content I trust without having to manually tweet their latest blog posts. An awesome time saving tool that adds valuable content to my Twitter stream.
  • TwitterCounter: Allows you to see at a glance how many Twitter followers you have added over the last month or even 6 months.
  • TweetAdder: This enables you to do Twitter  marketing and promotion that works within the rules of Twitter



Facebook is the largest social network on the planet. Here are some tools and resources to get you going places.

  • Heyo’s free contest builder helps you capture emails from Facebook with drag and drop contests you can customize without coding. Typical conversion rates on Heyo contests are 10%-25%.
  • ShortStack: This “App” allows you to create custom Facebook pages without having to be a programmer.



LinkedIn is “the” social network if you are a professional and want to connect to people within your industry or areas of interest. With over 220 million users I also find it an effective traffic driver for my blog with it being the second largest source of traffic after Twitter.



According to Reuters, Pinterest has amassed 48.7 million users since its inception three years ago and a study by SimplyMeasured reveals that 69 of the world’s top 100 brands now have Pinterest accounts. Pinterest has been shown to drive more traffic to sites and create more revenue than Facebook.

Email Marketing

If there is one thing you should implement on your blog and website from day one, it is building an email list. You own it and can use it to reach prospects and customers at anytime.

Here are some email marketing platforms that are proven, robust and will increase your marketing effectiveness.

  • AWeber: Is the Email marketing and auto-responder that I use for this blog and has a large range of features that can be used by affiliate marketers, bloggers and website owners.
  • MailChimp: This is an easy to use email marketing platform that is cost effective and easy to get up and running fast.
  • Exact Target: They have many features for the email marketer for the more advanced user. Their platform(s) include not just email but social media marketing tools for Facebook.

Content Marketing

Content is the foundation of any online marketing strategy.  Learn how to create and market your content to engage with your customers, whether that is articles, , images or videos.

  • Content Marketing Institute: Joe Pulizzi has put together a focused resource and blog that will keep you on top of your content marketing needs
  • Hubspot:  One of the original and still one of the best inbound marketing software providers and blogs on the planet. Their software helps over 9,000 marketers generate traffic leads and manage their online sales funnel. They were one of the primary inspirations for starting my blog.

Search Engine Marketing

Getting traffic from Google or other search engines for free is worth gold.  Use these resources to identify what keywords and phrases are driving traffic to your blog or website. You can also use them to find the which words you should be using in your content and posts.

Other Resources

These two sites are where I go to on a regular basis to keep up to date on SEO.


  • Google Analytics: This free tool should be loaded onto every website/blog to measure what phrases that are currently driving traffic to your site.
  • Google Adwords Keywords Tool: This free tool from Google helps you determine what keywords potential customers are searching and the demand level for those words.


Copyblogger: They have been a site that I have used for years and read often. The Copyblogger name says it all and it started as website and blog about copywriting. Today it is much more and is a great portal for content marketing, SEO copywriting, Email marketing, Keyword research and Internet marketing in general.

Product Distribution

When you have created and packaged your online courses and ebooks you need to get some distribution apart from your own website.

Make Money From Your Blog

  • Infolinks: Is one of the largest monetization platforms in the world, helps more than 200,000 publishers worldwide to create additional revenue from their unused ad space, with a suite of advanced ad units powered by real time intent targeting.
  • E-Junkie: They provide a shopping cart and secure system to let you sell your downloadable products such as an eBook, software or an online course.
  • Clickbank: Helps you monetize your knowledge and audience and is one of the biggest on the planet
  • Commission Junction: Another well recognised product distribution network that allows you to reward people for selling your online products


Need help with blog or website design, development or other technical help? Need to design and format an eBook then these two sites provide the access to tens of thousand of contractors worldwide that are very cost effective.

General Design & Development

These are two I have used regularly that are easy to use and very cost effective.


When you need to create a memorable brand then designing a logo , web page or even a mobile app design that stands out form the crowd is crucial. This site provides design options in a competition format.
  • 99 Designs – This is a great design focused site for logos, web design, business card design, mobile app design and much more.

Virtual Assistants and Staff

The social web and global economy allows you to find resources, expertise and skills anywhere. Sometimes you want to concentrate on the strategic and important tasks without handling the day to day bits and pieces.
Here is a great resource to find the  right virtual assistant of staff member


On a visual web having striking images and photos are vital here are 3 sites that I use for finding those images that create a great visual impression.

  • Bigstock Photo: This is a paid service but has a huge library with many in high definition.
  • Shutterstock: Again you will pay for their images but they have a library of millions of images and photos
  • Flickr: This site is where I use to get access to free photos under the creative commons licence that allows you to use photos with attribution
If you need to create a screen shot that you can edit then I highly recommend the software SnagIt by TechSmith. I use this almost every day to show key elements on websites and tools in a visual format in my posts.


If you want to create great online videos by recording your screen so that you can turn a PowerPoint presentation to a video or walk someone through how to do something online then Camtasia is a great software tool to do that.

It is available for the PC and the Apple Mac