The importance of good copywriting is not limited to traditional print media, good copywriting is needed anytime you have a written message to put across.

SEO Copywriting is the art of creating a subtle flow of words that put across a message to a target audience in order to influence their thinking or provide them with information, while at the same time appealing to the ranking algorithms of search engines.

Good SEO copywriting necessarily holds the reader’s attention while conveying useful information about your product or service with the expectation of creating a greater interest in them. A good SEO copywriter should never forget how easy it is for the reader to click to another page if you cannot hold their interest.

A good SEO copywriter will always keep the target audience in mind and SEO copywriters are fortunate in that they know that readers delivered to them as the result of a search are interested in the page topic and are interested in the topic to start with. Credibility also plays a role in SEO copywriting, so never promise more than seems logical or than you can deliver.

What is Search Engine Copywriting?

Search Engine Copywriting or SEO copywriting is constructing text on the web page in such a manner that it appeals to both the viewer and to the Search Engines. Search Engine Copywriting is a specialized field that optimizes your site content so that search engines tend to rank your site higher when keywords related to your business are searched. Search Engine Copywriting helps your page by improving your page text so that:

  • it ranks highly in the search engine results using high traffic keywords specifically related to your page.
  • focuses the reader’s attention and helps to convert readers to buyers

One might question the need for Search Engine copywriting especially when they already have great copy on their website. The fact is that sometimes even the finest copy by the professional copywriters will not generate the rankings on the search engines that you had hoped for.

Search Engines and SEO Copywriting

Many websites have a high degree of dependency on Search Engines like Google to get traffic. Search Engines collect information from websites and match this with the keywords searched by a user looking for relevant information on different topics. If the Search Engine algorithms detect a close match on relevant search terms, your page is likely to be ranked higher. It is therefore important, from an SEO perspective, to have keywords strategically appearing in the text of your site. Search Engine Copywriting as mentioned earlier is writing for these Search Engines, in order to bring higher rankings, quality traffic and a greater potential for sales. Interestingly, a nicely done job makes the copy even more appealing to human visitors.

Outsourcing Copywriting

Not everyone has the ability to write great copy, and not all good copywriters can write great SEO text. If in doubt hire a professional SEO copywriter.


There are many aspects of optimizing your site for high rankings. If you have a small site or only need rankings on less than ten search terms, then our fixed price option may work for you.

If you have a large site and/or want to rank well on many competitive search terms, then a monthly program will ensure that your site is continually tweaked to ensure the best rankings. Since search engines may take some time to rank your site based on your new pages we do not offer monthly contracts of less than three months.

It should be noted that new sites that need to rank well on competitive terms in Google are currently being subjected to a delay often referred to as the “Sandbox”. There are strategies for avoiding the sandbox but these still take time for new sites.

You may want to consider as a part of your SEO strategy including a managed Adwords campaign to get your pages before potential customers while waiting for your site pages to rank in Google searches.

Professional management of Adwords campaigns not only ensures that your pages are displayed where you want them to be but can save you money by formulating the campaign to ensure the best results at the lowest cost.



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