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Since 2015, SKARTEC SEO has established itself as the fastest-growing SEO company in Chennai. Marketing a business online involves more than putting together a flashy website. Having the most well-designed site in the world won’t get you very far if the right people can’t find it. 

The stratagem to this is to achieve a strong presence on the main search engines like Google, and the best way to get there is through effective search engine optimization or SEO. 

Most clients hire us after adverse experiences with less expensive solutions with “SEO Agencies.” We understand that price is always a factor. But when it comes to SEO, let me caution you, DO NOT MAKE MISTAKE GOING WITH THE CHEAPEST SOLUTION.” After all, you are investing in your business’s growth. 

Best SEO Company in Chennai.

It’s In Our Name. It’s In Our DNA.

If you are looking for the best SEO Company in Chennai, your search ends here! We are a Search Engine Optimization Expert by day and a digital marketer by night. Search engine optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural,” “organic,” or “earned” results. 

SKARTEC SEO is one of Chennai’s leading SEO companies. We are an agency based in Chennai, in the beating heart of India’s tech city. We work for businesses big and small: from internationally recognized brands, blue-chip companies, medium-sized and small, local businesses. Our carefully chosen team has vast experience across a wide range of sectors and industries, and our success rates are phenomenal: among the best in the industry. SEO Company Chennai, SEO service Chennai

SEO is optimizing a website so that search engines (mainly Google) will rank your website higher in search results whenever keywords relevant to your business are used in a search. We have helped companies throughout India, the USA, and beyond gain higher visibility in search engines. We are familiar with carrying out these practices from small to large companies.

A successful SEO strategy starts with a deep understanding of our client’s challenges, objectives, and target audience. Keeping our employee-client ratio low allows us to dedicate more time to each account, building an SEO strategy that aligns with your brand values and audience intent. 

We are specialists who continuously monitor keyword performance, industry trends, and the competitive landscape to quickly identify and act on opportunities as they emerge.

Are you looking for more organic web traffic? Are you interested in expanding your online business and bringing in more sales leads? The answer is online marketing through SEO. Increase your business’s visibility today through search engine optimization that gives the best results; Local SEO is vital in 2021 and beyond. 

If your website fails to appear in the search engine’s first or second-page results, it is invisible to 99% of web surfers. Let’s be honestEveryone wants to rank #1 on Google. The competition is fierce, but nothing SKARTEC’s SEO services can’t tackle. Read our post on SEO with a guarantee: Promises and the reality

We have extensive experience in delivering top SEO services in Chennai and across India. We focus on achieving long-term results through comprehensive SEO services. Our techniques ensure you won’t get a penalty from Google in the future because of an inappropriate shortcut.

We share your goals by aligning our success with yours.

We aim to win your trust by showing it in both the results and the insights on your online potential. We’ll help you get outstanding results and generate more customers. Our SEO Company in Chennai will get you top search results.

Not Just A Best SEO Company in Chennai.

Google is the most popular search engine for finding products, information, and services. To rank amongst the top results of Google and other search engines, SEO is imperative. 

If you are looking for a reliable SEO expert, SKARTEC SEO is here to help. Though many firms treat search engine optimization as a science, in our opinion, it is just as much of an art. We are happy to play the role of both an artist and a scientist. We look forward to what we can accomplish together and invite you to contact us whenever you need search engine optimization services.

As SEO Experts, we can help you reach your online goals to those searching for your business or services. Be careful of quick fixes, as they can harm your online profile and negatively affect your business. Your search engine optimization must be done correctly. Our SEO specialists ensure that your website will rank among the major search engine results with top results.

If you want to find success online and be noticed for your services, hiring us as your professional SEO company in Chennai will guarantee you the results you are looking for. 

91% of all clicks to websites happen on the 1st page of Google. Make sure you’re found at the top. Studies show that the top 3 websites dominate the traffic with 75% clicks and the first page of Google gets over 91% of all traffic. Traffic means customers, and customers mean cash!

SKARTEC is a SEO Mastermind

Best SEO Company in Chennai

Our SEO strategies are based on rigorous testing and insight – Not some SEO gossip! Get real-world future-focused SEO Services in Chennai. We believe in SEO and its power to take clients to places they never thought possible. SKARTEC is the best SEO Company in Chennai. We combine the individual attention you expect from a consultant with the scale you expect from an agency. We add in our original spin on digital PR. 


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We live in an online world, where having a web presence is critical. Your website is your shop front. It needs to entice your target customers and give them an incredible user experience. We have a vast amount of experience designing and developing mobile-friendly websites for clients, from simple brochure sites to complex eCommerce sites. Get a Free Website as a Bonus along with your SEO package.


Discover your website’s flaws with our SEO auditing service. Using our technical know-how and in-house technology, we can help your brand identify any issues that could impact your website’s rank. It is an essential step in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your website, how to fix them, and what possible opportunities are there for you.


One of the most cost-effective ways to increase sales is through organic search. Whether you are a well-established eCommerce store or a new business start-up, we can help you get ranked on the top pages of search engine results. Our SEO experts have the technical knowledge and skills to improve the visibility of your online store in searches.


SEO is all about making your brand known, and it is an area that we excel in here at SKARTEC SEO. We create and provide bespoke local SEO campaigns to our clients using various techniques, from creative to technical. One of our specialties lies in developing successful strategies for even the most competitive industries. Let us show you how we can take your business to the level you have always wanted.


Start selling your goods or services to customers overseas with international SEO services. International SEO provides a way to reach a global search audience, expanding your business presence to countries around the world. With global SEO from SKARTEC SEO, you can diversify your customer base and boost sales, leading to sustainable growth for your business.


Businesses need to work with a results-driven local SEO firm to generate solid sales leads and rank higher on the maps in their city. SKARTEC SEO gets the results your business deserves by optimizing your Google My Business listing (GMB), revamping your website linked to the GMB, and leveraging your local brand identity.

Tailored SEO Strategies Providing Opportunity For High ROI.

We believe that the future of marketing is digital and use a full range of digital marketing services to help maximize your online potential. Whether you sell to companies or consumers, more visibility means more leads and customers to your business.

Our organic paid and web services portfolio allows you to reach your target audiences wherever they are on the web.

We work with leading brands and prospering SMEs across many sectors, delivering tangible business benefits and a great ROI. SKARTEC understands that the actual value comes from building your brand and increasing leads and revenue to hit targets.

SKARTEC is proud to be a Top SEO Company in Chennai and is delighted that industry experts recognize this. If you want to find success online and be noticed for your services, hiring us as your professional SEO will guarantee you the results you are after.

The difference between a fancy SEO agency and us is that we provide a more personal approach. best SEO company in Chennai

Why Hire An SEO Expert?

As SEO consultants, we help businesses adapt to the increasing importance of online marketing. By optimizing your websites to appear at the top of search results, we work with our clients to raise brand awareness, generate leads, and find new customers. We can dramatically improve companies’ visibility in any industry through quick and straightforward changes to a website. SEO services in Chennai

Think about how you arrived on my website. The odds are that a search engine plays a central role in your journey. My website is carefully designed to perform well in search queries, picking out the keywords and specific phrasings that customers will use. So even with a minimal advertising budget, I attract a constant stream of business.

The exact ways and means of SEO that worked for my website will benefit yours, too, allowing you to achieve similar success at a minimal cost. SEO agency Chennai

I first discovered the power of search engine optimization ten years ago when I planned to start my own Digital Marketing Training. However, one class on “how to build a website” was enough to change the course of my career. I grew fascinated with the finer points of web marketing and began looking for opportunities to experiment with these skills. I knew I wanted to work in SEO and Internet Marketing. SEO packages in Chennai

An SEO Expert Who Builds A Profitable Partnership.

If you are struggling to gain traction in the search results, my trusted team of SEO specialists can help you realize your business goals. We create custom SEO strategies that get you to where you want to be. Before we do anything else – we listen. As your SEO Agency in Chennai, we understand that every business is different, and our first conversation will be to understand your business, your website, your customers & most importantly – your business goals.

Once we understand your business, we start crafting your SEO strategy. We will create a detailed report that highlights your current strengths and weaknesses and a complete attack plan to move forward most efficiently.

We love getting our hands dirty so you don’t have to, and while we focus on growing your search traffic, you can stay focused on your business. We will work through your plan of attack to improve your SEO weaknesses and double down on your strengths.

Every month we will send you a report that is focused on growth. We will show you where you made gains and what that means for your bottom line. We will show you what we have been working on and what we will be working on next to meet your goals.

The Client Experience

We have designed the client experience so that you can stay focused on your business worry-free. Our family of search specialists is here to take the hard work out of SEO for you. All we do is offer the best SEO services to make you and your business highlighted in search engine page rankings. We live and breathe SEO strategies and consistently watch over new SEO techniques to stay abreast of other competitors. We use the best SEO strategies to fit best the current search engine algorithms that will optimize your website.


Some clients want steady, measured growth, while others are scrambling to increase search rankings. And that’s OK, but different business goals (and niches) require different SEO strategies.


We will analyze your site to identify any problems and weaknesses that are holding you back. We will look at content, site structure, site speed, and a range of technical SEO factors while identifying quick-win opportunities.


Keyword research can make or break an SEO campaign. First, we find all keywords that will bring you the most significant benefits in the shortest amount of time while developing a complete keyword strategy to guide our campaign.


Once we understand your goals, have audited your site, and finished all of the keyword research – it’s time to put together a plan of attack. This is your custom blueprint for success that we will use to guide us through the campaign.


If you want to increase search traffic, you need to build a solid SEO foundation first. We will work with you to take care of all on-site issues to build a foundation that Google will love.


Link building is our specialty, and we take great pride in earning links from some of the top publications in the world. We will get links from real sites in your niche that may also drive targeted referral traffic.


Once search traffic & sales are flowing, we can improve on that with conversion rate optimization. We’ll take care of everything and can usually increase sales by tweaking a few elements on your site.


We will send you a report every month that is focused on growth and helps to track our progress. You’ll see what we’ve been working on, what we’ll be working on next, along with any adjustments we are making to improve the campaign.


We make your business stand out with innovative campaigns that engage. Social Media is the perfect tool to help your business connect with customers on a more authentic level. We deliver eye-catching videos, graphics, and campaigns that drive leads and builds awareness around your brand.

A Tailored And Unique Strategy For Every Client.

Our expertise means we are equipped to tackle all SEO requirements from site migrations through to international expansion. We believe that a jack of all trades is a master of none. We only do SEO that helps clients make more money from search engines. 

Even for marketing experts, SEO can be complex. It is especially true when it comes down to measuring the results. SEO has two main goals. One is to get the results we want, and another is to educate about fully understanding the information and statistics. SEO allows us to be more flexible in the work that we do. SEO company in Chennai, SEO service Chennai

Our flexible full SEO management services will ensure that your site gets what it needs. We understand that no one approach works for everyone. Your business is unique, and we offer the customized solutions that will make you stand out in your industry.

Your goals are the basis of our work. We will create an SEO strategy based on your goals and chart a path to higher search engine rankings. We understand that being the best doesn’t mean you can be the best. You have to be better.

We’ve worked with many clients, so we understand the problems and limitations of the job. Our experience and expertise make us well equipped to work with your team and grow your company’s traffic.

SEO Can Help Improve Your Online Business. 

We only focus on search engine optimization strategies that attract targeted leads that add value to your company’s bottom line. Working with us is like adding another member to your team. We collaborate with you to understand your objectives and put our efforts into achieving your goals. 

You know your business, and we see the search landscape. We know exactly how to research and optimize your web properties for niche keyword phrases.

Instead of looking around for business leads, Search Engine Optimization brings customers directly to you. Imagine when your potential customers search for the products/services you are offering and your website appears right before their eyes without having them scroll down too far or click on the following few pages; what are the chances of receiving a new business lead?

We are committed to full transparency with all clients and are always available to take your calls. The better we communicate, the easier it will be for me to identify and fulfill your goals. Your bottom line is our concern. We treat every business as if it was my own. SEO Company in Chennai

Best SEO Company In Chennai

Expert at providing top quality SEO services

If you want some “suit” who does basic one-size-fits-all SEO and then leaves you high and dry or offshores your work, that’s not me. If you want a real person who will treat you and your business as individuals and do everything within his power to help you have success, that is me.

In other words, we have stood in your shoes and understand where you are coming from. That fact alone really enables me to help you to better your business. The bottom line is that we are not the smartest, the best, the greatest, but the hardest working. We can guarantee you that nobody works harder in this industry.

We can also honestly say that our business experience far surpasses my competitors. We know the business. We know how to grow businesses. We love helping people achieve their goals, which we hope to do for you.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us, and we hope that you will give us the chance to get to know you and aid you in reaching your professional goals. Get in touch with the best SEO company in Chennai today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions that both current and prospective clients ask us!

What is SEO, and why is it important for your business?

Search engine optimization (SEO) SEO is the process of acquiring free ‘organic’ traffic from search engines (SERPs). Currently, the internet contains about two billion web pages. Every time someone searches online, search engines have to filter through all of these web sites to show the most relevant ones. Google needs to understand what you do to notify relevant searchers about it. If you get it correctly, you can rocket up the rankings.

What does an SKARTEC SEO company do?

Brand managers must utilize effective online advertising to promote business. These involve optimizing the page layout and content to appear on the first page of Google’s search results. You can hire a professional SEO company in Chennai like SKARTEC SEO to help your business gain market share by increasing exposure, traffic, and revenue.

How to choose a reliable SEO company?

It’s important to clarify your SEO goals before you start looking for a competent SEO provider. Then you must determine if the SEO firm’s services are appropriate for your business. Since 2015, SKARTEC SEO has been offering SEO services to both B2C and B2B clients. We treat each client individually. Contact us immediately!

What is On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is the technique of optimizing a web page’s content and HTML source code to improve search engine rankings and relevant traffic. On-page SEO works to improve technical issues including rendering, crawling, indexing, and setting up the website’s schema to boost search engine rankings.

Off-page SEO refers to efforts conducted outside your website that affect how your pages rank in search engine results (SERPs). Off-page SEO includes external backlinks, social media marketing, guest blogging, influencer marketing, and brand citations and mentions.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO refers to efforts conducted outside your website that affect how your pages rank in search engine results (SERPs). Off-page SEO includes external backlinks, social media marketing, guest blogging, influencer marketing, and brand citations and mentions.

Is content important for your business?

Yes, it is essential to concentrate on quality content. It helps educate the target audience, increase the business’ trustworthiness, and ultimately increase traffic to the website.

What types of SEO services do you offer?

SKARTEC SEO specializes in e-commerce SEO, SEO audit, local SEO, national SEO, GMB optimization, and penalty recovery services. As one of the top SEO companies in Chennai. We offer our services and help rectify any existing errors in page optimization that might increase your page rank while optimizing the keywords that feature the most in your local customers’ search.

Why are you more expensive than some other companies?

SEO prices and services vary dramatically. We’re not the cheapest SEO company around, nor are we the most expensive. Some SEO agencies take a one-size-fits-all approach to SEO, but that isn’t our style. We look at your website, your goals, your budget, and many other factors to create a unique plan that will deliver measurable results for you.

Our knowledge is current and forward-looking, which means we always follow best practices and stay in front of the ever-changing SEO landscape. Above all, we’re transparent about what we do. We don’t go for quick fixes or dodgy black hat techniques. We care about ethical SEO that reflects well on your business.

What are your most used SEO techniques?

We use a wide range of SEO techniques to deliver quality results. We look at on-page SEO, technical SEO, off-page SEO, content, authority, and much more. What unites our SEO techniques is the belief that you must put your customers at the heart of everything you create. Your website is for humans first, search engines second.

We look at how you can build the best possible user experience. Yes, keywords matter, but search intent matters more. What do people want to find when they search? It is this question we’ll help you answer and then deliver.

Can SKARTEC SEO guarantee me page one rankings?

No. We can’t guarantee you page one rankings, and we’d urge you to steer clear of any SEO company that says they can. Don’t get us wrong – many of our clients do appear on page one for their top keywords with our help, but it’s not something anyone can guarantee. 

We can guarantee that we follow best practices, deliver outstanding results, and use all of our knowledge to increase your rankings as much as possible. We can assure you that leads are coming through your contact forms as well as through telephone calls.

How do I know if it’s worth investing in SEO?

While SEO can sound like a significant investment, we’re confident that you’ll recover what you pay and more from our services. Good SEO isn’t just about keywords or backlinks.

It’s about creating a user experience that converts a high percentage of website visitors to customers. We keep an eye on various metrics to help you monitor and measure the return on your investment. Remember SEO is a marathon and not a sprint. So it takes anywhere between 6-12 months to see the benefits of doing SEO.

My rankings have decreased – why?

As we’ve mentioned above, a significant, noticeable drop in rankings is often the result of a Google penalty. Is there something you’re doing with your on- or off-page SEO that doesn’t follow best practices? It could be the cause of the problem.

Sometimes, a drop in rankings can happen if a competitor has significantly pushed on their SEO efforts, leapfrogging over you in SERPs for your top keywords.
At SKARTEC SEO, we often help new clients work out why their rankings have decreased and put a plan in place to recover.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is about making your business as prominent as possible in online searches to bring people to a physical location. Local SEO will be vital to you if you run a bricks-and-mortar business where you see customers face-to-face.

What is Google My Business Optimization?

A Google My Business (GMB) listing is one of the most effective free digital marketing strategies for local businesses of all types and sizes.

An optimized GMB page helps Google understand more about your business: who you are, what services/products you sell, where you’re located, and what your website is (so they can crawl it for more info). The more Google knows about you, the more types of searches your GMB listing can appear in.

How important are backlinks?

Backlinks are hyperlinks from other websites to your own. In the late 1990s, Google started looking at the number of backlinks leading to a web page as a sign of quality. Pages that were linked to lots of sources began to rank higher in SERPs.

Unfortunately, this leads to people trying to game Google by spamming third-party sites such as web directories and blogs with backlinks. At this stage, Google began penalizing sites with over-optimized, low-quality links.

Backlinks remain an essential part of any SEO strategy. It is seen as a vote of confidence. IT is because the third-party site is essentially saying, “We think this content is good enough for us to want to be connected to it and for our audience to see it.” However, good backlinks need to come from high authority, reputable sites with relevant content.

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