Alright before we begin doing some SEO on your blog site here are some rules to follow:

1. Ensure your content of your blog is on the left side
2. Ensure you have install one SEO plugin on your WordPress Blog (Headspace2 is recommended)
3. You need to tweak your blog theme titles to have a H1 tags

Next you need to start looking for keyword you would love to be ranked high in Google. You can use free tools like Worktracker to find your keywords you like to ranked high for and start compiling a list of your top 20 similar words you like to be ranked high.

Do note, you do not ranked high for keyword which you think no one will search on and does not make sense to your own niche. Most often people who attempt to ranked words in Google get really bad results because the keyword they get ranked high at most times are useless clicks. Imagine yourself getting ranked high for the keyword “Free Adwords”, if you think about it all the freebies goers will start going to your site and you will not be able to monetized much out of them because your customer clicks have the wrong mindset of “FREE”.

So for example if I pick a keyword “Small Home Business” and decided to ranked high for it what must you do on your blog to optimize it high up in Google.

Tip #1 – Insert The Keyword At Least Once In The Title Of The Post

For example, my blog title will start off like this “5 Tips On Starting Small Home Business”.

Tip #2 – Insert The Keyword In The First 30 Words Of Your Blog Post

When you start writing your article in your blog post, always try to have the keyword located in the first 30 words of your blog post. For example, here is how I would start my article “To start a small home business, you would first need…”.

Tip #3 – Repeatedly Try To Keep On Writing Articles With The Keyword In Them

In the next blog post, you would try again to find a reason to put the keyword in the title again. For example you can have another title that goes like this “Is Starting A Small Home Business Good?”

Tip #4 – Ensure You Submit Your Sitemap To Google

For some reason and experiments I have tried numerous times because you are running a blog and you update your blog post often with great content with your “selected” keyword you are targeting the chances you will get ranked high would be there.

Tip #5 – Ask Your Readers To Give You A Backlink

Instead of you going around the whole internet begging people to give you a link back, what you can do instead is to ask your readers on your blog to link back to your blog site with the keyword “Small Home Business” and basically what you will do is you do a link back to their blog. If you do not like to link to people afraid that it will affect your rankings, what you can do instead is to offer some form of reward for linking back to your blog site.

Alright that’s about it for SEO using WordPress blogs, do try out the tips I have mentioned above and do let me know your outcome and results

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