SEO Training in Chennai

Learn SEO From the Basics to the Professional Level

Rated 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 by all trainees. Our SEO training in Chennai teaches the best ways to increase website traffic and drive sales. We have devised a step-by-step format to make it very easy to learn. Learn to use intelligent search optimization techniques to generate targeted traffic.

Who is this training for

  • SEO Specialists with experience: who want to master a new high-paying profession.
  • Online Marketers: who want to increase traffic on the site and its further conversion rate.
  • SEO Optimizers: those with a basic or intermediate level of training who want to improve their competencies, structure their knowledge and learn how experts promote websites.
  • Entrepreneurs & Business Owners: who need to understand the subtleties of SEO, improve the efficiency of their business, and establish interaction with the customers.
  • Project Managers: it is important for them to know and understand all the requirements and processes of SEO optimization when starting a new project.
  • Employees & Freelancers: who want to promote their sites in the TOP results of Google and Bing.

The key principle of building all training programs is the relevance of information, cases and suggested tools. Search engines are changing and the promotion of resources on the Internet requires constant updating. We offer only modern methods that fully correspond to the realities of promotion. Without false modesty, we conduct the Best SEO course for training on SEO – site promotion.

SEO training is conducted in a format that is convenient for clients. If you wish, you can attend classes at our centre or receive complete recordings of lectures and practical classes in video recording format. Regardless of the chosen training method, clients can ask questions to experts and get comprehensive answers to them. 

We guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of our Search Engine Optimization programs! Regardless of the level of initial training and knowledge of the basic basics, you will be able to successfully work on the promotion of your own resource. Many of our graduates who have taken courses in search engine optimization have gone from beginners to real experts in a matter of months. Join the best SEO training in Chennai and 10X your traffic from Google & other Search Engines.

SEO training in chennai

About the SEO course in Chennai

This SEO course has been developed by us for several years. Here we have gathered all the experience of experts who have been engaged in promotion and optimization since the days when SEO was just born. After completing this course, you will gain professional knowledge and skills that will help you find a job in your dream company.

The SEO training program is unique. Theory and practice are maximally combined here. All the accumulated practical experience of one of the leading SEO expert in India has been transferred. Carefully selected websites of various topics will be provided as teaching material for our students. Students will hone their theoretical website promotion skills under the guidance of an SEO expert who has spent years optimizing large and well-known projects.

Students who have completed this SEO course will gain the knowledge and skills that website SEO professionals possess. The practical experience gained during the training will help students of the course to successfully find a job and cope with any SEO tasks.

What Will You Get From The Training

  • Practical knowledge and skills: We train professionals who will be able to do promotion in large agencies or conduct SEO projects within their company.
  • Personalization: Work to promote your own or specially selected projects in all possible topics.
  • SEO Specialist Certification from SKARTEC: After successful completion of our SEO training in Chennai, you will be provided with a certificate of advanced training at the SKARTEC Digital Marketing Academy.
  • Career development: We provide employment opportunities and internships in leading companies in the industry. At the end of the course, you will become a more valuable employee at your current job.
  • Useful contacts: During your training, you will meet people who can become your business partners or employers. Get answers to your personal questions.
  • Additional material: Check-lists, auxiliary manuals, presentations, training videos, ebooks on SEO.


What We Will Teach You in our SEO Training in Chennai

  1. How search engines work: How did it appear and develop, what did it come to, and what stages does search engine optimization consist of
  2. How to conduct a technical audit: Let's figure out what this is robots.txt how to find duplicate pages and why the page may not be included in the index
  3. How to work with search demand: Where to get search queries, how not to collect garbage, and how to parse semantics in 2 days, not 2 weeks
  4. How to optimize your pages: What is a title, description, h1 and how to write content to go to the top
  5. How to work with commercial ranking factors: Let's see what the commercial nature of the document is, how the range, trust, and quality of service affect the ranking.
  6. How to build a reference strategy for project development: We will teach you how to analyze competitors based on links, how to select donors and build a strategy for developing the link mass
  7. How to withdraw projects from search engine penalties: Learn how to diagnose and remove penalties and filters
  8. How to improve behavioural ranking factors: How to influence behavioural factors, whether to wind them up

Who Will Share Their Experience

Suresh Kalyanasundaram, Digital Marketing Expert Trainer – in the digital marketing industry since 2009. The founder of SKARTEC Digital Marketing Academy, Chennai is a regular speaker at SEO conferences & meetups.

Detailed Breakup of the SEO Training Program

Lesson 1:  How Search Engines Work

  • Terminology — what is an Intent, Request, Document, etc.
  • Query types, geo-dependency, regional ranking
  • Ranking Factors (main groups)
  • Google technologies and Algorithms that you need to know

Lesson 2: The Strategy For Promotion

  • What are the basic promotion strategies, how do they differ, and what are the pros and cons of each strategy?
  • What strategy to choose for your project.

Lesson 3: Local SEO/ Promotion

  • How regional promotion works, and how to promote only in your own region as effectively as possible.
  • How to get ahead in several regions — what option to choose specifically for your site, and cases.

Lesson 4: Competitor Analysis

  • Competitor analysis-identifying the types of content needed for ranking.
  • What functionality should be implemented for project development?

Lesson 5: Semantic Kernel

  • What is the semantic core and why is it necessary to move forward, where to get it from.
  • Methodology for collecting semantics in the Rush Agency.
  • The frequency of queries and filtering debris.
  • Clusterization and its types.

Lesson 6: Structure and Linking

  • Rules for creating a site structure for different types of sites.
  • What you need to do with the structure to get the most out of your promotion
  • What is a relink and why the optimizer needs to do it.
  • Linking options for different types of sites

Lesson 7: Technical Audit

  • General methodology, audit objectives and automation tools
  • Common technical problems: indexing errors, duplicates, response codes, and so on.
  • Search and analyze the causes of errors on the site

Lesson 8: Practice Working with Search Results

  • Search operators and the tasks they help you solve
  • Indexing — what is it, how to check it and improve it
  • Tools for Webmasters from Google and Bing, what to pay attention to

Lesson 9: Content Optimization of the Site

  • Differences in optimizing different types of sites: traffic, positions, info
  • Procedure for internal optimization
  • Principles of content ranking
  • Document Zones: importance, optimization principles
  • Principles of Text Analysis, tools
  • How to write “without water” content
  • Technical specifications for a copywriter
  • Text optimization in competitive topics
  • How to write texts in the conditions of “Penguin”

Lesson 10: Commercial Ranking Factors

  • Commercial properties of documents — how search engines distinguish commercial pages
  • Commercial factors — where they came from, how they work, and how to influence them
  • Differences in optimizing commercial factors for different types of sites

Lesson 11: Behavioural Ranking Factors

  • Groups of behavioural factors
  • How the ranking is taken into account
  • “White hat” methods of influence
  • The danger of “grey hat” methods

Lesson 12: Links

  • The general information that is taken into account when ranking
  • The situation in 2020 with links, a different approach of Google and Bing to links
  • Strategy for working with the reference mass on different projects (especially for young ones)
  • “White hat” ways to get links in 2020

Lesson 13: Search Engine Filters & Penalties

  • What are the penalties and what are they imposed for?
  • Google and Bing anti-Spam Algorithms
  • How to diagnose the presence of sanctions & penalties
  • How to get a site out of penalties, cases

Lesson 14: Black Hat SEO

  • Where did black hat SEO come from
  • Non-standard examples of approaches to black hat SEO
  • How to search for “holes” in search engine algorithms

Lesson 15: How to Control SEO

  • What KPIs should I pay attention to
  • How to respond to 90% of website errors
  • How to build project reporting

Participation Options

  • Online Participation
  • All presentations of the course
  • Answers to the questions during the online training
  • Practical lessons on working with SEO tools
  • Checking homework
  • SEO situation simulator
  • Support after training in a telegram chat
  • SKARTEC Digital Marketing Academy Certification
  • Analysis of your project and preparation of an SEO channel development strategy
  • Personal training with answers to all the questions after each lesson

Format of the SEO Training

  • Lessons: We conduct online broadcasts 6 days of the week
  • Practice: We give access to practical SEO lessons
  • Testing: Test for 5-10 questions after each Lesson, at the end of a large test for knowledge of all topics
  • Simulator: We solve cases based on real projects, looking for reasons why the project has not ranked
  • Homework: We do our homework on our projects with feedback from practising SEO specialists
  • Telegram Chat: Forever adding to the Telegram chat for graduates, where you can always ask for advice

At The End of the SEO Course You will be Able To:

  • Prepare an audit of your own resource.
  • Analyze competitors in detail and implement best practices
  • Increase traffic on your site and increase your position in search results
  • Form a succinct and correct semantic core
  • Clustering the queries on the website
  • Correctly distribute the internal weight of the site
  • Correctly create the site structure using various approaches
  • Manage the behaviour of search engines on your site and create a correct search query using robots.txt
  • To affect the commercial and behavioural factors of ranking
  • To configure your analytical system on the website
  • Promote regional projects, know the strategies and features of regional promotion
  • Work with sites under search engine filters and penalties
  • To automate routine processes in SEO
  • Work with the main services and programs that an SEO specialist needs
  • To predict the demand on the website and increase sales of the business
  • Optimize the technical component of the website
  • Create a link profile and work with external ranking factors
  • Promote projects in various subjects and perform Express audits
  • Draw up technical specifications for content and be able to calculate the relevance of the content
  • Experiment

SEO Certification

At the end of your training, you pass a test of 33 questions on all aspects of SEO and receive a certificate with a mark about your academic performance. The certificate can be used when applying for a job, and the SKARTEC Digital Marketing Academy will help you with recommendations.


Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About The SEO Course

1. Do you need programming skills or other basic knowledge to pass your courses?

No. No additional training or knowledge from other industries is required to complete the training. There is no doubt that programming and SEO promotion work closely together. The effectiveness of your site's promotion depends in part on how well your site is designed. But you don't need to be a programmer to get trained and become a site promotion specialist. In our courses, if necessary, we will help you draw up a technical specification for developers and navigate the key aspects of web development that affect the quality of search promotion.

2. It is possible to on the course were a few people? I also want to send my Secretary, accountant and cleaner to You. Let them sit and listen too

We provide individual training, which implies a one-on-one format between You and the trainer. If you want 2 people to attend the course, the payment is made at a double rate, despite the fact that the participants may be representatives of the same company.

3. is there enough time and hours to master the material and SEO profession efficiently?

Quite, since these are completely individual courses. All the time is reserved exclusively for You and Your Internet SEO project. Plus, in between classes, You get homework assignments, performing which you get as deep as possible into the practical process of promoting the site.

4. Can I can do SEO after your courses independently to promote my website, increase sales and increase the number of orders/calls?

You will be able to do this at a professional level. Typically, the runtime class of work with Your hands and using the knowledge that You have to get largely exceeds the level and quality of services provided by a renowned SEO company in Chennai.

5. Why can't I get the same information on the Internet only for free, digging in some forums on my own?

There are 2 reasons. First — no one will share this information for free, since really working tools are very expensive. People make money from this knowledge. The knowledge that is acquired only with experience, as well as SEO logic, acquired over the years, and not in any other way, by a trick or by luck. The second reason — if you find specific information individually tailored to Your project on the Internet about how many and what links you need to attract, what they should look like, in what ratio they should be placed, on what sites, with what frequency, how to analyze and what factors Your competitors are currently in the Top and how this can help you reduce the speed of reaching the TOP by 2-3 months, how to save tens of thousands of rupees per month on promotion, what are the tools for internal and external optimization to promote your site completely free of charge and much more, then it really doesn't make sense for You to attend our training. If you can reasonably evaluate the programs of our courses, the price for each of them is a mere penny. Once You understand what knowledge you will get from us, then you will realize the real cost of each program, taking into account the result that you will acquire for your business and how much you can really earn if your site's positions are in the first place.

6. How do our courses differ from others?

First of all, it is a method. When the decision was made to open an SEO School, we studied dozens of courses in Chennai. This product, which we have, is not available in any company or institute. We are exclusive in our own way. This exclusivity is due to the personal experience and personal qualities of the expert trainer. We are truly the best in our business and success in life. You will get a method that will allow You to increase your site's sales/orders/calls/positions several times. After our courses, You will earn much more.

We Help in Website SEO Promotion

The Search Engine Education training centre provides professional assistance in website promotion. We offer any of two possible ways to promote your resource:

  1. We will teach You all the modern techniques for increasing your site's position in search results. This is our main speciality. By choosing one of the courses in a format that is convenient for you, you will learn what SEO promotion and site optimization are, and then, using the knowledge obtained, you will be able to independently support your project in leading positions.
  2. You can order an SEO promotion of the site from us and we will do the work for You, bringing Your project to the TOP.
Whatever you choose, the result will be obvious: traffic growth and increase of the project's position in search engines, which means an increase in profit. We provide Website promotion services in Chennai and throughout India that we perform with high quality. We havebeen engaged in the promotion of projects for many years and have accumulated invaluable experience in this field, which they are ready to share with you!