Our Alumni weigh in.

In today’s world running business with a retail outlet is getting outdated, customers these days search their requirements in their finger tips, so I decided to market our products online. I searched for the best digital marketing course to undergo training and I found a institute SKARTEC Digital Marketing Academy.

With lot of doubts I approached them. As an M.B.A Graduate in the field of Marketing with more than a decade experience, the interaction with them revealed me Smartness and swiftness are the key slogans of this Digital Marketing Academy. Joining the digital marketing course offered me a systematic learning process which escalated and progressed with innovative teaching technologies.

This digital marketing programme offered Practical training, case studies with solution and supported with adequate Tools which was necessary for my learning. SEO and SEM are the highlights of the training programme, kindling our creative skills in website, growth hacking, growth marketing and social media marketing were Key part of training programme which helped our brand promotion.

This Digital Marketing course has provided the modules for the learning process meticulously. I am thoroughly benefited by the coaching offered by SKARTEC Digital Marketing Academy and it has the best digital marketing course in Chennai. I wish the academy moves forward reaching great accolades. — Babu Ramachandran, Entrepreneur, Uddup Fabrics, Anna Nagar

I do my Construction business in Bangalore. I did digital marketing course in Chennai and I wish to share my experience in SKARTEC by learning from the digital marketing expert, who transfer knowledge with theoretical presentations and practical examples and tools by sitting next to us.

He was the wonderful Trainer and he made my knowledge from 0 -100% in digital marketing. It was 2 months in learning digital marketing course in Chennai and I benefited through the Knowledge in SEO, SEM, SMM, WordPress etc. and now am developing a own website for my business in WordPress.

He made me an explorer in digital marketing by giving a Trunk full of Tools and Notes and Stuffs and he shares lot of life hacking thoughts and books, which will be useful to develop us . I will recommend my friends strongly to join SKARTEC who wish to do digital Marketing training in Chennai like my friend referred me to join SKARTEC. — Rajaratnam, Construction Business


I'm a MBA graduate. After completing my studies I was looking for a career in digital marketing. So I was planning to do study digital marketing course in Chennai. I found SKARTEC Academy in Google Page No.1. And also, I have seen the testimonials given by other trainees. I contacted SKARTEC and inquired about the courses.

I have come from Tuticorin only for this training program. The trainer explained to me crystal clear about their teaching methods and given short description about all the modules. So I promptly decided to join SKARTEC. The trainer has comprehensive knowledge in digital marketing. The class wasn't boring, instead the training has given me the ability to think and listen. In between classes the trainer shares valuable information and market updates.

After completing each module I did the assignments and the trainer rectified the errors and gave suggestion what are the things to be improved. They also gave case study analysis. I built my own website in a couple of days with a help of trainer. The trainer taught all the modules with more patience and effectively. After completing the course I received valuable tools, study materials, etc.

Overall SKARTEC gives hands on training and best digital marketing certification program. I get 100% learning from SKARTEC. I would highly recommend this place to those who want to learn digital marketing from expert.

SKARTEC is the best and right place for learn digital marketing! — Jeya Balan, MBA Scholar

I am an Entrepreneur in the field of Organic Food Products. I used the services of Digital Marketing Agencies to promote by business ON LINE, But this proved a very costly affair. So, I decided to study the Nuances of Digital Marketing to equip myself with the desired skills to start my own campaign.

I searched extensively through the Internet and visited a couple of Training Institutes and at last I decided on SKARTEC based on my intuition. My intuition did not let me down, I was fortunate enough to find a Trainer, who has had vast experience in all forms of Advertising and was able to structure the course content from the Customer point of view.

The Trainer is very knowledgeable in the field of Digital Marketing and explains to us each and every module from scratch with practical sessions , wherever required. Moreover, he helps his students to excel in the subject as per their requirement. At the end of about 70 days of training , we felt that we have really learnt a lot of stuff which could empower us to do Digital Marketing ourselves. The course was presented so very well that time just passed by. I recommend people to consider SKARTEC for their Digital Marketing Training as they deliver More Value for the Money and make you a Specialist in the subject. Thank you SKARTEC for the Training. — Mohideen Khan, Partner, Life Natural Farms

I had a passion for digital marketing course and did lot of research to choose the best institute in Chennai and landed up in SKARTEC Digital Marketing Academy. The course lasts for two months and the coaching provided by the institute is excellent.

The trainer is very much experienced and he made sure that all the sessions are interactive and never boring. The most important part of the course is that trainer gives us online and offline training to students according to their needs and the best part of the course is that the trainer doesn't allow us to take notes, he just says come, sit,listen and learn.

They also provided us with the course study materials, tools etc. I acquired confidence and satisfaction after completing the course and would highly recommend to all of you who wants to learn digital marketing and also start a career in the same field. — Cherishma Reddy, Business Manager.

I wanted to know more about digital marketing and explore the scopes & opportunities in this stream . To my luck I got to know this SKARTEC and joined here.

SKARTEC offers a great training where one can develop their Digital marketing knowledge , learn strategies etc Each and everything that has been taught is almost like a practical session. The trainer got a great knowledge and with his experience in the digital space, he teaches the best practices to be done. He is so friendly & shares extra things like how to make use of research tools efficiently, developing digital strategies if you are starting or having a own business .

He also gives you some tasks or assignments which is like almost working on a live project. SKARTEC doesn't assure any job assurances ( when people can't get a job for their degree its insane to expect a 100% job assurance for certification courses) but if you are really dedicated , you can learn the best practices and when you get a better knowledge in this field, you can surely crack interviews on your own . Moreover,SKARTEC provided some insights like working from home for clients around the world , some strategies & analysis for growing a business etc At the end of the course, you would surely have a better knowledge and won't regret for joining here ! — Ram Adithya, IAS Aspirant.

Having had an experience of over 20 yrs in Sales and Marketing; recently I took a deliberate break from my booming career. In the quest of search for the best Digital Marketing Academy in Chennai, I did a good amount of visits and research.

SKARTEC Digital Marketing Academy headed by the niche expert Mr. Suresh. K has tailor made contents of Digital Marketing Course, which are ‘world class’. The modules are so designed and taught that it can make any aspirant a digital marketing specialist. The student receives a recording & PPT of every class, which helps to refer any topic covered under Digital Marketing Course. Contents are regularly updated and shared with ‘SKARTEC Alumnus’.

Even the Digital Marketing tools. He gives ‘live’ clinical training with case studies analysis; assigns projects and reviews on time to time. The knowledge share and the availability of all the best tools in SEO, SMM, SMO etc are an advantage here.

His ‘online’ classes are too good, I see no difference with the ‘offline.’ I vouch on the tagline, SKARTEC- Your blueprint for Digital Marketing Success. I am a proud alumnus. Thanks Mr. Suresh. — Girish Nair, Insurance

I am UI/ UX Designer to enhance my career I was searching for a course in Digital marketing Institute in Chennai. By seeing the google review I got to know about SKARTEC.

After effective conversation with the mentor I joined the course. the mentor is very talented person Who is having hands on experience in this field. I get to know the complete digital marketing techniques, because you just don't get theoretical knowledge will also get practical training session.

I am satisfied with SKARTEC Digital Marketing Academy. Thanks — Bala Chandar, UX Expert, Hyderabad.

I joined the institute after plenty of research with all the digital marketing course in Chennai. Many institutions were not even ready to make their teachers interact with students before paying fees which gives a greater discomfort.

But here the mentor is easily approachable. And it’s always about our own practice and preparation makes us excellent in any field we want to succeed, am saying this because there will be lots of practices during the course which few I missed due to personal reasons but am doing it now and making my plots into digital marketing. My advice would be, ask your doubts in practices then and there and never skip them.

Now, I have completed the course with the entire techniques and blueprint to do digital marketing as the institute says. There are variety of topics to learn in digital marketing and the beauty of learning is always were to start and were to end the learning, so that it will help us strengthen our base and also easy to update our knowledge further.

SKARTEC is doing that part excellent. I strongly suggest this course worth each your penny. — Nanmaran, Music Director

SKARTEC –  LEARN FROM THE EXPERT ! This is what the Website & Trainer says. HENCE PROVED !- is what i will say now by completing my 8 week Digital Marketing Course . It was really a nightmare to me when i went to Few so called Digital marketing Institute's in Chennai to inquire about the course, Where as i couldn't meet any Trainer or An Expert who could explain me how the course is going to benefit me !

But it was just a Phone call to My Coach Mr. Suresh who clearly explained what am going to gain once i complete his course. Its Pure Knowledge and Knowledge comes from Experience! If you are looking to experience and learn Digital Marketing, with no second thoughts Call Mr. Suresh.

He will Guide us with the Best knowledge/skills & you can come out as a Digital marketing specialist as i did. Cheers & Good Luck to Mr. Suresh & SKARTEC !

I hope to see you as a Pioneer in Digital Marketing Industry near Future. — Mahi Vinod, Business Development Manager.

SKARTEC Academy makes you industry ready. The Trainer has expertise in digital marketing along with vast experience in Marketing industry. We were not only given theoretical knowledge, but were imparted with current industry updates as well.

He provided us with live projects and hands on training on tools & software. Training helped in learning all the aspects of digital marketing. The advantages of SKARTEC Academy are –

1. You can view the recorded lecture any time later if you feel need to brush your skills. Also the course materials are shared with us. 2. Constant updates even after training. 3. Practical learning approach. 4. I attended classes both offline and online, I didn't found any difference in learning. Thank You SKARTEC ACADEMY. — Emanuel Rajan, LIC.

I was researching to do Digital marketing course in Chennai to acquire a job. I found SKARTEC in google Search, and contacted Mr. Suresh and asked about Funnels,he indeed gave me a long detailed lecture taking my own call as an example,which impressed me to join him immediately.

Suresh is highly passionate and expert and does his job out of love and interest towards Digital Marketing, than just for money alone. The Course materials are remarkable and awesome,that can be understood easily. All the Modules and major definitions or keywords(like CPC, PPC, Leads) are explained in easy to understand simple sentences.

In fact I loved the way he started SEO from scratch, with “How It Works”. I also liked the way he repeated the important keywords multiple times (e.g. for SEO he uses words like intent,ranking,DA,for PPC traffic clicks conversions etc) and by the time he ends the session we would be thorough with those important words and functionalities. In each topic he teaches How,Why,What,Where we do it. He also shares tips on – what not to do,his past mistakes which becomes a good learning for beginners like us. He also teaches to make our own Website,and gives the various aspects we need to consider to create various web pages like landing page to contact us page. It is very nice feel to have our own website designed by us,without a bit of coding knowledge.:)

I attended 100% online classes only,i liked it more than offline sessions. Though online I could still feel the same quality as a classroom session, and can learn and listen to the lecture , in the comfort of my home and PC. Initially i was nervous about me being housewife for so long, will i be able to achieve anything?will i be able to get selected in an interview? but now, i am highly confident after studying his materials , i can crack down any interview in the very first attempt, and ,of course i already see myself as an established Digital Marketer. Lastly,any dumb or lame man with basic internet knowledge could become a Digital Marketing geek and earn lots of money, if you do this course. East or West SKARTEC is the best in Digital Marketing course throughout the world. Though, my acquaintance with Suresh sir is very less, I wish him all the very best in the Future.

“Enlighten the whole world with your Digital Marketing knowledge and create loads of successful entrepreneurs in the future.” — Sujatha, Housewife, Dubai.

And Many More 5 Star Reviews…..You too will!