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The most comprehensive social media marketing course in 2020

Rated 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 by all trainees. We have compiled detailed instructions for social media marketing, where we analyze everything from the design of social networks to Analytics.

What does SMM promotion do?

Often, business owners limit themselves to just the site and expect to sell only through it, based on their guesses in the spirit of: β€œIn social networks, businesses have nothing to do, they don't buy anything, they just watch memes.”


social media marketing training

Now Let's Be Honest

Do you really believe that businesses can't rely on social media sales? We prove by our own example that any business NEEDS to go to the social network. Why? Promotion in social networks solves many business problems, in particular:

1. Increases loyalty to the brand. The company's presence in social networks inspires confidence not only in its subscribers but also in search engines.
2. Launches word of mouth. Active subscribers are ready to recommend the company to their friends.
3. Attracts new potential customers. A wide range of tools in social networks will allow you to identify the most effective for attracting customers and brand PR to increase awareness.
4. Sell. Yes, social networks sell thanks to building a community with the audience, high-quality content and involvement of the Central administration, turning subscribers into brand ambassadors and β€œhot” customers.

Social networks have long been β€œsharpened” for business: we know this and are constantly learning new ways to promote commercial accounts. After completing the social media marketing course, you will learn all the features and trends of promotion in social networks, so as not to drain the client's budget as a contractor or competently formulate a promotion strategy and control the work of your performers as a business owner.

What is The Special Feature of our Social Media Marketing Course?

The world is changing and with it, the approach to working with your audience in social media is changing. The days when brands could publish photos of seals and the β€œquote of the day” are long gone, and Facebook insistently asks for money for the opportunity to show brand content to an audience. This course will help you understand what modern SMM is for, what the channel's role is in the sales funnel, and how to make it work.

  • Systematization of the material – The course is a step-by-step guide to comprehensive promotion in social networks. You no longer need to search for promotional information on your own, we provide everything you need.
  • Emphasis on practice – After each lecture, we give you a practical task on the project, which we provide, in case you do not have it, or you perform work on your project, receiving recommendations from teachers.
  • Personal support by experts – Throughout the social media marketing course, experts answer all your questions both during the lecture and after it on the topic of the lesson. We will not leave you without attention alone with questions, we will help you understand if there are difficulties.

Why our Social Media Experience will be Useful

  • We have been engaged in promotion in social networks for 8 years, every lifehack has been checked and rechecked in practice
  • We worked with complex subjects: from construction and repair companies to the sale of rehabilitation equipment.
  • We know how to move forward in social networks, taking into account the changeable work of the algorithms of each of them, and we are available to tell you about it.
  • This course will help you:
    • Get acquainted with global trends and cases of modern SMM.
    • Understand how to organize your work in social media and what processes can be automated.
    • Learn a flexible approach to creating strategies and working with social media.
    • To evaluate the effectiveness of social media and to determine the motivation for employees.

This Social Media Marketing Course is Not just a Theory

  • During the course, we give you practical tasks that you can already implement on a real project.
  • 19 online lectures for 1.5 hours – a format that is convenient for everyone.
  • You learn for the sake of applying knowledge, not for the sake of a five and a tick.
  • At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion of the course for your portfolio, and you will still have access to additional materials and lecture notes throughout the year.
  • Experts personally check all tasks, are fully involved in the project and are always open to communication.
  • We have compiled detailed instructions for social media promotion, where we analyze everything from the design of social networks to Analytics.

Why You Should Enroll in the Course?

  • You will learn how to identify your target audience, analyze competitors, and build a promotion strategy in each individual social network.
  • You will be able to implement the strategy using the tools of an SMM specialist, analyze the results, and adjust it based on the data you receive.
  • Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. will help you understand the nuances of promotion and how algorithms work.
  • You will learn how to set up targeted ads for both cold and hot subscribers, getting the maximum effect from spending your budget.
  • You will learn how social network algorithms work, and what SMM managers actually do, so you can check your contractor.
  • You will receive a certification from the top Internet marketing training CompanyΒ and will be able to earn money on a new profession in demand.
  • You want to learn how to promote social networks, but you don't know where to start – We teach you a complete social network management cycle from scratch. For beginners in SMM, we give practical tasks on our training project, and at the end of the training, you will be able to work as a full-fledged SMM Manager in the company or on a freelance basis.
  • Do you want to get additional income and expand the range of your services – We will help you organize your knowledge about SMM and get additional competencies if you previously worked with only one social network. After the course, we issue a document from an Internet Agency, which will become a significant addition to the portfolio.
  • Do you want to set up an effective sales channel and take your business to a new level – We will teach you a comprehensive approach to promotion in social networks. After training, you will be able to manage your project's social networks independently or competently monitor the work of your customers.
  • The evolution of SMM. Trends, figures and prospects for the development of social media.
  • The role of Social Media in the classic sales funnel.
  • How can a brand understand which social networks are important for communicating with consumers today? The definition of the goals and objectives of SMM.
  • How to form a team – the minimum of specialists needed to work effectively with social networks; Where to look for SMM specialists, how to determine the level of professionalism.

Strategy and Tactics

  • How to create an effective and flexible social media promotion strategy. Structure and methods of efficiency assessment.
  • Identifying and analyzing competitors' SMM strategies.
  • Communicating with users. Defining goals, working with negatives and barrier topics on the user's path to purchase.
  • How to promote and sell a product through your own and User-Generated content.

Working Process

  • What tasks of the SMM Department can and should be automated.
  • The best assistant programs and services for SMM managers
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Department/specialist and methods of motivation.
  • How and where to grow as an SMM Manager.

Detailed Breakup of the SMM Training Program

At the end of each lecture – a practical task

Let's talk about social media and the SMM Manager's competencies. We will teach you how to create SMM strategies, analyze the current state of the community, set goals, analyze the activity of competitors, and search for your target audience.

Lesson 1. What is SMM and who is an SMM specialist?

  • Why SMM marketing is needed.
  • How to upgrade the key skills of an SMM analyst.
  • The qualities that an SMM specialist should possess.

Lesson 2. Auditing the current community and defining goals.

  • Why the strategy is needed.
  • Useful audit services.
  • Key metrics.
  • Goals of maintaining social networks.

Lesson 3. Analysis of the competitive environment.

  • Preparing for an audit.
  • Services for analyzing competitors.
  • Conclusions and adjustment of the strategy.

Lesson 4. Analysis of the target audience of the project.

  • Key indicators: data collection.
  • Segmentation of the target audience.
  • Portrait drawing and practical application.

Lesson 5. Promotion on Facebook.

  • The specifics of the site.
  • Working with business pages, groups, and personal pages.
  • How to attract subscribers.
  • The algorithm of operation of the FB smart feed: posting to attract traffic.

Lesson 6. Promotion In Instagram.

  • Myths about Instagram. Content types and formats.
  • The secrets of Instagram.
  • Paid and free promotion methods.

Lesson 7. Advancement on Facebook.

  • The audience of the social network.
  • Formats for maintaining a social network.
  • Capacities of the site.
  • Typical errors in the promotion.
  • Useful service.

Lesson 8. Creating text content for social networks.

  • The texts for the posts.
  • Texts for ads.
  • Adapting the text for each social network.
  • Selling, informational, news, and entertainment posts.
  • Content plan.

Lesson 9. Basic designs: creating creatives.

  • Where to search for images: services and photo banks.
  • The creation of layouts.
  • The composition and transmission of ideas through creativity.
  • Services for the creation of Express creatives.

Lesson 10. Creating stories: design, animation, and construction programs.

  • Trending stories 2020.
  • Stories for your personal brand and business.
  • Useful services for creating static and dynamic stories.

Lesson 11. Targeted advertising on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

  • The Structure Of The Facebook Ads Manager.
  • Launch Instagram & Facebook ads via the Facebook advertising dashboard and in the Instagram app.
  • Campaign objective.
  • Optimizing ads for social network formats.
  • Working with campaign statistics and tracking performance.

Lesson 12. Retargeting and parsing of the audience in social networks.

  • What is retargeting and parsing?
  • Dynamic retargeting. Installing a pixel.
  • Services for parsing of the audience.
  • Practice.

Lesson 13. Guest publications.

  • Features of texts for guest lines.
  • Siding platforms for selecting ad platforms.
  • How to work with community administrators.

Lesson 14. Community management, or how to communicate with your audience.

  • The role of community management in business.
  • Basic mechanics of engagement.
  • Ways to attract an audience.
  • Brand reputation management.

Lesson 15. Creating a social media marketing plan.

  • Budget forecasting and optimization.
  • Budgeting.
  • The difference between a media plan and a content plan.
  • Filling out the media plan.
  • What is included in the estimate?
  • KPIs and tracking the effectiveness of running a community.

Lesson 16. SMM on freelancing: how to find your first customers.

  • Ways to find customers.
  • Features of creating a portfolio.
  • The creation of a personal account of the contractor.
  • Nuances of negotiations.
  • The freelancer's area of responsibility.
  • Pitfalls when drawing up a contract for the provision of SMM services.

Lesson 17. Analysis of errors and answers to questions.

Format of the SMM Training

  • 19 online lessons/lectures
  • Presentations of lectures
  • Videos
  • Additional materials (screencasts, guides, checklists)
  • Final test
  • Certificate of completion of the course (SKARTEC's Certificate)
  • Communicating in a closed group
  • Homework assignments with review and feedback from the trainer

Who is Eligible for the Social Media Marketing program?

  • For those who are just starting their career
  • For those who partially own Internet tools
  • For entrepreneurs and business owners
  • For employees of advertising and digital agencies