Which one adjective could you describe the type of content that is most effective in your work?

What should be the content marketing in order to stimulate the audience to action, encourage among hundreds of similar companies to give preference to your brand, attract and engage? On the blog Econsultancy based on a recent study on content marketing, give marketers answers to the question:

The answers are given below.

1. Sticky

In the field of electronic commerce (and not only), but retention of visitors to the site is also of great importance. One way to get users to stick on your site is to post product images and product recommendations. This kind of content is aimed at retaining users, so sticky content should never be annoying.


2. Sexy

A little outrageous and sexy, and here it is, good for business and pure content marketing. A large British publication Daily Mail on the sidebar of the main page of the site places various frames made by the paparazzi.


Does this make the Daily Mail one of the most popular news portals in the world?

3. Current / Trending

Follow the most discussed events and try to use them to benefit the business, experts advise. The Econsultancy portal has gone that way. Seeing a huge stir around the news about the jump from the stratosphere, the site published thematic articles linking the jump with marketing strategies. As a result, this led to good traffic to the site.

Browse Google Trends when planning to publish content, and stay tuned for the most popular searches. Do not miss the great opportunity to provide users with relevant information at the right time.

4. Narrative

What content do we remember well and want to share? Interesting stories. Business publications have excelled particularly well in this. Almost any article is a vivid story of ups and downs. This strategy can be used in marketing. You can share customer stories on social networks. Using an example of unsuccessful user experience, show how your brand can solve customer problems. People can even be involved in the video.

5. Informative

When people enter a search, they are not looking for an end goal, but they are looking for information that can help for a specific purpose. Therefore, informative content is very important for brands.

McDonald’s in Canada has released a series of videos that provide answers to questions from consumers at a popular fast food establishment. Probably, adherents of a healthy lifestyle, these videos do not stimulate eating in the Mac, but at least the video will help dispel myths that may appear on the Internet.

6. Relevant

When users get to the site, they expect to see content relevant to their requests. The main indicator that a page does not meet customer expectations is a high bounce rate. When developing a marketing strategy, think about what content will be relevant.

7. Shared

You do not need to make statistical calculations to notice that the most shared content in the world is cute fluffy animals. In addition, content can become viral if it has an emotional message, corresponds to the spirit of the times, involves the audience.

8. Reliable

If users do not trust your content, there is no chance that it will be shared. Simple techniques help to increase consumer confidence: using the real names of company employees when they communicate on social networks, publishing verified data, etc.

9. Valuable

Visitors will come back to valuable sources of information again and again. You should indicate the value of your materials directly in the headings. They should be brief, but at the same time contain intrigue. Hundreds of people or thousands will read the post on a well-chosen heading.

10. Encouraging

Ideally, the content should encourage users to take some action. For example, you can publish some of the findings of the study and invite users to download the full report in exchange for their contact details. On Facebook, many marketers use the like to get its approach. Although such methods are often ridiculed, they can be useful for business.

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