Is 100% Placement Guaranteed – Myth or a Reality?

Can anyone assure you 100% Job Placement or Job Guarantee?

There are many digital marketing institutes who claim to offer 100% placement guarantee on taking training from them – “Learn Digital Marketing with 100% Job Placement”. Don’t assume these are real. None of these institutes have a 100% placement track record.

The fact is none can assure you 100% placement without screening and ensuring your employability. These institutes fleece students with various marketing tactics like this. Some institutes just use this jargon to get crowd. Few institutes take the pain of taking the initiative in getting the students places but even if you get employed, you cannot expect a decent salary.

Nothing comes for free. Even though some institutes advertise about 100% placement , its never possible. There is no course which guarantees you a 100% placement. As i said before, nothing come for free in this world. You have to strive for excellence, work hard, be consistent in your hard work. Also you need a passion for the field.

What the institute does is install lifts and air conditioners in the faculty chambers rather than providing qualitative faculty members or books for that matter in the library. There are many aspirants who go to these institutes to learn and inturn they are just taught nothing. There are students who take loan and promising their family that better days would come soon.

Hence I would like to tell all these students to take a wise decision before joining any institute. Assess the What internal weaknesses does the institute have as compared with competitions’—that will hinder our career prospects. Check out the internal strengths do your institute have—compared with your competitions’—that will your career opportunities. Understand what opportunities are available to you after completion of the course.