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On completion of our Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Chennai, you will have all the skills needed to build a career or further develop your existing role within your company or even start your own business.

We give you the most powerful launch pad possible for your digital marketing career, anywhere in the world. Our goal is to transform you into 360° marketing professionals who can bring about change in a fast-evolving digital world.

Design the future you want with our Certified Digital Marketing Specialist Program. Get employed in the finest digital marketing companies, by joining our digital marketing training courses.

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Can you ‘see’ your dream job but you just can’t quite make it happen?

Our range of digital marketing courses leads to professional outcomes. We will guide you through the options and you will graduate with a recognized qualification that you can take anywhere. You will master all the core aspects of online marketing. Join us for the best digital marketing course in Chennai.



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Internet marketing or Digital marketing is the promotion of products or services using multiple digital channels to reach customers. The objective is to promote your brands through various forms of digital media. It extends beyond online mediums to include Mobile Apps, Smartphones, Out-Of-Home Advertising, Digital Signage Boards, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things etc.

Experts believe that “Internet” is not yet another channel for promotion. It merely needs a fresh approach to marketing and an understanding of consumer behavior. Internet marketing can increase your reach tremendously as compared to traditional marketing. It can be accessed across a plethora of platforms and at any time.

According to, Sashi Kumar, MD, Indeed IndiaGlobal technology disruptions, coupled with the Indian government’s aggressive focus on digital, have seen their impact on the local market. With more companies in India wanting to increase their digital presence, there is a visible surge in job searches for digital marketing jobs. Source: Qz.com

The need for internet marketing professionals in India is far more than the distribution in the market. By pursuing our best-in-class digital marketing course in Chennai, you increase the possibilities of getting the best-paid job with significant growth opportunities. 

With the skills obtained through our digital marketing courses, you can begin working as a freelancer. Homemakers can work from home without any investment. You can end up being an affiliate or an online marketer. You can end up being an entrepreneur or a business owner. You can begin your very own digital or SEO company or perhaps work with the finest internet marketing companies.

If you like the idea of building a career or profession in web marketing, why not join SKARTEC? Our bespoke internet marketing training is designed to cover, all of, today’s core industry skills and trends in online marketing.

Our digital marketing training is an INVESTMENT in your future!

The reach of internet marketing in India is increasing by leaps and bounds. New and existing businesses are focusing more on internet marketing to enhance productivity & revenues. Besides that, the recent years have actually seen considerable growth in this digital realm. Higher incomes, secured job, broad goals & objectives are a few of the advantages of a career in digital marketing.

Therefore, going the web route enables you to achieve invaluable insights into your product and services. You can ask questions on social networks and blog sites or utilize online surveys and studies, you can evaluate your audience’s ideas or concepts on any topic. You can see whats right and where you’re failing.

Internet Marketing is so mysterious that lots of candidates aren’t confident in their knowledge levels and strategies. Fortunately, for you, we have actually got a digital marketing training program that develops your self-confidence up as an online marketer.  This includes innovative strategies, case studies, and with practical, real-time hands-on approach to learning. We believe this is the very best way to learn online marketing.

You will master the core of Search Engine Optimization, Google Advertisements/ Pay Per Click or PPC Ads, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Automation, Lead Generation, Growth Hacking or Growth Marketing, Content Marketing and far more. Our digital marketing strategy framework assists you to analyze and evaluate the benefits and advantages of internet marketing to your clients.


Timings: 7:30 to 9:30 AM and 7:30 to 9:30 PM. An exclusive session for working professionals. Starts on August 20. Don’t miss the bus. It’s now, or never! Join today.


SKARTEC’s Certification  
Google Certifications (9)
Bing Certification  
HubSpot Inbound Certification .. AND MORE….

Free Tools & Support

We provide you with all the necessary SEO Tools, Digital Marketing Handbook, Ebooks, Multiple Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins, Backlink Dorks to make better business decisions. Our training is such that you may never have to call us back for any support or assistance!


Join us for the very best Digital Marketing Course in Chennai and get trained by a professional who can enrich you with the current trends, tools & killer strategies and techniques.

Learn from an expert who has actually addressed over 680+ questions and having answer views over 93K on Quora.com.

Our training equips you to take up opportunities in any industry. Our digital marketing courses will increase your opportunities of getting employed in leading web marketing companies.

Karthik, MD, GNX HR Solutions 

Benefits from our digital marketing courses 

Our commitment to a totally engaged learning extends into the creation of a stimulating environment where you have enough opportunity to work and play. Our objective is to make education rewarding and universal to all aiming for profession enhancement.

Courses offered on SKARTEC’s platform are developed to assist you effectively prepare and handle an internet marketing campaign or plan. We deal with text, images, videos, and include several digital marketing tools to increase your learning experience. Our objective is for you to learn in an aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable environment. We’ll provide you with a digital marketing report template to start a learning journey!

You will comprehend— (1) Why every company needs to have a digital marketing plan. (2) Develop personas to find your target audience. (3) The best ways to set SMART marketing targets (4 To measure outcomes to quantify success.

Who can do a digital marketing course?

Enthusiastic folks who require a brilliant future in online marketing, consisting of Graduate Students, Trainees, College Students that are looking for a career in Digital Marketing. Marketing Managers and Media Planners. Business & IT Heads. Homemakers & others who are looking to make an extra buck.


We transform you into a complete “DIGITAL MARKETING SPECIALIST” 


We hand-hold you through the 20 Power-Packed Modules with complete practical steps. You can apply all these marketing strategies and techniques right away. We believe this is the very best way to learn digital marketing. Our courses are upgraded regularly to match with the international standards & the current marketing trends. This is the most detailed and updated advanced online marketing course readily available.

SKARTEC’s digital marketing training can assist you to expand your capability to fulfill the requirements of the ever-changing digital world. Discover new skills outside your domain in web design, technology, and innovation. Our digital marketing courses are carefully chosen and developed to create learning beautiful and productive.

Take the next action in your career path, register now for our digital marketing course in Chennai and kickstart your career or profession.


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Check out our student’s reviews. 40+ people cannot be wrong about our digital marketing training certification. 🙂

Aravindan Sundaram
Aravindan Sundaram
07:39 05 Jun 18
I am fully satisfied with this institute. I've already done some technical courses in Chennai, but those institutes usually hire temporary staffs to cover the topics and it is very difficult to study the subject. But here it is only one person who does all the teaching, who has lots of knowledge and updates about the latest digital marketing techniques. The course content and the teaching is very helpful to me in gaining Online marketing skillsets. For anyone who decides to study Digital Marketing Course, SKARTEC ACADEMY is the right place.
Latha Ramachandran
Latha Ramachandran
02:54 24 Apr 18
I signed up for the 8-week intensive Digital Marketing course - after going to many institutes attending multiple demo sessions. I was blown away by the amount of content covered but also the way it was presented. The trainer is amazing and the course did not disappoint. Non-stop fun and energy, an incredible amount of content provided, loads of tips and resources and wonderful supportive environment. I'll admit it was a challenge processing it all and the pace was pretty full on, but Suresh just knew when to break up the pace. Their teaching style is lively, engaging, rich and really focused so I always felt like I was getting even more value for my investment and 'spot on' information about latest trends, resources, and videos I could go back to when I needed a refresher. Loved the course and feel so much more prepared to champion digital marketing and insights and to bring this learning to my team and organisation. Thank you SKARTEC!
madhavan madhavan
madhavan madhavan
13:21 21 Jun 18
The teaching pedagogy in SKARTEC Academy is a combination of theory, case studies and real-time fabrication of ads and digital content will put your thoughts into action. A versatile curriculum which widely covers all the aspects of digital marketing viz.SEO, SEM/PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media, WordPress etc. I can strongly say this is not just an institution which provides training to aspirants, but it also helps the aspirants to kick-start their careers. Last but not least you might find many different digital marketing training institutions in Chennai, but you may not find a Trainer, Mentor, and a philosopher like Mr. Suresh Kalyanasundaram. They provide training from their homely atmosphere, but if you look for material comforts, you lose out on Quality training. I would highly recommend this training center to all digital marketing aspirants.
Thilip Ramanujam
Thilip Ramanujam
13:49 10 Jun 18
Skartec Academy, Digital Marketing course in Chennai is all about one man show by Mr.Suresh, a digital marketing expert with over 25 years of industry experience. While inquiring about various online marketing courses in Chennai, it took just five minutes (of discussion with Suresh) for me to make up my mind and decide to join his course at Skartec. Now, having completed the course, I can confidently say that I have made the right choice and it is worth all the money that I’ve spent on this course. The Course content was quite comprehensive. Almost all the latest updates were included in the subject matter which helped both the career oriented professionals and business personalities, to stay relevant with what is currently happening in the digital marketing world. Suresh was a thorough professional with a clear focus on quality in teaching. His efficient and effective training methods ensured that all his students get a clear understanding of what is needed to succeed in dynamic online digital marketing environment. Having rich experience in Digital Marketing and Sales domain, the trainer was able to explain the subject matter with industry examples. Also, he utilized his sound knowledge and immense experience to clear any doubts, the trainers had on different subject matters. To put in a simple terms, Mr. Suresh was a very committed and passionate professional. Personally I attended 75% of the course offline (classroom sessions) and remaining 25% of the course online. I’ve to admit that the online sessions were as effective as offline sessions, and the trainer had taken enough measures to ensure that the quality wasn’t compromised while attending online sessions. I shall 100% recommend this course for someone who wants to pursue this course.
Mohan Raj
Mohan Raj
11:22 22 Mar 18
Excellent study material, where contents are tailored to fit one, perfectly in the attire of Digital Marketing Course! There have been many tutors who have taught subjects.. Suresh, just not went one step ahead, but many!!! He understands the content & interest of his students, & ensures the key result is the right end product which paves way for their career growth. A man who have chose the field of digital marketing, not as a choice, but as a passion & worked towards what he is today!
E rajan
E rajan
13:56 25 Jul 18
Skartec academy makes you industry ready. The Trainer has expertise in digital marketing along with vast experience in Marketing industry. We were not only given theoretical knowledge, but were imparted with current industry updates as well. He provided us with live projects and hands on training on tools & software. Training helped in learning all the aspects of digital marketing. The advantages of Skartec academy are 1. You can view the recorded lecture any time later if you feel need to brush your skills. Also the course materials are shared with us. 2. Constant updates even after training. 3. Practical learning approach. 4. I attended classes both offline and online, I didn't found any difference in learning. Thank You SKARTEC ACADEMY.
Hema kumar
Hema kumar
15:42 15 Jul 18
SKARTEC Headed by Expert Mr.Suresh, the Only Institute teaches​ real Digital Marketing Course in Chennai. Three months back I searched for best institutes for Digital Marketing Course in Chennai and I was Surprised by seeing SKARTEC having 5 Stars and reviews were Excellent and everyone mentioned about Mr.Suresh's expertise on taking classes, I called Mr.Suresh and he gave me a Crystal Clear intro about the course and he explained how he planned the modules of course and time line for each module. Since I was far away from Chennai I can't able to spent nearly 4 hours of travel so he suggests me to join in online session hopefully I am the first candidate to join Online Program. It was amazing and all the sessions were recorded and the videos were shared periodically. I came to know​ now every one prefers Online Program. When I joined Mr.Suresh Said I will make you Hero from Zero. Now he done it. Fees is very very less when u came across other institutes who only concentrates on money. If any one wants to join Digital Marketing Course across the world no other choice other than SKARTEC . I am very thank full to Mr.Suresh Bro for making me a complete Digital Marketing Expert where it helps a lot for my business and also for sharing many valuable softwares, resource materials,what's up group and periodical tech news. Thanks a lot Sir
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Our Students, Our Brand Ambassadors

With no doubt, SKARTEC is the ideal place to find Digital Marketing Course in Chennai. Being an entrepreneur I want my company to shine digitally.

After seeing a lot of institutes, I eventually came to know about SKARTEC and got all of my doubts cleared on the first meeting itself.

The digital media marketing course helped me to find in-depth knowledge in the area of online marketing.

Most importantly, the program is designed in a way as in each and every session you will learn something interesting and new and more importantly within a month, I’m already beginning to see results that are inspiring.

Aside from all this, you’re likely to have your hands on WordPress too. I can design my own site today, which is astonishing for me.

So overall I can make certain you will “NEVER” get this experience anywhere else.

Nithin Shiva, Owner, AtOneFix


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines have become part of our day-to-day life be it for researching a new smartphone or discovering the nearest coffeehouse or the finest biriyani joint. This proves that people are ending up being more reliant on search engines to get an answer to their daily queries. Become a specialist in scaling up in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Discover the most recent on-page and off-page optimization techniques and strategies. Be an authority on keyword research study and SEO strategy. Discover the secret sauce to dominate the online search engine by comprehending the different Google Algorithm updates.

Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click Ads

Find out how to successfully manage outstanding PPC campaigns using Google AdWords. Bring traffic that’s relevant, reach your target audience and convert your visitors into customers. Master the search engine marketing strategies. Learn how to get the best out of pay per click rates, improving the quality scores etc.

Affiliate Marketing

Making a commission by promoting other people’s products. You find a product you want, promote it to other people and make a piece of the profit for every sale that you make. Learn to make money online with ClickBank, JVZoo, Amazon etc.

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking or Growth Marketing is like advertising due to the fact that its ultimate objective is to motivate more individuals to utilize specific services or product. However, due to origins within the start-up community, it depends heavily on strategies which do not involve huge spending plans that bigger companies have access to. It unifies optimization, marketing, and developmental knowledge to pull automatic marketing on a budget plan. By the method of automated notification e-mails, super-simple sign-up forms or sign-up driven homepages and so on.

Local SEO

This will help you reach your potential clients when they are near your business, ready to buy. Learn the potential of Google My Business (GMB), NAP & Local Directory Listings.

Lead Generation Funnels

You’ll get a thorough grinding of the Four L’s of the Lead Generation Process. This can enable you to push your company towards success and higher ROI. This 4-layered strategy Includes Lead Capture, Lead Magnets, Landing Page Conversion, and Lead Scoring.

If you’re trying to find the best-in-class digital marketing course in Chennai, look no further. We also provide SEO Training, SEM Training separately.

Social Media Marketing 

Some elements of Social Media Optimization will occur as a natural by-product of producing high-quality content. When people see your website and love your articles, they will be more inclined to share it through Facebook, Twitter or other social networking websites. As more people see and discuss your articles in social media networks, your website acquires bookmarking, inbound links, traffic/visitors, and powerful social signals, all of which help your organic search visibility. Become a social media marketing consultant.

You will learn what variables are significant for SMM and what strategies can you use to increase the visibility and reach of your social networking posts. You will understand how to structure your articles to give them the best chance for clicks and conversions.

Google Analytics

Listen to your clients. They are telling you what they need each time they come to your site. Benefit from these useful insights to understand your audience’s behavior for digital marketing analytics making sense of customer information in a digital world.

SKARTEC academy is the best institute for learning the digital marketing course. Before joining this course I know nothing about digital marketing, but it’s helped me to learn more, and I have done everything by hands-on experiment.” – Vivek Kumar

What will you do as a digital marketer?

You work to initiate effective online campaigns, to translate business goals into an increased return on investment (ROI). You will be competent at evaluating the requirements of the marketplace, solve digital marketing challenges and comprehend how and where to discover info about consumer trends and needs. (Read our post on Top 10 Digital Marketing Skills.)

You will be accountable for developing the digital marketing strategy to market your business’s products or services. You accomplish this by creating multiple online promos and e-mail marketing campaigns to send your company’s message out as well as discover unique approaches to reaching your customers.

The online marketer’s function has comparable objectives and goals as a traditional marketing professional –to increase brand awareness, promote company’s products or services, and to drive potential customers to conversions.

Learn from the best digital marketing institute ~ SKARTEC



  • The elements of the Digital Marketing 360º universe. 
  • Benefits and opportunities of internet marketing. 
  • Best practices for internet marketing. 
  • Find the best niches for internet marketing. 
  • The do’s and don’ts of internet marketing. 
  • Create, manage and optimize online Marketing strategies.
  • The 4Ps of the online marketing mix. 
  • The scope of internet marketing in the future. 
  • Objectives of online marketing. 
  • Types of digital marketing channels. 
  • Ask all the questions you’d like!
  • Elements of digital marketing strategy. 
  • Allocation of a marketing budget. 
  • Starting an internet marketing business. 
  • How can digital marketing increase sales
  • How can digital marketing benefit businesses
  • What are the various online marketing platforms
  • How do web marketing agencies work
  • How metrics of digital marketing are generated. 
  • Current trends in internet marketing
  • Ask all the questions you’d like!

Join us for a Premium Learning Experience.