What is digital marketing ?

Digital marketing is the promotion of brands or products through one or more forms of digital media. The rise of smartphones, apps, and other forms of ‘new media’ has meant that digital marketers need to be able to connect with consumers through various devices and digital platforms, including social media. Digital marketing combines the creativity of developing new and interesting ways to get the marketing campaign’s message across, with the technical side of keeping track of data, digital engineering and analytics. 

Role of  digital marketing

In the event that there’s one thing you can underestimate about Digital Marketing, it’s that it changes constantly. What functioned admirably six months back most likely doesn’t give you similar outcomes today and in the event that you discover something that works for you at this moment, odds are in a couple of months every other person will have gotten on to that as well.

Digital Marketing is not about deals. Rather, you have to advance your business all the more quietly, through offering an incentive to your gathering of people as data, making inquiries of what they need and need from you, or noting inquiries regarding your industry. The more esteem you’re giving, the general population will focus.

You have to consider approaches to get your message to your crowd on their telephone, and not simply trust that they will suddenly explore to your site to perceive what you’re doing. Online networking is an awesome approach to get your business before individuals, especially on their mobiles.

So much has been said in regards to the significance of Social Media, yet the most essential message that such a variety of brands neglect to amplify is that you have to show your identity. You should be human, not only a machine conveying blog refreshes twice per week. Give your gathering of people a chance to become more acquainted with the face behind the brand, utilize a narrating sort of style to develop a photo of your image or items. Additionally, ensure that regardless of the possibility that you are posting your own particular substance on Social Media that you likewise post a blend of other substance as well. Tag important individuals or brands, or more all, be steady!

You truly can’t belittle the force of online networking, and on the off chance that you don’t think web-based social networking works for your business then you are certainly doing the wrong thing. Regardless of the possibility that you had a reasonable photo of your optimal client a year ago and a get procedure to connect with that individual, as I specified prior the patterns change so rapidly that you are most likely not achieving that perfect client any more.

You likewise need to remember that social stages change without a moment’s notice. A year back nobody had known about Periscope, yet now speedy speculation entrepreneurs are utilizing it to demonstrate their gathering of people live in the background updates and question and answer sessions. Once more, this fits in with the way of life of demonstrating the identity behind your image and obviously, it’s portable.

Who might have thought a year prior that we’d be stating that video has proceeded onward from YouTube? While YouTube is as yet the primary stage of decision for any video that you need to keep around for quite a while, Facebook, Instagram and obviously Periscope are all demonstrating to have a solid hang on the quickly developing Video space.

Around the world, there are more than 4 billion video sees on Facebook consistently, and video transferred straightforwardly to Facebook instead of installed from YouTube will play specifically in a client’s news-feed meaning they get a look at the activity to tempt them to navigate. This has permitted inventive deduction organizations to exploit the chance to snatch individuals’ consideration with the initial few moments of film and allure new fans to their image.

Periscope offers an alternate arrangement once more, the thought being live video spilling that anybody can participate to watch and make inquiries. The video is saved money on Periscope for 24 hours, yet can likewise be spared to YouTube on the off chance that you pick.

With such a great amount of going ahead in the Digital Space thus a wide range of approaches to achieve your intended interest group, it is essentially difficult to be wherever at all circumstances. The uplifting news is that your examination will have the capacity to show you precisely what is working and what isn’t, and you ought to ensure you screen all that you do to comprehend what works, what works better, and where you truly need to center your energies.

Marketing Automation is not a new instrument, but rather with the constantly developing on the web toolbox, it truly is a gigantic advantage to exploit. Digitization implies you can plan your blog entries ahead of time, have your online networking refreshes go out when the vast majority will see them and permits extraordinary access to following instruments and measurements that I specified previously. Via scheduling posts ahead of time you are likewise ready to free up time as you won’t always need to backpedal and post singular things, you can discover and post every one of your updates immediately. Simply recall that despite everything you have to remark and answer to your group of audience, consider signing on at specific circumstances twice per day to react to any remarks or inquiries that may have sprung up.

Keeping in mind the end goal to emerge on the web, excellent visuals are presently a standout amongst the most critical criteria to satisfy. Sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are based on pictures, while pictures and video are the most loved and shared sort of post on Facebook. Indeed, even business who don’t view themselves as to be picture based ought to put some time in making sense of a “look” that speaks to their image outwardly.

SEO Training In Chennai

Our hands on SEO Training will show you the abilities and methods it takes to get more focused on clients to discover your business on the web. We have prepared several entrepreneurs / small business owners to cost effectively build their online presentation by taking control of their internet showcasing and SEO. 

Most site design improvement organizations are spreading their time thin as they are only a number to them. Why pay a large number of dollars every year to a SEO company that could do your business more harm than great when you can learn in as little as one day effective methodologies to support your business deals and enquiries. This is the place you can have the most ideal opportunity to beat your rivals to the top spot in Google Search Engine Result Pages.

Our SEO training includes 2 main areas:

On-page SEO training

  • Advanced keyword research – learn to easily identify highly searched terms that people enter into Google and other search engines that are related to your product or service
  • Content creation – learn how to optimize your page text to have best possible chance of ranking well for the most highly searched terms
  • Image optimization – Learn how you can increase your rankings and conversion by optimizing the images you upload to your website
  • Domain name SEO – you will learn how you can identify, register and quickly create websites that can dominate the search engines without using pay per click
  • Meta Title, Descriptions, Keywords, Tags – During this SEO Training you will create an enticing description that will show up in search engine results that can greatly increase your click through rate and rankings. We also teach you how to add Keywords to Title.
  • Understand the various Google Algorithms – you will learn all the white-hat techniques along with the Google Algorithms viz. Penguin update, Panda update, Hummingbird update, Pigeon update thus enabling you to do a rich on-page SEO successfully.

Off-Page SEO Training

  • How to identify and get quality inbound links/ backlinks to your sites
  • Techniques to get quality inbound links. We will provide you with the best tips and suggestions on back linking.
  • You will also get to understand the usage of various tools such as Ahrefs, Majestic Tools, SemRush, Long Tail Pro etc. thus enhancing your knowledge in Off-page SEO.
  • Using the power of YouTube to increase your website visits
  • Facebook SEO – how to effectively promote products, services and events through Facebook
  • Google+ – Why you must have a Google plus account and why Google Authorship is the new game changer for your business

Having a good web site is an incredible beginning stage, yet unless it can really be found by individuals utilizing Google and other Search Engines, it is of minimal genuine incentive to you.

SEO improvement (or SEO for short) is a term that portrays an assortment of activities, exercises, methodologies, strategies and procedures done for enhancing your site to enhance search rankings, increment movement on the SERPs, and at last bring in loads of traffic.

Many Small Business (SMBs) proprietors perceive the requirement for a SEO procedure for their site, yet locate the entire idea somewhat overwhelming and don’t generally know how to begin.

Our SEO Training is flawless if you have to get a more conspicuous understanding of SEO – Search Engine Optimization. In 3 weeks, you’ll fathom what is Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), SEO keyword research procedures and how to enhance SEO copy/ content and inbound linking foundation to pass on more link juice and visitors to your site. You will moreover get the chance to perceive how Google Algorithms work, the distinctive On-page and Off-page SEO strategies, ways to deal with evaluate SEO and end the session with Search Engine Marketing/PPC. As a value addition, we also train you in WordPress Website Design free of cost. What more can you expect from a training which makes you an expert and just costs you 5K?

Social Media Marketing Training in Chennai

Learn online social networking showcasing techniques that work. The interest for web-based social networking mastery at present surpasses supply. Investigate the basics of online networking promoting and gain web-based social networking specifically from one of the world’s top web-based social networking influencers. Learn Social Media Marketing the savvy path with Social Media Marketing courses at SKARtec Digital Marketing Academy. social media marketing chennai

Our Aims

In this course you’ll get a genuine taste of the advertising force of web-based social networking efforts: making, overseeing and dispersing social substance through online groups. We’ll take a look at contextual analyses of clients connecting with organizations via web-based networking media destinations and assess the advantages and disadvantages of different online networking devices. An intriguing day spent investigating a dynamic and testing range. No specialized or earlier information required for this course.


Endless supply of this course, you ought to:

  1. Have a review of the 5 stages of an online networking effort.
  2. Understand how to discover and connect with informal organizations on the web.
  3. Know the do’s and don’ts of blogger effort.
  4. Have a business comprehension of Facebook and Twitter and when to utilize them.
  5. Be ready to screen the web (outline) separating remarks.
  6. Measure the discussion: comprehend the measurements and what fruitful engagement resembles.

Social Media Marketing Course Content

This course covers the accompanying subjects:

  • What is Social Media? How does online networking advertising contrast with customary promoting? Do you know the contrast between a web-based social networking methodology and an online networking effort? What are the must-do ventures of an effective crusade utilizing Facebook, Twitter and other long range interpersonal communication devices?
  • The utilization of informal communication instruments has become throughout the last 5 or 6 years to the degree that not exclusively will we explore Return on Investment (ROI) of advertising dollars in online media additionally look at the Cost of Inaction (COI) of not being included. By getting comfortable with contextual investigations, insights, influencer checking and estimation, advertising experts can amplify their online engagement with clients.
  • We particularly take a deep look at Listening and Monitoring, Creating Social Content, Blogger Outreach and Social Media Press Releases, Promotional Tools and Measurement. There are likewise chances to bring your traffic and thus increase your inquiries and conversions.

Digital Marketing Course Duration

  • In this unit students will learn about the dynamic world of digital marketing and the marketing potential it can provide. Know how existing and new products can be marketed using both digital and traditional means to optimize the results. Develop your awareness of the impact of new technology on customer relations, pricing, order fulfillment and quality assurance. digital marketing course duration

After successfully completing this unit, you should be able to: 

  • Apply digital marketing fundamentals to the analysis, design and decision making methodologies to identify and provide innovative solutions to complex problems.
  • Demonstrate a coherent and advanced knowledge of digital marketing concepts using critical thinking.
  • Apply problem solving, design and decision making methodologies to identify and provide innovative digital marketing strategies.
  • Communicate proficiently in a professional context with a wide variety of audiences and work with diverse groups.
  • The digital marketing course duration is 6-weeks, with sessions between Monday to Saturday and student dedicating 2 hours per day.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Skills

Is digital marketing a good career


Digital Marketing Course in Chennai

We are here to EDUCATE, ENGAGE and EMPOWER the new generation of digital marketing professionals. The crux of our training is to show you the way, how businesses can brand themselves on the digital platform. Our digital marketing course in Chennai will help you to plan, develop, implement digital strategies and campaigns such as online marketing, site design, and strategy, social networking, sales funnels, reputation management etc.

A bright career in digital marketing awaits you! Our Certified Digital Marketing Specialist Program will “TRANSFORM YOU” into a complete digital marketer. A complete digital marketing course.

Your search for a world-class digital marketing course in Chennai ends here!

Digital marketing is the promotion of products or services using digital channels to reach consumers. The key objective is to promote brands through various forms of digital media. It extends beyond online mediums to include channels that do not require the use of the internet. It includes mobile phones (both SMS and MMS), social media marketing, display advertising, search engine marketing, and other forms of digital media.

Most experts believe that ‘digital’ is not just yet another channel for marketing. It requires a new approach to marketing and a better understanding of consumer behavior. It requires companies to analyze and quantify the value of downloads of apps on mobile devices, tweets on Twitter, likes on Facebook and so on. Here is where persona development comes into the picture. You will learn ‘Why and How’ you should use them.

Online Marketing can increase your reach tremendously. It can be accessed across a multitude of platforms and at virtually any given time. There are also paid/sponsored promotion strategies that can increase your reach, which can engage your market on a superlative level when executed correctly.

Best Institute for Digital Marketing

The scope of digital marketing in India is increasing by leaps and bounds. New enterprises are focusing more on digital marketing to boost up their productivity. The recent years have seen significant growth in this realm. Higher salaries, secured job profiles, and broad goals are some of the benefits of online marketing. Paan Walas are going online, it’s time you get empowered.

Going the digital route also enables you to attain invaluable insight into your product. By asking questions on social media and blogs or utilizing online polls and surveys, you are able to gauge your audience’s feelings or thoughts on a relevant subject. In this regard, you can see whats right and where you are falling short. The use of web analytics or social listening tools gives you the ability to gauge the degree of interest in an area so you can roll out your strategy in accordance or make the necessary adjustments.

Join us for the best digital marketing course in Chennai and enable yourself to get a profound knowledge of marketing and online promotion.

Get in touch with us to understand how our certification program will help you shape your career.


8+ Certifications from Google, Hubspot, Facebook etc. Our training will help you get through all these in the 1st attempt.

Get Trained By An Expert

Seasoned Sales & Marketing Professional with over 25+ years of experience. Learn both Digital & Traditional marketing techniques. Become a complete Sales Professional.

Advanced Curriculum

Our digital marketing course modules are updated frequently with the latest happenings in the industry of online marketing.

Lifetime Support

Be it strategies, ideas or anything. You can call the trainer any time after completion of your training.

Certified Digital Marketing Specialist Program

Digital marketing specialists work to initiate successful advertising campaigns online, and to translate business goals into increased ROI. They are adept at evaluating the needs of the market and will understand how and where to get knowledge about consumer trends and demands. They are responsible for developing the strategy used in marketing a company’s product online. This is accomplished by putting together various online promotions and e-mailing campaigns to get their company’s message out, and by performing persona research to discover different ways of reaching customers by means of the Internet. The specialist role has similar objectives and goals as an advertising professional — to boost brand awareness, promote company products or services and to drive prospects to conversions. These individuals can function as Digital Sales Executives, Internet Marketing Experts, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/ marketing experts (SEM) or Digital Marketing Directors, among other alternatives.

Course Highlights

Our course provides you with practical activities and insights into the main digital channels including SEO, Social Media, PPC, and WordPress. We also look at Web Analytics, SMO, and Video.

Course Highlights

This digital marketing training will allow you to understand the core theoretical components of online marketing in context and will help when creating an effective digital strategy.

Course Highlights

With our guidance, you’ll start creating a digital marketing plan which incorporates the key strategic components and utilizes a variety of digital channels and campaign tactics.

Ready to kickstart a career in digital marketing?

What can you Expect from our digital marketing training?

Through insightful & dynamic lectures, case studies and practical examples, you will get exposure to the newest methods, techniques, and tools to boost your company’s online marketing and brand-building efforts.

Our digital marketing training program and course material have been designed to provide digital & traditional marketers as well as newcomers to marketing, an in-depth knowledge of various aspects of online marketing.

Join us, if you want to do a digital marketing course in Chennai!

You will be able to secure fabulous career opportunities both in India as well as Overseas. Whether you aspire to be a Digital Marketing Professional or Entrepreneur, our certification program on offer is full of practical insights and very much career-oriented.

By taking our digital marketing course in Chennai, you will have the ability to prepare an actionable internet marketing strategy for your business. You will have the necessary skills and knowledge to implement an internet marketing campaign immediately.

The Certified Digital Marketing Specialist Program is a sound course of study for anyone engaged in the planning, implementation or measurement of online marketing strategies – or anyone who would like to secure a career in this area. This programme is well suited for professionals of all levels and disciplines and will prepare you to assume a more specialist role within the overall marketing realm.

Our bespoke digital marketing program has been stacked into 16 Power-packed modules, to give you a thorough grinding of how to use it for your business success. It’s our “guarantee” to those hiring you that they are getting well trained, quality marketing professionals.

Search Engine Optimisation
Become an expert on scaling up on the search engine rankings. Discover the newest on-page and off-page optimization strategies and techniques. Become an authority on keyword research and SEO strategy.

Building Powerful Backlinks
The popularity of your site is among the most crucial things that Google will consider when ranking your site. Building links to your site from 3rd party websites will enhance your online popularity. Discover how to successfully build quality backlinks while complying with Google’s quality standards. Know the various Google algorithmic upgrades.

Search Engine Marketing / PPC Ads
Find out how to successfully manage outstanding PPC campaigns using Google AdWords. Bring traffic that’s relevant, reach your target audience and convert your visitors into customers. Know your USP & CRO.

YouTube Marketing
The power of visual storytelling, the way to use visuals videos and social media to advertise your brand.

Display Advertising
We spend 95% of our online time reading and participating with posts on websites. Display advertisements allow you to reach prospective clients by placing ads on third-party sites throughout the Internet. Become an authority in display advertisements.

WordPress Webdesign
You will be able to build your own WordPress websites by customizing interface, posts, pages, media, themes, plugins and widgets. Introduction to digital marketing strategy.

Local SEO
This will help you reach your potential clients when they are near your business, ready to buy. Learn the potential of Google My Business (GMB), NAP & Local Directory Listings.

Boost Your Email Marketing Campaigns
Implement powerful behavior-driven email advertising automation that helps your clients and grow your bottom line. Learn how to grow your email list, create email marketing campaigns & Opt-ins utilizing MailChimp.

Enhance Your Online Brand Reputation
Become a specialist in participating with your audience and take charge of your online brand reputation. Discover how to interact, connect and engage with your potential customers in a meaningful way.

Facebook Marketing
Target only the perfect audience. Filter your audience by location, interests, age, profession,… Facebook’s comprehensive targeting gives a huge control over costs and permits you to maximize your Return On Investment (ROI). Discover how to successfully manage Facebook campaigns. Case studies of effective Facebook marketing campaigns.

Master Google Analytics
Listen to your clients. They are telling you what they need each time they come to your site. Benefit from these useful insights to understand your audience’s behavior. Digital marketing analytics making sense of customer information in a digital world.

Benefits of joining our digital marketing course in Chennai

On completion of this digital marketing course in Chennai, you will have a thorough understnding of the significance of the Internet and electronic commerce to the industry. You will understand the business relevance of digital communication channels like display advertising, email marketing and social media marketing. You can apply these techniques to develop a digital marketing strategy or a digital marketing plan, in which you evaluate and use information technology to improve customer relationships. You will have the ability to identify and evaluate emerging technologies and other digital innovations.

All of the 16 modules are masterclasses that will teach you the fundamentals and core of each topic, enabling you to use the knowledge and skills obtained straight away. The program provides a deep understanding of the key components for building successful digital marketing campaigns using the appropriate social media channels, strategies, and tools.

You will learn the 4 L’s of successful lead generation process. This will help you to run-push your business or company towards success and huge profits. This 4-layered strategy consists of Lead Capture, Lead Magnets, Landing Page Conversion, as well as Lead Scoring. You will learn to generate more leads by using lead generation tools and understand how to create best landing pages to create more leads.

We will prepare you to appear for multiple digital marketing certifications viz. Google AdWords – Fundamentals, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Video Advertising, Mobile Ads, Google Analytics, Mobile Site Developer & Bing Ads by Microsoft.

Google AdWords Video Advertising Exam Questions & Answers

Google AdWords Video Advertising Exam – Questions & Answers (2018)



_______ is used for AdWords for video campaigns.
  A)  Cost-per-click (CPC) bidding
  B)  Cost-peracquisition (CPA) bidding
  C)  Cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) bidding
  D)  Cost-per-view (CPV) bidding
Where would a call-to-action (CTA) overlay show?

  • A) All of the listed answers are correct
  • B) On True View Video discovery ads
  • C) On videos on your channel
  • D) On embedded videos


A click on a companion banner:

  • A) All of the listed answers are correct
  • B) counts as a view even if the person hasn’t watched 30 seconds of the ad
  • C) can direct to a YouTube channel
  • D) can direct to an external URL


True or False: Advertisers have to implement a code to use the remarketing feature on AdWords for video.

  • A) False
  • B) True


An advertiser is charged for viewing a TrueView Discovery ad when someone:

  • A) watches the entire ad
  • B) watches a TrueView in-stream ad after watching a TrueView in- display ad
  • C) clicks and views the first frame of the video
  • D) shares the ad


Which should you consider when evaluating the performance of an advertiser’s TrueView campaign for brand awareness?

  • A) The targeting options that were used
  • B) Click-through rate (CTR) and cost-per-click (CPC)
  • C) View rate and cost-per-click (CPC)
  • D) View rate, cost-per-view (CPV), and follow-on views


True or False: IP address exclusion is not available for TrueView campaigns

  • A) False
  • B) True


If your client wants a specific reach for a specific price on YouTube, you should use:

  • A) affinity audiences
  • B) placement targeting
  • C) reservation buying
  • D) TrueView videos ads


Video remarketing is a way to optimize:

  • A) conversions
  • B) video campaigns
  • C) cost-per-view (CPV) bidding strategies
  • D) bidding strategies


True or False: Advertisers can set bids per ad format

  • A) True
  • B) False


The standard companion banner size for TrueView in-stream ads on YouTube is:

  • A) 300×80
  • B) 300×600
  • C) 300×60
  • D) 300×250


Linking a YouTube channel to a Google+ page lets you:

  • A) manage one channel from one Google account and let multiple people manage a channel
  • B) manage one channel from one Google account
  • C) manage multiple channels from one Google account
  • D) manage multiple channels from one Google account and let multiple people manage a channel


TrueView Video Discovery ads run on:

  • A) The Search Network and the Display Network
  • B) The YouTube Network
  • C) The Display Network
  • D) YouTube video and search pages and the Display Network


Which of these formats can be booked cross-screen (mobile and desktop)?

  • A) Rich Media Custom Mastheads
  • B) Video Mastheads
  • C) Rich Media Layouts Mastheads
  • D) Video Media Layout Mastheads


                        are optional, clickable thumbnail images that appear next to TrueView InStream ads on YouTube.

  • A) Companion banners
  • B) TrueView Video Discovery ads
  • C) YouTube Mastheads
  • D) Companion Mastheads


TrueView Video Discovery ads run on:

  • A) The Search Network and the Display Network
  • B) The YouTube Network
  • C) The Display Network
  • D) YouTube video and search pages and the Display Network, home page, channel, watch page


How can an advertiser calculate the view rate of a video campaign?

  • A) By looking at the percentage of viewers who watched the video until the last quartile
  • B) By dividing the number of views by the number of impressions
  • C) By dividing the number of impressions by the number of clicks
  • D) By dividing the number of clicks by the number of views


Which devices can an advertiser target with a mobile video masthead?

  • A) Android only
  • B) Both mobile and tablets
  • C) Mobile only
  • D) Tablets only


What does linking an AdWords account to a YouTube account allow an advertiser to do?

  • A) Access additional video reporting metrics
  • B) All of the listed answers are correct
  • C) Create call-to-action (CTA) overlays
  • D) Create a remarketing list


What percentage of video view on YouTube come from mobile devices?


·         More than 50%

·         Almost 25%

·         Almost 15%

·         More than 75%

True or False: To get full access to YouTube analytics, you need to link your AdWords and YouTube accounts.

  • A) True
  • B) False


What do earned actions measure?


·         Earned Views, Earned Comments and Earned Likes

·         Earned conversions

·         Earned visits to the website and earned comments

·         Earned visits to the website, earned views and earned comments

What are the targeting options for mastheads?

  • A) Affinity, remarketing, and topics
  • B) Visitors to the YouTube homepage in a targeted country
  • C) Affinity and remarketing
  • D) Topics and remarketing


_________ ads can be created and managed through AdWords.
  A)  Reserve-bought
  B)  TV
  C)  TrueView
  D)  Masthead
A TrueView video discovery ad needs to be:


·         There isn’t a time limit

·         about 2 minutes

·         less than 30 seconds

·         more than 30 seconds

_________ ads can be created and managed through AdWords.
  A)  Reserve-bought
  B)  TV
  C)  TrueView
  D)  Masthead
What’s the view rate of an AdWords campaign that shows 10,000 impressions, 900 views, and 300 clicks?

  • A) 0.2
  • B) 0.11
  • C) 0.09
  • D) 0.02


People are added to an advertiser’s video remarketing list when they:

  • A) sign in to YouTube
  • B) watch, comment on, like, or share the advertiser’s YouTube video
  • C) watch, comment on, like, or share a competitor’s YouTube video
  • D) click a text ad in Google search results
Video ads can run on:

  • A) YouTube only
  • B) YouTube and the Display Network
  • C) The Display Network and video partner sites and apps
  • D) YouTube and video partner sites and apps


True or False: You can use contextual targeting with videos.

  • A) False
  • B) True


TrueView in-stream ads and Video Discovery ads appear, respectively:

  • A) before videos and as clickable thumbnails
  • B) as clickable thumbnails and before videos
  • C) to the left and right of videos
  • D) at the top and bottom of videos


On average, how long does it take for a video ad to get approved?

  • A) 1 business day
  • B) Video ads are instantly eligible to show on YouTube and the Display Network
  • C) 2 hours
  • D) 10 business days


Which is a tip for optimizing a TrueView video for viewer engagement?

  • A) Increase each target group’s bid by 100%
  • B) Add a call-to-action overlay
  • C) Add exclusions to the campaign
  • D) Run both an in-stream and an in-display version of the ad


What’s an example of a managed placement for a TrueView in-stream ad?

  • A) A website on the Display Network
  • B) A specific YouTube video
  • C) All of the listed answers are correct
  • D) A YouTube channel


Which can an advertiser include in a TrueView video ad to increase interactivity?

  • A) A scrolling banner
  • B) An animated GIF
  • C) A card
  • D) A blinking border


With a Masthead ad, an advertiser can reserve:

  • A) YouTube search pages
  • B) Specific channels
  • C) The YouTube homepage
  • D) Specific videos


Which of these remarketing lists can be used for a video campaign?

  • A) All of the listed answers are correct
  • B) People who watched certain videos on the advertiser’s YouTube channel
  • C) People who skipped the advertiser’s TrueView in-stream ads
  • D) People who clicked the +1 button on the advertiser’s Google+ page


The initial remarketing list size for video campaigns includes users from the past:

  • A) You can’t include visitors from past days
  • B) 30 days
  • C) 15 days
  • D) 540 days


TrueView in-stream ads can appear on:

  • A) YouTube Mastheads
  • B) the Google Play Store
  • C) Google search results and YouTube watch pages
  • D) YouTube watch pages


How can an advertiser set up AdWords conversion tracking for a TrueView in-stream ad campaign?

  • A) By using YouTube Analytics
  • B) By using Google Analytics
  • C) You can’t measure conversions with the in-stream format
  • D) By creating an AdWords conversion tracking code


A client who wants to advertise before, during, or after popular videos on the Display Network should:

  • A) create a video ad campaign
  • B) add a call-to-action (CTA) overlay to video ads
  • C) add the keyword “video” to relevant campaigns
  • D) bundle display ads for each target audience


An advertiser can use a remarketing tag to target people who’ve:

  • A) searched on YouTube for videos about products like hers
  • B) set up multiple YouTube accounts
  • C) posted videos on YouTube that mention her products
  • D) subscribed to or unsubscribed from her YouTube channel


True or False: More than one YouTube account can be linked to an AdWords account.
  A)  True
  B)  False
The best way to reserve an ad is to:

  • A) Create a reservation campaign in AdWords
  • B) Contact a Google sales representative
  • C) Create a standard video campaign
  • D) Enter specifications on the “Reservation” tab


If an advertiser adds affinity audiences and topics to the same targeting group, a TrueView ad will show:

  • A) only on targeted affinity audiences
  • B) only when targeted topics and affinity audiences match
  • C) on targeted topics and affinity audiences
  • D) only on targeted topics


True or False: With TrueView in-stream video ads, the advertiser pays when someone hovers their cursor over the ad for 5 seconds.

  • A) True
  • B) False


Which ad rotation option can’t be used for video campaigns?

  • A) Rotate evenly
  • B) Optimize for clicks
  • C) Optimize for conversions
  • D) Optimize for views


Video advertising on YouTube lets you:

  • A) use free video analytics
  • B) use pay-per-report analytics and pay for click-through only
  • C) pay a single monthly fee
  • D) use pay-per-report analytics and pay a single monthly fee


True or False: YouTube remarketing lists can be used with standard text and display ads.

  • A)True
  • B) False


Which can be done in YouTube Analytics?

  • A) Check the conversion volume
  • B) Check engagement reports
  • C) Check the count of TrueView earned actions
  • D) Create remarketing lists


If your client wants to pay only when someone views an ad, you should use:

  • A) YouTube homepage ads
  • B) Text ads
  • C) Viewable cost-per-thousand-impressions (vCPM) bidding
  • D) TrueView in-stream ads


The most effective way to control the number of times someone sees an ad is by:

  • A) Monitoring audience retention metrics with YouTube Analytics
  • B) Setting a lower cost-per-view (CPV) bid at the target group level
  • C) Lowering bidding levels
  • D) Setting a frequency cap


Video ads can appear on:

  • A) Specific YouTube channels
  • B) All of the listed answers are correct
  • C) Websites on the Display Network
  • D) Specific YouTube videos


What’s needed for an advertiser to set up a video ad campaign?

  • A) A budget for creating professional video ads
  • B) A conversion rate of at least 5% on the Google Search Network
  • C) A YouTube video
  • D) A base AdWords budget in addition to pay-per-click costs


Which is a best practice for a successful TrueView in-stream ad?

  • A) Add a frequency cap
  • B) All of the listed answers are correct
  • C) Include a strong call-to-action so the viewer knows what to do
  • D) Use at least 3 types of targeting to find out which performs best


You can see average video-view duration metrics in the:

  • A) Google Analytics
  • B) the “Audience retention” tab in YouTube Analytics
  • C) reports in AdWords
  • D) the “Campaigns” tab in AdWords


Which of these can be created to run on the Display Network?

  • A) VideoPlus ads
  • B) TrueView and VideoPlus ads
  • C) Homepage expandable Masthead ads
  • D) Lightbox ads and TrueView video discovery ads


True or False: Video ads may appear in videos marked “Private” on YouTube.

  • A) True
  • B) False


With YouTube Analytics, you can track metrics on:

  • A) YouTube session length
  • B) cost-per-channel visit
  • C) playback locations
  • D) TrueView ad skip rates


What is masthead billing based on?

  • A) Impressions
  • B) A flat daily fee
  • C) Impressions and clicks
  • D) Clicks


What are best practices for creating a TrueView in-stream ad?

  • A) All of the listed answers are correct
  • B) Provide clear next steps so customers can take action
  • C) Deliver the most important message early in the video
  • D) All a call-to-action (CTA) overlay


Call-to-action (CTA) overlays are compatible with:

  • A) TrueView in-stream ads only
  • B) TrueView in-display ads only
  • C) TrueView in-display ads that are at least 30 seconds long
  • D) any TrueView ad format


Frequency capping counts include:

  • A) only impressions that led to clicks
  • B) all impressions, including those that weren’t viewable
  • C) all impressions appearing in an ad position of “1”
  • D) only impressions that were viewable


TrueView video discovery ads run on:

  • A) YouTube homepage, channels, watch pages, and search results, and the Display Network
  • B) YouTube videos and search results, and the Display Network
  • C) YouTube watch pages and Masthead ads, and Google search results
  • D) Google TV, Google search results, and the Display Network


Why is average view frequency important to measure?

  • A) It lets you continually track conversions
  • B) It tells you how many people are viewing the ad
  • C) It shows you how engaged people are with the ad
  • D) It shows how often the average person sees or interacts with the ad


                         targeting lets advertisers place ads on specific websites, YouTube videos, and YouTube Partner channels with TrueView ads.

  • A) Topic
  • B) Interest
  • C) Contextual
  • D) Placement


What’s the difference between cost-per-click (CPC) bidding and cost-per- view (CPV) bidding?

  • A) The advertiser pays for an impression with CPC bidding, and pays when someone watches at least 5 seconds of the ad with CPV bidding
  • B) The advertiser pays for a click on her YouTube channel with CPC bidding, and pays for a conversion with CPV bidding
  • C) The advertiser pays for a click on an ad with CPC bidding, and pays when someone engages with the content — for example by clicking install or watching the first 30 seconds of the ad — with CPV bidding
  • D) The advertiser pays for a click that brings someone to her website with CPC bidding, and pays when there’s an impression with CPV bidding


When is someone added to an advertiser’s video remarketing list?

  • A) When she clicks the ad
  • B) When she purchases something from the advertiser’s website
  • C) When she views the ad for the second time
  • D) When she views the ad


What’s the maximum length a TrueView video ad can be?

  • A) 1 minute, 30 seconds
  • B) There isn’t a time limit
  • C) 30 seconds
  • D) 7 minutes


To run a TrueView video ad, the video must be uploaded to:

  • A) any video hosting site
  • B) YouTube, with the privacy settings changed to “Public” or “Unlisted”
  • C) an advertiser’s website
  • D) YouTube, with the privacy settings changed to “Private”


Which can’t be added to a TrueView video?

  • A) A mobile app promo
  • B) A ticker tape
  • C) A companion banner
  • D) A call-to-action overlay


TrueView Video Discovery ads run on:

  • A) The Search Network and the Display Network
  • B) The YouTube Network
  • C) The Display Network
  • D) YouTube video and search pages and the Display Network, home page, channel, watch page


TrueView video discovery ads run on:

  • A) YouTube homepage, channels, watch pages, and search results, and the Display Network
  • B) YouTube videos and search results, and the Display Network
  • C) YouTube watch pages and Masthead ads, and Google search results
  • D) Google TV, Google search results, and the Display Network


In which TrueView format(s) can an advertiser use a companion banner?

  • A) In-stream and in-display
  • B) All of the listed answers are incorrect
  • C) In-stream
  • D) In-display


A viewer can skip watching a TrueView in-stream ad after:

  • A) 10 seconds
  • B) 2 seconds
  • C) 5 seconds
  • D) 7 seconds


TrueView video campaigns can include:


·         Videos uploaded directly to YouTube

·         Images

·         Other Video Formats

·         Text

An advertiser can:

  • A) remarket video ads from the Google Search Network on the Google Display Network
  • B) target viewers who are watching competitors’ ads on YouTube
  • C) optimize remarketing by raising bids on topics or channels that generate the greatest ad response
  • D) combine an AdWords remarketing list with a video remarketing list



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