AdWords Mobile Ads Exam

Google AdWords Mobile Ads Exam – Questions & Answers (2017)


With a business in an eligible country, advertisers can use website call conversions to track calls to a Google Forwarding number on their site from users who arrived there from any source.


The path to conversion on mobile is not the same as on desktop or tablet due to ALL of the following EXCEPT:

– Functionality
– Differing screen size
– Context

For someone who wants to run a Display Network campaign, which tool is best suited for providing targeting ideas and estimates?

Display Planner
– Display Ad Builder
– Display Ad Preview and Diagnosis
– Display Keyword Planner

How do upgraded URLs help advertisers with 3rd party conversion tracking?

Manage a single tracking URL at the campaign, ad group or ad level that is separate from the landing page URL
– Show app install ads only to people who haven’t downloaded the app yet
– Show deep link URLs only to people who already have the app
– Allow advertisers to direct users to the app store to download their app

iOS App Install confirmation is a feedback mechanism which enables customers to receive confirmation from Google every time an iOS app install event can be attributed to an AdWords ad click or view. Why would an advertiser use this solution?

The advertiser is using an in-house or third party app analytics system.
– This is the only available method of conversion tracking for iOS
– The advertiser wants to count calls as conversions
– The advertiser is interested in cross–device conversions

A(n) ____________ gives your app users the ability to open your app directly from other apps by clicking a link. To give your app users the ability to open your app directly from other apps by clicking a link, you should use:

– app index
custom deep link
– location extension
– website deep link

App remarketing allows you to target people who:

Have used your app before
– Have searched for your app
– Have searched for apps similar to yours
– Have never used your app before

Which of the following is true about apps?

– Apps and mobile optimized sites are the same thing
– One a user downloads an app, they are likely to return and engage with it.
Apps are more geared towards retentions, loyalty and engagement
– Apps are more geared towards acquisition purposes

What is an app engagement ad?

Customized ad shown to users who already have the app in order to drive them back to the app
– An app extensions which shows a link to your app below your ad
– A templated “engagement” image ad which allows you to add more text or information to your ad
– An ad which uses cookies to appear to users who have already downloaded an app

The mobile video Masthead is a homepage ad similar to the desktop video Masthead and will appear on the homepage of all of the YouTube mobile and tablet properties, including _____.

– the Android mobile app and
– both the iOS and Android mobile apps
the Android native mobile app, the iOS app, and
– reserve in-stream ads

To re-engage users with an app, use the following strategies:

Build remarketing lists, engage in proactive outreach, offer something unique, use deep linking, and track everything beyond installs to understand your most valuable users
– Build remarketing lists, engage in reactive outreach, offer something free, and don’t track anything outside of installs
– Build general email lists, engage in reactive outreach, don’t use deep linking, and don’t track outside of installs
– Build remarketing lists, engage in reactive outreach, use deep linking, and track outside of installs for your most valuable users

The codeless conversion tracking solution is usually recommended for app downloads on Android OS over SDK or server to server solution when speed and ease of implementation is a priority.

– False

You can use the Mobile App Overview report to do which of the following?

– Review the code for your app and SDKs
Assess the general health of your app and to follow data trends
– Review data about your users’ names, addresses, and income brackets
– Gain insights into your competitor’s strategies

Which is a benefit of using server-to-server app conversion tracking over an SDK?

If not implemented correctly, adding the SDK and conversion tracking code could result in bugs in the app
– Server-to-server connections are easier to set up than code-less conversion tracking
– Adding SDK and conversion tracking changes to your app doesn’t require review by the Google Play Store
– Adding multiple SDKs for various advertising or analytics platforms have no impact on app code file-size

To find the right mobile bid, you would calculate:

– (mobile conversion rate / desktop conversion rate) x 100
– (desktop conversion rate/ mobile conversion rate) – 1
– (mobile conversion rate / desktop conversion rate) + 1
(mobile conversion rate / desktop conversion rate) – 1

When should an advertiser use an app extension instead of an app promotion ad?

With keywords intended to direct users to the mobile website, but still give the option to download the app
– To run your ad on both Search and Display
– To re-engage with users who have already downloaded the app
– With keywords intended to drive app download, but still give the option to visit the mobile website

An advertiser would NOT use AdWords’ mobile offering to:

Build a mobile-optimized website
– Engage with users who have already downloaded their app
– Track conversions once a user downloads their app
– Advertise their app

According to a Nielsen study, what percentage of purchase-related conversions happened within an hour of the mobile searches that initiated them?

– 25%
– 0%
– 75%

Showrooming refers to:

– The phenomenon which turns brick and mortar stores into showroom apps for mobile users
– The phenomenon where brands sell specialty or limited quantity goods through mobile
– The phenomenon where various brands within similar categories complete for brand placement on a mobile device
The phenomenon which turns brick and mortar stores into showrooms for products which are then purchased online or via mobile 

With YouTube Mastheads you can get 100% share of voice, not just on the desktop YouTube site, but also across screens with:

– The YouTube mobile site and Google Play App
– The YouTube mobile site and the YouTube app 
– Video Search on Google
– The AdWords mobile site and YouTube app

Which of the following is a way for an advertiser to monetize their app?

– Charging for app downloads from the Apple iTunes or Google Play store
All of the listed answers are correct
– In-app purchases
– In-app ads

Which flexible bid strategy might help improve the chances that your ad gets to the top of the page?
Which automated bid strategy might help improve the chances that your ad gets to the top of the page?

– Target outranking share
– Target cost-per-acquisition (CPA)
Target search page location
– Target return on ad spend (ROAS)

To track conversion in an app, you can add the AdWords Conversion Tracking SDK to your app. SDK stands for:

– Schema Development Key
– Software Deprecation Kit
Software Development Kit
– Schema Development Kit

A mobile app is an application that can be downloaded and installed on your mobile device or rendered within a browser.

– True

What is an app install ad?

– A type of targeting used to match your ads to sites or pages based on the keywords or topics you’ve chosen
– An ad format for advertisers to re-engage with users who have already downloaded the app
– A templated way to create text, banner, image, and interstitial ads driving users to the Google Play store 
– An app extension which shows a link to your app below your ad

Select the one way NOT to track app conversions.

– Using an app analytics provider for your AdWords campaigns
– Integrate the Google SDK in your app
Add a Javascript snippet to your website
– Using Codeless Android Install tracking

Assuming you are not using any bid adjustment and you value mobile traffic over desktop, which bid adjustment should you set?

Increase bid adjustment for mobile
– Increase bid adjustment for tablets
– Increase bid adjustment for desktop
– Increase bid adjustment for mobile and desktop

Usage data allows advertisers to:

– Change bid adjustments based on mobile traffic
Create remarketing lists based on how frequently or infrequently a customer is using their app
– Create a conversion tracking list and add it to their app
– Add the conversion tracking tag to their app

_______ are a type of ad format that show extra information about your business.

– App installs
– Ad extensions
– Deep link
Ad extensions

Call conversions, which can be tracked by businesses in eligible countries, can help advertisers understand the value that calls from their ads are driving by counting calls of a minimum duration to a Google forwarding number as conversions.

– False

An app developer might use remarketing if they wanted to promote a paid version of their game to all users of the free version who reached Level 10 of the game.

– False

When conversion data shows that mobile drives more value, you would _____ your mobile bid. When conversion data shows that desktop drives more value, you would ______ your mobile bid.

– lower, lower
raise, lower
– lower, raise
– raise, raise

Mobile presents an opportunity for a more targeted marketing message because you have an understanding of context such as time, location, and proximity of the customer.

– False

iOS app conversion tracking cannot be set up using:

– Install confirmation feedback
– Server-to-server (S2S)
Codeless conversion tracking

Which of the following is true about apps?

Once a customer downloads an app, they will be likely to return
– Most smartphone users download apps on a weekly basis
– The majority of Android apps have been downloaded
– The number of app installs on Android tablet is increasing

Showing your ads on top of the mobile page in search results is beneficial because:

– Ads above the results get more prominent notice with desktop screens. There are also no ads on the right-hand side of the results on mobile.
Ads below the results get more prominent notice with smaller mobile screens. There are also ads on the right-hand side of the results on mobile.
– Ads above the results get more prominent notice with larger mobile screens. There are also no ads on the right-hand side of the results on mobile.
– Ads above the results might get more prominent notice with smaller mobile screens. There are also no ads on the right-hand side of the results on mobile.

If your campaign is running on the Display Network, your ads:

– Are not eligible to show in mobile apps
– Will only show on mobile apps that you select
Are automatically eligible to show in mobile apps
– Are only eligible to show in specific mobile apps

To understand the full value of mobile, you must take into account:

– Mobile conversions
– Utilization of mobile ad formats, extensions, app and mobile site design best practices
App downloads, calls, store visits, cross device conversion, mobile conversions
– Cross device and mobile conversions

Which of the following is NOT a type of mobile ad extension?

– Sitelink extension
Download extension
– Call extension
– App extension

Sitelink extensions:

Allow advertisers to give users the option to land directly on specific pages of your site.
– Allow targeted remarketing list users to land directly on specific pages of your site.
– Show your business address, phone number and a map marker with your ad text.
– Decrease click through rates (CTR) as users are sent to specific pages of your site.

AdWords cross-device conversions don’t:

– track from mobile to desktop conversions; they only track desktop to mobile conversions
– help advertisers understand the device that received the last ad click before the conversion
– help advertisers track conversions that couldn’t be tracked before in AdWords since they were attributed to another non-AdWords channel like organic search or direct
track from desktop to mobile conversions; they only track mobile to desktop conversions

Where can app ads run?

– Within other apps, also known as in-app
– Only on the Google Play store
Across Display, Search, and YouTube
– Only on Admob

________ is a tool that can show you what happens after a customer clicks on your ads; whether they made a purchase, downloaded an app, or called your business.

– Keyword planner
– Sitelinks
– App extensions
Conversion tracking

Which of the following is true about mobile optimized sites?

– You should build your app before your mobile site
– Visitors to your mobile-optimized site will be at the same point in the purchase funnel as visitors to your desktop site
– Mobile websites should only focus on task-based functionality, i.e. be a stripped-down version of the desktop site
Mobile-friendly experiences typically feature easy navigation, quick-to-load images, and streamlined text.

Admob is ____.

– An ad extension
– A custom deep link an app promotion ad format
AdWords’ non-owned and operated mobile app inventory
– An app promotion ad format

Automatic bidding is ideal for advertisers who:

Want to save time managing bids based on hundreds of signals
– Want to set their own bids for individual ad groups
– Want to set their own bids for individual keywords
– Don’t want to spend a lot of time managing keywords

Deep-linking allows:

– Ads to direct new customers only into deeper, more targeted sections of the app
– Desktop users to be able to access deeper, more targeted sections within a mobile app
– Mobile and desktop users to navigate within a mobile app
Ads to direct customers into deeper, more targeted sections of the app.

What is a lightbox ad?

– A type of ad format that shows extra information (“extending” from your text ads) about your business
– A mobile text ad
A cross-screen expandable ad format that optimizes for taps/swipes on mobile and mouse-overs/clicks on desktops.
– A remarketing specific ad format to announce new features of your app

When you use a flexible bid strategy, it will automatically optimize your bids based on:

Your performance KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
– Your quality score
– Your search term data
– Your remarketing list

50% of purchase-related conversions happened within ______ of the mobile searches that initiated them.

– three hours
– two hours
one hour
– half-an-hour

Viewable impressions:

– Allow you to only pay for those ads that are actually viewed
Allow you to pay for ads when they are displayed in a viewable position
– Allow you to only pay for video ads that are viewed within an hour
– Allow you to pay for ads that are viewed and also converted

What will you need before you can set up conversion tracking for calls from an ad or from a website (assuming Google forwarding numbers are available in your country)?

– A sales team and operating phone bank
An active call extension or call-only ad
– A mobile specific site-link extension
– An app published in the Google Play store

A ______ specifies a location in an app that corresponds to the content you’d like to show.

– remarketing link
deep link
– location link
– location extension

App Downloads are conversions that are tracked when a user downloads or installs a mobile application for the first time.

– False

What time of day does mobile usage generally peak?

– During working hours
– Morning and evening when people are commuting to work
– Evening hours when people are at home
Spread evenly throughout the day

The Mobile App Acquisition reports provide data for which of the following?

How many times your mobile apps was installed and opened.
– How users spend time outside of your app
– The type of targeting that has the lowest cost–per–acquisition
– How much data your app has acquired

To connect Firebase to Google Analytics, which of these is required?

Google Analytics account access and a new property for your mobile app
– A working knowledge of mobile click attribution technologies
– More than 100 app installs or conversions
– At least 1 app install or conversion

In AdWords, you can create and manage video campaigns targeting mobile devices by using:

– Masthead video campaigns
– mobile app engagement campaigns
video campaigns
– mobile app installs campaigns

Auto exclusions allow:

Google’s mobile app promotion template ads to be automatically excluded from showing to users who have already downloaded the advertiser’s app.
– Google advertisers to exclude automatic bidding within their mobile app
– Google advertisers to exclude high install pricing
– Google’s mobile app promotion template ads to automatically include showing to users who have already downloaded the advertiser’s app

The two types of conversions for YouTube on mobile are:

– Promotion views and engagement views
– Promotion views and view-through conversions
– Download views and engagement conversions
Conversions and view-through conversions

An app advertiser would want to use a third-party tracking company to:

To have a single SDK to add to your app instead of one from each ad network
– To have more control when communicating with each ad network
– To see which of an app’s new users came from recent advertising clicks or views
– To receive reporting on basic usage analytics

The Mobile App Behavior reports provide data for:

– how many downloads were referrals from friends
– in-app user satisfaction ratings
– details about how users interact with other users of your app
interactions such as screen views, exits, and crashes

An advertiser with stores throughout the country could use Location Extension Targeting to:

Target users in the same way across all of their locations
– Decrease bids by 50% for users who are within 10 miles of their stores
– Target users who are within 20 miles of one particular city in the country
– Target users who are within 10 miles of one particular city in the country

True or false: Firebase can reduce complication for advertisers by providing them only one SDK to track all traffic sources, including ad networks.

– False

To show an ad, which is eligible to appear on search partner sites, on the mobile version of Google Maps, you should use:

– product extensions
location extensions
– mobile extensions
– store visit extensions

If you want to reach certain categories of apps with in-app display ads, or if you know the apps you want to target, you should:

– Go to “Campaign Exclusions” from the Display Network tab
Create a Display Network campaign targeted to mobile apps
– Enable Active View reporting
– Create a placement inclusion for mobile apps

Target cost-per-acquisition (CPA), which factors in auction-time signals including device, location, time of day, remarketing list, language, and operating system, automatically optimizes bids across:

search and display inventory to help advertisers reach their desired cost-per-install goal
– search and display inventory to help advertisers reach their desired cost-per-impression goal
– search and display inventory to help advertisers reach their desired cost-per-click (CPC) goal
– search inventory to help advertisers reach their desired cost-per-install goal

You can use a mobile specific display URL to:

– Show consumers that you are a large brand
– Differentiate yourself from other advertisers
Indicate that you have a mobile-friendly landing page
– Effectively track conversions to your desktop site

Which of the following is NOT true about an app URL scheme?

– Typically the website name appears in reverse; e.g., becomes com.example as a scheme
Schemes are automatically set up when you create your app
– The scheme is a part of the link that identifies which app to open
– You can use “http” or a custom scheme that can start with the app or website name

Many successful mobile sites have large “touch targets” for clicking that take into account.

– location where mobile is being used
– time of day
the lack of precision on a touch screen
– responsive design based on touch


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What is digital marketing

Digital marketing is the promotion of brands or products through one or more forms of digital media. The rise of smartphones, apps, and other forms of ‘new media’ has meant that digital marketers need to be able to connect with consumers through various devices and digital platforms, including social media. Digital marketing combines the creativity of developing new and interesting ways to get the marketing campaign’s message across, with the technical side of keeping track of data, digital engineering and analytics. 

Role of  digital marketing

In the event that there’s one thing you can underestimate about Digital Marketing, it’s that it changes constantly. What functioned admirably six months back most likely doesn’t give you similar outcomes today and in the event that you discover something that works for you at this moment, odds are in a couple of months every other person will have gotten on to that as well.

Digital Marketing is not about deals. Rather, you have to advance your business all the more quietly, through offering an incentive to your gathering of people as data, making inquiries of what they need and need from you, or noting inquiries regarding your industry. The more esteem you’re giving, the general population will focus.

You have to consider approaches to get your message to your crowd on their telephone, and not simply trust that they will suddenly explore to your site to perceive what you’re doing. Online networking is an awesome approach to get your business before individuals, especially on their mobiles.

So much has been said in regards to the significance of Social Media, yet the most essential message that such a variety of brands neglect to amplify is that you have to show your identity. You should be human, not only a machine conveying blog refreshes twice per week. Give your gathering of people a chance to become more acquainted with the face behind the brand, utilize a narrating sort of style to develop a photo of your image or items. Additionally, ensure that regardless of the possibility that you are posting your own particular substance on Social Media that you likewise post a blend of other substance as well. Tag important individuals or brands, or more all, be steady!

You truly can’t belittle the force of online networking, and on the off chance that you don’t think web-based social networking works for your business then you are certainly doing the wrong thing. Regardless of the possibility that you had a reasonable photo of your optimal client a year ago and a get procedure to connect with that individual, as I specified prior the patterns change so rapidly that you are most likely not achieving that perfect client any more.

You likewise need to remember that social stages change without a moment’s notice. A year back nobody had known about Periscope, yet now speedy speculation entrepreneurs are utilizing it to demonstrate their gathering of people live in the background updates and question and answer sessions. Once more, this fits in with the way of life of demonstrating the identity behind your image and obviously, it’s portable.

Who might have thought a year prior that we’d be stating that video has proceeded onward from YouTube? While YouTube is as yet the primary stage of decision for any video that you need to keep around for quite a while, Facebook, Instagram and obviously Periscope are all demonstrating to have a solid hang on the quickly developing Video space.

Around the world, there are more than 4 billion video sees on Facebook consistently, and video transferred straightforwardly to Facebook instead of installed from YouTube will play specifically in a client’s news-feed meaning they get a look at the activity to tempt them to navigate. This has permitted inventive deduction organizations to exploit the chance to snatch individuals’ consideration with the initial few moments of film and allure new fans to their image.

Periscope offers an alternate arrangement once more, the thought being live video spilling that anybody can participate to watch and make inquiries. The video is saved money on Periscope for 24 hours, yet can likewise be spared to YouTube on the off chance that you pick.

With such a great amount of going ahead in the Digital Space thus a wide range of approaches to achieve your intended interest group, it is essentially difficult to be wherever at all circumstances. The uplifting news is that your examination will have the capacity to show you precisely what is working and what isn’t, and you ought to ensure you screen all that you do to comprehend what works, what works better, and where you truly need to center your energies.

Marketing Automation is not a new instrument, but rather with the constantly developing on the web toolbox, it truly is a gigantic advantage to exploit. Digitization implies you can plan your blog entries ahead of time, have your online networking refreshes go out when the vast majority will see them and permits extraordinary access to following instruments and measurements that I specified previously. Via scheduling posts ahead of time you are likewise ready to free up time as you won’t always need to backpedal and post singular things, you can discover and post every one of your updates immediately. Simply recall that despite everything you have to remark and answer to your group of audience, consider signing on at specific circumstances twice per day to react to any remarks or inquiries that may have sprung up.

Keeping in mind the end goal to emerge on the web, excellent visuals are presently a standout amongst the most critical criteria to satisfy. Sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are based on pictures, while pictures and video are the most loved and shared sort of post on Facebook. Indeed, even business who don’t view themselves as to be picture based ought to put some time in making sense of a “look” that speaks to their image outwardly.

SEO Training In Chennai

Our hands on SEO Training will show you the abilities and methods it takes to get more focused on clients to discover your business on the web. We have prepared several entrepreneurs / small business owners to cost effectively build their online presentation by taking control of their internet showcasing and SEO. 

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Our SEO training includes 2 main areas:

On-page SEO training

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  • Content creation – learn how to optimize your page text to have best possible chance of ranking well for the most highly searched terms
  • Image optimization – Learn how you can increase your rankings and conversion by optimizing the images you upload to your website
  • Domain name SEO – you will learn how you can identify, register and quickly create websites that can dominate the search engines without using pay per click
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Off-Page SEO Training

  • How to identify and get quality inbound links/ backlinks to your sites
  • Techniques to get quality inbound links. We will provide you with the best tips and suggestions on back linking.
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  • Using the power of YouTube to increase your website visits
  • Facebook SEO – how to effectively promote products, services and events through Facebook
  • Google+ – Why you must have a Google plus account and why Google Authorship is the new game changer for your business

Having a good web site is an incredible beginning stage, yet unless it can really be found by individuals utilizing Google and other Search Engines, it is of minimal genuine incentive to you.

SEO improvement (or SEO for short) is a term that portrays an assortment of activities, exercises, methodologies, strategies and procedures done for enhancing your site to enhance search rankings, increment movement on the SERPs, and at last bring in loads of traffic.

Many Small Business (SMBs) proprietors perceive the requirement for a SEO procedure for their site, yet locate the entire idea somewhat overwhelming and don’t generally know how to begin.

Our SEO Training is flawless if you have to get a more conspicuous understanding of SEO – Search Engine Optimization. In 3 weeks, you’ll fathom what is Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), SEO keyword research procedures and how to enhance SEO copy/ content and inbound linking foundation to pass on more link juice and visitors to your site. You will moreover get the chance to perceive how Google Algorithms work, the distinctive On-page and Off-page SEO strategies, ways to deal with evaluate SEO and end the session with Search Engine Marketing/PPC. As a value addition, we also train you in WordPress Website Design free of cost. What more can you expect from a training which makes you an expert and just costs you 5K?

Social Media Marketing Training in Chennai

Learn online social networking showcasing techniques that work. The interest for web-based social networking mastery at present surpasses supply. Investigate the basics of online networking promoting and gain web-based social networking specifically from one of the world’s top web-based social networking influencers. Learn Social Media Marketing the savvy path with Social Media Marketing courses at SKARtec Digital Marketing Academy. social media marketing chennai

Our Aims

In this course you’ll get a genuine taste of the advertising force of web-based social networking efforts: making, overseeing and dispersing social substance through online groups. We’ll take a look at contextual analyses of clients connecting with organizations via web-based networking media destinations and assess the advantages and disadvantages of different online networking devices. An intriguing day spent investigating a dynamic and testing range. No specialized or earlier information required for this course.


Endless supply of this course, you ought to:

  1. Have a review of the 5 stages of an online networking effort.
  2. Understand how to discover and connect with informal organizations on the web.
  3. Know the do’s and don’ts of blogger effort.
  4. Have a business comprehension of Facebook and Twitter and when to utilize them.
  5. Be ready to screen the web (outline) separating remarks.
  6. Measure the discussion: comprehend the measurements and what fruitful engagement resembles.

Social Media Marketing Course Content

This course covers the accompanying subjects:

  • What is Social Media? How does online networking advertising contrast with customary promoting? Do you know the contrast between a web-based social networking methodology and an online networking effort? What are the must-do ventures of an effective crusade utilizing Facebook, Twitter and other long range interpersonal communication devices?
  • The utilization of informal communication instruments has become throughout the last 5 or 6 years to the degree that not exclusively will we explore Return on Investment (ROI) of advertising dollars in online media additionally look at the Cost of Inaction (COI) of not being included. By getting comfortable with contextual investigations, insights, influencer checking and estimation, advertising experts can amplify their online engagement with clients.
  • We particularly take a deep look at Listening and Monitoring, Creating Social Content, Blogger Outreach and Social Media Press Releases, Promotional Tools and Measurement. There are likewise chances to bring your traffic and thus increase your inquiries and conversions.

Digital Marketing Course Duration

  • In this unit students will learn about the dynamic world of digital marketing and the marketing potential it can provide. Know how existing and new products can be marketed using both digital and traditional means to optimize the results. Develop your awareness of the impact of new technology on customer relations, pricing, order fulfillment and quality assurance. digital marketing course duration

After successfully completing this unit, you should be able to: 

  • Apply digital marketing fundamentals to the analysis, design and decision making methodologies to identify and provide innovative solutions to complex problems.
  • Demonstrate a coherent and advanced knowledge of digital marketing concepts using critical thinking.
  • Apply problem solving, design and decision making methodologies to identify and provide innovative digital marketing strategies.
  • Communicate proficiently in a professional context with a wide variety of audiences and work with diverse groups.
  • The digital marketing course duration is 6-weeks, with sessions between Monday to Saturday and student dedicating 2 hours per day.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Skills

Is digital marketing a good career

Conversions: The art of achieving quality & definite clicks

Have you ever wondered in what way –

  • Consumers are motivated to shop online
  • How do they make their buying decisions
  • What aspects would be fundamental for a customer to make a purchase on your website
  • Will you have repeat customers
  • Will they recommend your website to others

What matters most?

What really matters nowadays is how we can guide the customers/ visitors to do what we would like them to do on our website. That the reason conversion is so important both in e-commerce & online marketing, because it is the starting point that makes the difference between a visit and a purchase, or filling-up of forms, subscribing to a newsletter etc.

In order to get the required response from your visitors we need to implement some conversion optimization techniques and some key metrics should also be taken into account. We need to study more about consumption psychology and neuromarketing and how these affect the unconscious decision making process of the customer more significantly. {Neuromarketing is a field that claims to apply the principles of neuroscience to marketing research, studying consumers’ sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli.}

We need to ensure Trust, Orientation, Motivation and Comfort to win the customer’s loyalty and interest from the beginning until the end of the buying process. A survey made by BrainSINS say that 70% of shoppers improve the perception of a brand when they see a positive review on forums, social networks and review sites. 

At this stage, it is also important not to lose sight of the “Conversion Funnel”, if you want to optimize this path. An e-commerce shop conversion funnel is as below –


The above figure shows that every micro conversion is important. Customers like to feel valued. 90% of marketers believe that individualized marketing is the future because it enables brands to build significant interactions with their customers.

In line with this, websites increasingly offer personalized content depending on their customers’ location, taste, and shopping behavior. Measures like this help in increasing conversion rates effectively. These days people use multiple mobile devices to access the Internet and hence brands need to focus and take advantage of the numerous opportunities that are available. Companies are also developing mobile optimization improvements to cater to this sector.

Integrated Live-Chat, is it worth the time & money?

Social Media Marketing Course in Chennai

Getting to the top of Google SERPs

How to Define Your Target Market

Digital Marketing Tips for Financial Institutions

Essential Ingredients For Digital Marketing Success