Attract relevant traffic to your website – The Steps

Everyone wants more traffic to their website. Not all traffic is of equal value. You need to discover how to attract the right type of visitor to your website.

Here I will detail a process that you can use to attract relevant and quality traffic –

Creating Buyer Personas : First and foremost you need to create buyer personas. Ask questions like – Do you know who is your ideal customer? Do you know how they take buying decisions? How much money do they spend and what is most important to them in the buying process.

Knowing the answers to these questions is all about creating a buyer persona. You must ask yourself that help you target your ideal customer. Some key information you need to collate viz. Gender, Income, Profession, Age, Pain Points and Education etc.

According to HubSpot – Having a well-defined persona can help you build a better marketing plan in the long run and help you target your marketing campaigns and offers to the right groups of prospective consumers. At the end of the day, personas put a face to your customer and help you identify their needs and wants.

Identifying your buyer personas will give you a clear idea of who exactly you are looking to attract to your site. Take time to do the necessary ground work and research in getting the questions answered. A well-defined buyer persona will help you to tailor your content to reach your target audience.

Understanding your ideal customer and their wants and needs will help you craft marketing campaigns that are more relevant and powerful.

Identify where your ideal customer can be found : After the above process, you will have a greater insight into how you can best reach your customers. Few things you need to understand are – where your customers spend their time online, where do your customers go to get information on products and services they are interested in and which all social networks your ideal customers frequently use. Add this information to your buyer personas.

Develop quality content for your customers : Less than 5% of website visitors will convert on their first visit. We need to ensure they keep coming back for more!

How do we address this –

  • Use your research to build lead nurturing programs targeting your different buyer personas.
  • Reach out to each buyer persona in a personalized way by providing valuable content in the way they are likely to respond
  • Learn to measure the conversion rates for your website.
  • Produce content that adds value to your customer.
  • Understand the pain points and challenges of your customers and provide them relevant content.

This knowledge will give you more insights into what information your website visitors are looking for and help you in developing relevant content.

Promote your content where customers are found – In point no.2 above, we identified where your ideal customers spend their quality time. Next we developed relevant and quality content to solve your customer’s problems.

Now, we need to promote your content in places that your customer intents to see it. Your ideal customer is more likely to respond to your content if it is found in online channels that they are using regularly. Try engaging these potential customers with a conversation by highlighting your expertise in the industry, your products & services. Develop a relationship with your potential customers and establish a trust factor.

As customers come to trust your company and view you as a thought leader, the odds of them becoming your premium customers increase. Thus ensuring you get a high level of conversion and expected return on investments.

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