SEO Training in Chennai

SEO Training in Chennai

Learn step-by-step SEO tactics that catapult your website to google’s front page & attract loads of quality traffic. Become an SEO specialist in 2-weeks. You will be able to do any SEO activity immediately after completion of the course. We just don’t stop with SEO, we also teach you Search Engine Marketing so that you can power your AdWords Advertisements and rake in good ROI. SKARTEC – Your BluePrint for digital marketing success. 

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What is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the discipline of maximizing your website’s visibility on sites like Google, Yahoo, and other high-traffic search engines. You will explore both basic and advanced optimization techniques. Key topics to be discussed include, user behavior on search engines, how search engines like Google and Yahoo work, techniques for submitting your site to various search engines and measuring its results.You will learn how to plan a website’s content in a way that maximizes search engine results and a lot more.

What you learn

In 2 weeks, you’ll comprehend what is Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), SEO keyword research strategies and how to improve SEO duplicate and external link establishment to convey more guests to your site. You will likewise get the opportunity to see how Google Algorithms function, the different On-Page, and Off-Page SEO techniques, approaches to quantify SEO and end the session with Search Engine Marketing or Pay-Per-Click advertising.

SEO Basics

Explore what search engines are and how they operate, define SEO and its effective usage, differentiate between On-Page and Off-Page optimization, explore ways & tools to analyze SEO measurement

Key Elements of SEO

SEO is the combination of different aspects, including on-page factors and off-page factors. It covers the vast areas of rectifying META tags to the link building and ROI analysis.

Target Audience

Knowing the gender, age range, ethnicity, income level, interests, and attributes of your primary audience member will help you to understand what they are searching for online.

SEO Strategies For Ranking

Create an influence who is a subject-matter expert, develop a content marketing strategy,  generate powerful backlinks to your website, get your website mobile-ready and much more.

Suresh Kalyanasundaram

Learn from an Expert

My mission is to deliver simply easy learning with clear, crisp, and to-the-point content on a wide range of marketing subjects both traditional & digital, without any preconditions and impediments. Meet me in person, to know how our SEO Training can benefit you.

Why is SEO training important for you?

Search Engine Optimization is a collective phrase for a range of techniques designed to aid websites rank high in search engines. It’s important for you to understand SEO as this is what can generate traffic to your website. Search engines serve as amazing tools to locate information. Additionally, they provide your potential consumers a way to reach your goods and services. Thus, it’s essential for you to fully understand search engines specifics that might prove to be advantageous to your business.

A business with a good understanding of SEO will ensure that it ranks at the top of the first page of search results. It will enable you to target your pertinent keywords with laser-like focus and consumers will associate those keywords at once and high ranking achieved by a relevant business. High search ranking is vital to online profitability as well as new client acquisition. Our training will provide you with many optimization techniques required to carry out successful SEO.

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SEO Specialist Certification

We provide a certificate of completion of the course which you can showcase to your employers. We are focused on helping students achieve a mastery of skills they need to learn.

Core Topics

User behavior on search engines, how search engines like Google and Yahoo work, techniques for submitting your site to various search engines and results measurement. You will explore both basic and advanced optimization techniques.

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