SKARTEC Announces New Website Launch

Digital Marketing ExpertSuresh KalyanasundaramTrainer and Founder of SKARTEC Digital Marketing Academy – Chennai, has relaunched their website with their updated digital marketing course for marketers of all types, as well as people new to the topic.

Suresh’s new suite of Internet marketing courses were developed to provide educational materials and practical strategies for marketers of all levels and backgrounds. Suresh stated about the courses, “I wanted to put together a suite of online marketing and social media marketing courses, specifically for marketers, that illuminated a lot of the most important strategies and techniques that will make them ultimately more effective at what they do. There was a gaping void in the industry for these types of courses at a really affordable rate, so I decided to solve that problem by authoring these courses and making them very inexpensive so anyone could afford them”. These are the type of courses that I wish I had when I was starting out my career.

I have already had some amazing feedback from actual marketers about how much they are enjoying and learning from the courses, so I couldn’t be happier with the way it’s being received thus far.”

The digital marketing/advertising course has 16 Power-packed modules which include – Digital Marketing Basics, Introduction to Website Design, Search Engines & SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube, WordPress Web Design, Online Reputation Management, Google Analytics, Digital Marketing Campaign and much more..

Suresh concluded regarding the digital media course, “Whether you are a total newbie or an experienced marketer, this course will be a huge learning experience for you. If you want to learn how to truly leverage online marketing for your company this course is for you. If you want to know all the various ways to leverage online marketing, this course is for you.

Regardless of your experience level or skills sets, I absolutely guarantee this digital marketing course will impress you for it’s thoroughness and practicality. If you know me you know I’m not big on fluff, I’m big on substance and implementable strategies. I hope you enjoy my courses and look forward to hearing your feedback.”

To sign up for any of the digital marketing courses visit my Contact Us page and register yourself. If you are interested in hiring Suresh Kalyanasundaram as a digital marketing consultant you can contact him through his website.

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Social Media Marketing Course in Chennai

SMM Training in Chennai

Take our social media marketing course to learn about social media marketing including email marketing, social media tools and blogging.

Why Social Media Marketing

The meteoric rise of social media has revolutionised the public relations industry. Social media has emerged as a platform for brands to communicate directly with consumers. This course introduces students to the world of content creation and sharing through blogs and various social media platforms. Students will engage in practical, hands-on learning in the digital space by harnessing influential social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+ and many others.

This course will highlight case studies and wisdom from some of social media’s most influential figures and introduce some of the industry’s most valuable tools, such as Klout, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics and Google Analytics. Upon successful completion of this course, students should feel comfortable implementing social media in a professional setting and feel competent in integrating social media into their PR efforts.

What you learn

In 3 weeks, you will comprehend which informal community to utilize, how to create and circulate content, accepted procedures to make client engagement, utilizing Facebook advertisement stage, methodologies to make convincing posts and promotions, utilizing Twitter for showcasing and measuring its viability, how to utilize the LinkedIn stage for enrollment, YouTube channels, utilizing websites, gatherings and discussion boards and building up a crowd of people.

Social Media Basics

It covers the basics, so worry not— you’re not going to jump start with a big bag of headaches as an asset. SMM is not as difficult as words make it look. Let’s start with some fundamentals, will you?

Key Elements of SMM

Identify your business goals, learn to set marketing objectives, identify ideal customers through persona building, competition research, choose channels and tactics, create content buckets etc.

Target Audience

Knowing the gender, age range, ethnicity, income level, interests, and attributes of your primary audience member will help you to understand what they are searching for online.

Suresh Kalyanasundaram



My mission is to deliver simply easy learning with clear, crisp, and to-the-point content on a wide range of marketing subjects both traditional & digital, without any preconditions and impediments. Meet me in person, to know how this digital marketing course can benefit you!

Certificate upon completion of a course

We provide certificate after completion of the course which you can showcase to your employers. We are focused on helping students achieve a mastery of skills they need to learn.

Key topics to be discussed include

User behaviour on search engines, how search engines like Google and Yahoo work, techniques for submitting your site to various search engines and results measurement. You will explore both basic and advanced optimization techniques.

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