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With classes held around the world through online live classroom, this is the only Digital Marketing course that is truly international.

Because our course is so internationally respected, some of our graduates have landed digital marketing jobs in top MNCs. We have trained heads of Marketing at leading companies throughout India. When you enrol in our Digital Marketing Academy, you become a member of the Digital Marketing elite. We have a business school style of delivery in our classes, with a focus on the use of digital for optimal profitability. Our classes are suitable for executive management as well as marketing professionals and entrepreneurs.

Our lecturer is an experienced Digital Strategist, who has worked with leading media companies viz. The Times of India Group, Diligent Media Corporation Ltd. (Zee Group) and Digital Advertising agencies. Having trained people from varied disciplines we have earned the trust of many.

A World Class Digital Marketing Course Experience

You will learn the same leading Digital Marketing techniques as students in other countries. See recent testimonials below about our course.

Few student reviews are given below for your perusal –

I learnt of lot and the course has really helped me to refine my approach to digital marketing… and the digital marketing plan is now at execution stage! I will continue to highly recommend this course and will no doubt be doing additional modules in the future. — Anirudh Srinivasan, Brand Manager.

If you’re looking for a course in Digital Marketing then I would thoroughly recommend completing it with the SKARtec Digital Marketing Academy… I found the course and support to be exceptional. I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to upskill in this area. — Prashant, Marketing Manager

I’m still fairly at the start of the course, so I’m not sure yet if this well become a 4, 4.5 or 5 star rating, but until now I think it is a great course: The instructor is very clear, speaks at the right speed (for me) the course is itself a proof of what he teaches: How to develop and market the right product for your target audience (or as he calls it ‘the buyer persona’). I have chosen the right course and definitely refine the review after course completion. — Vaishu Rengarajan, Client Support Executive, Advertising Agency

Digital marketing course most sought after

Digital marketing course most sought after

Digital Marketing Course Chennai


Digital marketing course most sought after

Digital marketing course has emerged as the most sought after course that professionals are keen to pursue in 2016, according to Simplilearn, a professional certification training provider which has come up with “2016 Career Goals” survey covering over 2,00,000 working professionals spread across top metros in the country.

Majority of digital marketing course requirement comes from Hyderabad followed by Bangalore and Pune. It is used to launch and manage successful businesses online and there is a strong demand for professionals skilled in social media, data analysis and e-mail marketing and content marketing. A survey conducted on reported that the global average salary of online marketers is $65,766 and entry level salaries start at around $35,000. According to the findings of the survey, digital marketing course is followed by Android app development, Big Data & Analytics and The Open Group Architecture Framework or TOGAF. Bangalore tops in big data course requirement followed by Android app development and then Digital marketing. For Pune, digital marketing tops the preference and in Chennai, Android app development is the most sought after course.

With over 4.88 billion mobile phone users globally, Mobile Apps are being used regularly from shopping to games. “The blossoming startup scene has also contributed a large chunk of the demand for Android app developers, and many of these start-ups are prepared to pay very competitive salaries to deserving candidates. Salary per annum can range from between $89,000 and $125,000,” the survey said.

 According to Simplilearn, TOGAF certified enterprise architects who are skilled in modelling, system integration, applications & role design with project management, are earning $124,000 compared to their non-certified peers.

Big data certified professionals are in demand in industries ranging from IT, Telecom, e-commerce, Retail as well as public sector. The median salary for a data scientist is about $95,000 per annum.

Source: The Times of India

Creating an Email Marketing Campaign that converts

Why is e-mail marketing popular?

  • Can be tracked – You can easily track various e-mail related activities (number of e-mails sent, opened, bounced etc.). Even links in e-mails that users click and products/services sold by clicking such links can be traced without much effort.
  • Unlimited Reach – This form of marketing allows you to reach innumerable users that too at the click of a button.
  • Cost Effective – As compared with other forms of communication sending e-mails is cheaper. E.g. you can send as many as 10,00,000 (10 lac)e-mails for just Rs. 8000, which comes out to be a mere Rs. 0.008 per e-mail (statistics:
  • Allows Targeting – It is a form of push marketing that allows audience targeting since you can directly deliver your marketing messages to your potential customers irrespective of whether they want to get your messages or not.
  • Data Driven – This form of marketing is data driven and also promotes direct sales of products/ services you are offering to your target audience.
  • Builds Loyalty – With the help of promotional e-mails, special offer e-mails, and newsletters, you can build a strong bond with your customers and even instil a feeling of loyalty and trust in them for your products/ services.

Types of e-mail marketing

  • Direct Email: Can take the form of promotional messages (e.g. special offers, discounts, rebates etc.) or you can use lists of e-mail addresses rented/purchased from the open market to target your messages.
  • Retention Email: Usually take the form of newsletters that carry promotional messages, advertisements, etc. that provide value, benefits and entertainment to readers and also have a long-lasting impact on them.
  • Newsletter: You can conduct your e-mail marketing activities by buying advertising space in newsletters created by others so that your advertisement / message can reach their subscribers.

Key parts of an e-mail message

An e-mail message can be divided into different parts each of which has its own significance. We will explore eight important parts of an e-mail message namely:

  • Sender
  • Subject
  • Context and design
  • Content
  • Links
  • Header and footer
  • Hosted version
  • Image rendering

Increase the CTR of an e-mail campaign

  • Day and time: Email delivery day and time depends on the market you are catering to and the end users of your product/ service. This day and time needs to be found out through a hit and trial method. Send your users an e-mail message on different days and times during the day and track their response. After a while, you can analyse this report and come to know what is the best day and time for you to send your e-mail.
  • Subject lines: It must be related to the e-mail content, personalized, and changed frequently so it doesn’t lose its effectiveness.
  • Format: Plain text based e-mails have higher delivery rate than HTML based e-mails, so don’t always send HTML mailers, try a mix of both.
  • Stop spamming: Conform to anti-spamming guidelines to prevent your e-mails from getting blocked by e-mail service providers
  • Content: Create copy that is good, relevant to the users and concise. Seek professional help with design if required.
  • Links: Must be appropriate, accessible, visible and interspersed with great content.

What is permission marketing?

A means of selling products/ services where likely customers openly agree in advance to receive marketing messages/ads.
e.g. opt-in email ads where online users sign up in advance to get information regarding specific products/ services of their choice.

Permission marketing is very helpful as end users are more receptive to marketing messages and even cost-effective as users are already targeted and identified. e.g. while making a purchase, the user can be asked at that time whether they would like to subscribe to the company newsletter.

Do you want to learn how to set-up a email marketing campaign? We are the top digital marketing course in chennai, join us, we will ensure you become an expert.