Job roles in digital marketing

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving. New roles are emerging as companies adapt to new customer habits and strive to stay ahead of the competition. As a result of this fluidity, some roles are more coveted than others, and some can be more difficult to hire for.

Digital marketing recruitment specialists, Forward Role Recruitment has highlighted the most highly sought after roles in digital marketing. 

1. CRM Manager – In recent years, CRM (customer relationship management) has become a very popular and cost-effective way of driving greater revenue from customers through their lifecycle.

2. PPC Manager – With Google Shopping driving acquisition in the ecommerce sector, the number of businesses looking to drive more paid digital activity has shot up. As a result, both agency and in-house paid search teams are looking to hire those who know the industry inside out.

3. UX Designer – User experience optimisation has been the hot skill set in design for the last few years, with rising demand for designers who can create user-centric web designs that streamline the customer journey. As a result there is a sizeable contract market for people with these skills.

4. Web Analyst – These are the data guys tasked with measuring anything from acquisition ROI (return on investment) right through to conversions. With no clear academic route into this type of role, it is extremely tough to recruit for these positions.

5. CRO Manager – Jobs specialising in conversion rate optimisation are a fairly recent thing; focused on optimising the flow of traffic and conversions through a website. Businesses have become more focused on repairing the holes in their leaky funnels as pouring new customers into the top gets increasingly expensive.

6. Ecommerce Trading Manager – Usually the P&L (profit and loss) owner of a brand, these commercially-minded people are in charge of juggling stock, seasonality, price, promotions, etc. to trade a website to its maximum potential. With many northwest retailers growing into new markets there is a high demand for additional traders.

7. Head of Digital Acquisition – An all-encompassing Digital Acquisition Specialist is not the easiest thing to find. Many of the most recent generation of digital marketers have come through very specific digital channel streams, meaning that a combination of paid, earned and owned skills in one candidate is difficult to locate.

8. Head of Multichannel Marketing – Finding senior marketers with both high-end digital skills and traditional offline marketing experience is challenging. This is because of the generational gap between upcoming digital marketers who have often been focused on specific digital channels, and marketers who climbed the career ladder pre-digital, who conversely may not have hands-on experience with digital.

9. Technical SEO Manager – Another very technical role, with no real academic route. Technical SEO is constantly evolving with every Google algorithm change or new best practice guidelines, so agencies tend to grow their own talent, passing on the secret sauce of their SEO audit onto new generations.

10. PR Manager – With the proliferation of offline and online PR, the traditional PR skill set is in huge demand. Responsibility for link building in SEO and getting noticed online without a paid budget is now laid at the door of Digital PR Managers.

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Conversions: The art of achieving quality & definite clicks

Have you ever wondered in what way –

  • Consumers are motivated to shop online
  • How do they make their buying decisions
  • What aspects would be fundamental for a customer to make a purchase on your website
  • Will you have repeat customers
  • Will they recommend your website to others

What matters most?

What really matters nowadays is how we can guide the customers/ visitors to do what we would like them to do on our website. That the reason conversion is so important both in e-commerce & online marketing, because it is the starting point that makes the difference between a visit and a purchase, or filling-up of forms, subscribing to a newsletter etc.

In order to get the required response from your visitors we need to implement some conversion optimization techniques and some key metrics should also be taken into account. We need to study more about consumption psychology and neuromarketing and how these affect the unconscious decision making process of the customer more significantly. {Neuromarketing is a field that claims to apply the principles of neuroscience to marketing research, studying consumers’ sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli.}

We need to ensure Trust, Orientation, Motivation and Comfort to win the customer’s loyalty and interest from the beginning until the end of the buying process. A survey made by BrainSINS say that 70% of shoppers improve the perception of a brand when they see a positive review on forums, social networks and review sites. 

At this stage, it is also important not to lose sight of the “Conversion Funnel”, if you want to optimize this path. An e-commerce shop conversion funnel is as below –


The above figure shows that every micro conversion is important. Customers like to feel valued. 90% of marketers believe that individualized marketing is the future because it enables brands to build significant interactions with their customers.

In line with this, websites increasingly offer personalized content depending on their customers’ location, taste, and shopping behavior. Measures like this help in increasing conversion rates effectively. These days people use multiple mobile devices to access the Internet and hence brands need to focus and take advantage of the numerous opportunities that are available. Companies are also developing mobile optimization improvements to cater to this sector.

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Digital marketing is a booming industry

Digital marketing is a booming industry and almost every business needs this.

Digital marketing is a way to promote your business online otherwise known as the World Wide Web.  Digital marketing is completely data driven. Successful marketing comes from a deep understanding of the concepts, terms & definitions, analyzing the traffic, and putting it to effective use.

Off late, you will find that a lot of digital marketing institutes mushrooming in each nook and corner of any city. There are many people who write topics such as “Top Digital Marketing Institutes”. Have you ever read through the list? Almost all of them write the same content and will try to incorporate their institute’s name among the Top Institutes. Who are these people who write such stories, are they industry experts or are they just businessmen looking out to make profits by providing half-cooked knowledge to students.Theory

I suggest that a newbie looking out for a career as a digital marketer just doesn’t go by what they claim but to look out for quality training which will ultimately guide him to be a good digital marketer.

I do not vouch for any institutes nor do I call myself an expert. Having been in the Print Media industry for over a decade and the online industry for over 6 years, I can surely tell what you need to do to be a successful marketer.

First and foremost you need to “Go back to school”. I would say that each student needs to put some effort into the Theoretical part as well, because in any certification exam, theory plays a major role. They don’t ask you to run any campaign or build a website. What they ask is purely Theory!

As a trainer in SKARtec Digital Marketing Academy, I personally ask all my students to devote a minimum of 1-2 hours per day in quality reading. We provide complete Theoretical knowledge to the students and then dive into the practical. Without understanding the subject matter a student cannot excel. He or she needs to be groomed.

Our course consists of 50% theory and 50% practical, thus ensuring a balance of both.  We are the only institute to train people in both Traditional & Digital Media thus making it a complete marketing course. Check out   for more details about our course.

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